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PubMed News (NIH) 07/08/2020
Contributors : Georgi K Marinov ; Alexandro E Trevino ; Tingting Xiang ; Anshul Kundaje ; Arthur R Grossman ; William J Greenleaf Series Type : Other Organism : Breviolum minutum. Dinoflagellate chromosomes represent a unique evolutionary experiment, as they exist in a permanently condensed, liquid crystalline state, are not packaged by histones, and contain genes organized into polycistronic arrays, with minimal transcriptional regulation.
PubMed News (NIH) 07/08/2020
Contributor : Shinya Tanaka Series Type : Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Mus musculus. We report the genome-wide accumulation of HDAC1, HDAC2 and H3K9/14Ac in B cells. We found that the binding of HDAC1 and HDAC2 was observed mainly on proximal promoters, suggesting a redundant role of these HDACs in transcriptional regulation. This study provides a basis for the comprehensive understanding of Tet2/Tet3-HDACs-mediated B cell regulation.

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