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PubMed News (NIH) 05/31/2020
Contributors : Liu Yuan ; Zhu Zhou Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. A large-panel gene expression analysis was conducted to identify biomarkers associated with the effectiveness of adding palbociclib to letrozole Cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 (CDK4/6) inhibitors have demonstrated significant activity in estrogen receptor-positive/human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative (ER+/HER2-) advanced breast cancer.
PubMed News (NIH) 05/31/2020
Contributors : Sebastian Reichert ; Patrick Ebner ; Eve-Julie Bonetti ; Arif Luqman ; Mulugeta Nega ; Jacques Schrenzel ; Cathrin Spröer ; Boyke Bunk ; Jörg Overmann ; Peter Sass ; Patrice François ; Friedrich Götz Series Type : Expression profiling by array Organism : Staphylococcus aureus. In this study we addressed the question how a mevalonate (MVA)-auxotrophic Staphylococcus aureus ΔmvaS mutant can revert to prototrophy.
PubMed News (NIH) 05/31/2020
Contributors : Tomas Venit ; Piergiorgio Percipalle ; Chris Toseland ; Nizar Drou Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. During transcription, RNA Polymerase II (RNAPII) is spatially organised into clusters that correlate with transcription activity.
PubMed News (NIH) 05/31/2020
Contributors : Kumiko Nakada-Tsukui ; Konomi Marumo ; Tomoyoshi Nozaki Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Entamoeba histolytica. To know the role of lysosomal hydrolase receptors in virulecne of enteric protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica, eleven cysteine protease binding protein family (CPBF) proteins were specifically silenced and examined the effect on virulence-related phenotypes.
PubMed News (NIH) 05/31/2020
Contributors : Yejie Shi ; Jun Chen Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Mus musculus. Senescence-associated alterations in microglia may have profound impact on cerebral homeostasis and stroke outcomes. However, the lack of a transcriptome-wide comparison between young and aged microglia in the context of ischemia limits our understanding of aging-related mechanisms. Herein, we performed bulk RNA sequencing analysis of microglia purified from cerebral hemispheres of young adult (10-week-old) and aged (18-month-old) mice 5 days after distal middle cerebral artery occlusion or sham operation. Considerable transcriptional differences were observed between young and aged microglia in healthy brains, indica.
PubMed News (NIH) 05/31/2020
Contributor : Nehad M Alajez Series Type : Expression profiling by array Organism : Homo sapiens. We have employed whole genome microarray to identify changes in gene expression in MDA-MB-231 cells transfected with hsa-miR-205-5p and hsa-miR-214-3p compared to scrambled miRNA precursors at 72 hours after transfection.
China News Service (China) 05/30/2020 23:52
Marvin Hung Ming-kei, CEO of Hong Kong-based Hop Hing Group and member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), talked about the legislation, the impact of months-long violence and the COVID-19 pandemic on Hong Kong's economy, and what's in store for the relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland.
Kukmin Ilbo (Korea) 05/30/2020 23:46
상사가 신입 여성사원의 머리카락을 만지며 “느낌이 오냐”고 묻거나 성행위를 암시하는 손동작을 하는 등의 행동을 한 것은 직장 내 지위를 이용한 추행으로 볼 수 있다는 대법원 판결이 나왔다. 하급심은 “애교스러운 행동”이라거나 “위계질서가 강한 조직이 아니었다”는 등의 이유로 무죄를 선고했지만, 대법원은 “업무상 위력 등에 의한 추행에 관한 법리를 오해했다”며 달리 판단했다. 대법원 3부(주심 노태악 대법관)는 성폭력범죄의 처벌 등에 관한 특례법 위반(업무상 위력 등에 의한 추행) 혐의로 기소된 A씨(40)에 대해 무죄를 선고한 원심을 파기하고 사건을 서울서부지법으로 파기환송했다고 31일 밝혔다. A씨는 2016년 10~11월 20대 중반의 신입사원 B씨의 머리카락을 만지면서 “여기를 만져도 느낌이 오냐”고 말하거나, 뒤에서 어깨를 두드린 뒤 자신을 쳐다보면 혀로 입술을 핥고 “앙, 앙”이라고 소리 내는 등의 부적절한 행동을 했다. B씨의 화장에 대해 “볼이 발그레, 부끄한 게 마음에 든다. 오늘 왜 이렇게 촉촉하냐”고 하거나 손가락으로 성행위를 암시하는 동작도 했다. A씨는 B씨가 반발하자 일을 떠넘기거나 야근을 시키고 업무 정보를 알려주지 않으면서 골탕 먹이기도 했다. B씨는 1년 만에 사직서를 내고 회사를 떠났다. 검찰은 직장 내 상급자였던 A씨가 업무상 위력을 행사해 B씨를 추행한 혐의로 기소했지만 1·2심은 무죄로 판단했다. 피해자의 성적 자유의사를 위력으로 제압한 상태에서 추행한 것으로 볼 정도는 아니라는 이유였.
Guyana Chronicle (Guyana) 05/30/2020 23:45
Class of 2020 finding novel ways to cope during pandemic STUDENTS spend years immersing themselves in learning about a field that they will eventually make a career out of. Countless hours of study, dedication, and yes, sacrifices are an integral part of the journey. Twenty-four-year-old Narifa Ally is a soon-to-be graduate with the Bachelor’s of.

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