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The selections or defaults defined for this collection may have been too restrictive for this search query. You can refine your results for this search. (Indonesia) 07/11/2020 06:45, PURWODADI – Satuan Narkoba Polres Grobogan membekuk dua orang pengedar pil koplo saat asyik nongkrong di kafe. Kedua pengedar obat terlarang tersebut berasal dari Kebonagung, Kabupaten Demak, dan Kecamatan Gubug, Kabupaten Grobogan. Menurut Kasat Narkoba Polres Grobogan, AKP Ngadiyo, kedua pengedar pil koplo bernama Andik Muhriyanto, 25, warga Desa Werdoyo, Kecamatan Kebonagung, Kabupaten Demak. […]. .
I don't work so time was no problem when I had my RT but the appointment didn't always run on time and could be delayed by up to and over an hour some days as some of the machines can become unreliable with age and then patients get shunted around. I was lucky to be assigned to a brand new machine but still suffered delays when one of the other 3 went on the blink. If you are going to continue working that may be something to consider. Best of luck with whatever you decide. Best regards Reg. (Russia) 07/11/2020 06:42
России не нужны неподконтрольные Украине территории Донецкой и Луганской областей, заявил украинский вице-премьер Алексей Резников. Он считает, что российские власти «высасывают» из «оккупированного» Донбасса все, что только можно и пытаются обратить на себя внимание мирового сообщества.
Federal Register (OFR) 07/11/2020 06:40
The Coast Guard is proposing to exempt vessels under 20 meters (65 feet) in length operating in the St. Mary's River along Michigan's eastern Upper Peninsula from certain speed rules. Exempting such vessels from these rules is necessary because enforcement is impractical and the rules impede the operations of public response vessels. We invite your comments on this proposed rulemaking.
Federal Register (OFR) 07/11/2020 06:39
The Coast Guard proposes to change the operating schedule that governs the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad Bridge across the New River, mile 2.5, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This proposed change will allow the drawbridge to operate on a more predictable schedule. This proposed action is expected to better serve the reasonable needs of both vessel and rail traffic.
Federal Register (OFR) 07/11/2020 06:39
The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Airbus Helicopters Model EC 155B and EC155B1 helicopters. This AD requires modifying the wiring of the attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) connector. This AD was prompted by a report of wiring of the AHRS contrary to approved design specifications. The actions of this AD are intended to address an unsafe condition on these products.
Federal Register (OFR) 07/11/2020 06:39
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is approving a State Implementation Plan (SIP) revision submitted by the State of New Hampshire. The revision provides the State's determination, via a negative declaration, that there are no facilities within its borders subject to EPA's 2016 Control Technique Guideline (CTG) for the oil and gas industry. The intended effect of this action is to approve this item into the New Hampshire SIP. This action is being taken under the Clean Air Act.
Federal Register (OFR) 07/11/2020 06:39
This rule amends, suspends, or removes Standard Instrument Approach Procedures (SIAPs) and associated Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures for operations at certain airports. These regulatory actions are needed because of the adoption of new or revised criteria, or because of changes occurring in the National Airspace System, such as the commissioning of new navigational facilities, adding new obstacles, or changing air traffic requirements. These changes are designed to provide for the safe and efficient use of the navigable airspace and to promote safe flight operations under instrument flight rules at the affected airports.

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