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Drone World 09/24/2020 11:16
The fastest remote-controlled airplane flight ever recorded took place in 2018, with a top speed of 545 miles/hour. That’s 877 km/h, or Mach 0.77! What was the limiting factor, preventing the pilot-and-designer Spencer Lisenby’s plane from going any faster? The airstream over parts of the wing hitting the sound barrier, and the resulting mini sonic booms wreaking havoc on the aerodynamics. What kind of supercharged jet motor can propel a model plane faster than its wings can carry it? Absolutely none; the fastest RC planes are, surprisingly, gliders....
3DNews (Russia) 09/24/2020 11:14
Частная китайская космическая компания Origin Space объявила о подготовке к запуску первого в истории этой страны космического аппарата для добычи полезных ресурсов за пределами Земли. Небольшой роботизированный зонд, получивший название NEO-1, будет выведен на околоземную орбиту в ноябре этого года. В компании поясняют, что NEO-1 — не добывающий аппарат. Его вес составляет всего 30 килограммов, поэтому его основной задачей будет космическая разведка. Однако следующий зонд, который планируется запустить через пару лет, скорее всего, уже будет полноценным космическим шахтёром. Роботизированный зонд NEO-1 планируется вывести на солнечно-синхронную орбиту, на высоту около 500 километров над поверхностью Земли. Его целью станут астероиды.
Refinery29 09/24/2020 11:11
For all the talk about how to keep the flames burning during long-distance relationships, there's not nearly as much out there on how to . But just because the romantic stakes aren't there in a friendship doesn't mean that these relationships don't also require work. After all, they're just as — if not even more — important. Where would you be ? Thankfully, due to modern technology (hello, Snapchat), staying in touch with is becoming easier and easier. Despite what people might say about social media turning us all into zombies who ignore each other in favor of Instagram, it's undeniable that social networking has made it easier to keep up with people when you can't physically be near each other. These days, friendship doesn't have to be de.
Truck News 09/24/2020 11:10
TORONTO, Ont. – U.S. regulators have issued a new waiver that will continue to recognize expired commercial driver’s licences (CDL) until Dec. 31, extending an expiry date that originally been set for Sept. 30. The waiver applies to medical exams and certification, as well as commercial driver’s licences, which have not been renewed because of […]

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