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Zero Hedge 01/26/2020 23:00
CIA Waterboarding Architect Confirms Sadistic Role Of 'The Preacher'. One of the architects of the US government's waterboarding program, known as "enhanced interrogation techniques," confirmed the role of a CIA officer known only as "the Preacher," who would provoke detainees on a deeply religious level while working to extract information from them. According to James Mitchell - one of three men authorized by the CIA to conduct waterboarding during America's war on terror - said last Thursday during a pre-trial hearing at Guantánamo Bay, that the Preacher "would at random times put one hand on the forehead of a detainee, raise the other high in the air, and in a deep Southern drawl say things like, ‘Can you feel it, son?
Towards Data Science 01/26/2020 22:53
Time series anomaly detection is a very hard problem, especially when working with “real world” data. To illustrate what I mean by “real world” data, let's say you are working with multiple clients and each client is running a different longitudinal study. The clients want you to help them detect anomalies in their data while the study is running, so they can potentially fix these anomalies and improve data collection quality. You may already have some ideas how this can be a hard problem. First, unlike what you may see in a , it may be the case that the data is not labeled (i.e., you do not actually know what is an anomaly and what is not), which is actually quite common! Perhaps the clients did not have the resources to create a labeled d.
SvD (Sweden) 01/26/2020 22:49
Sju personer, varav ett barn i femårsåldern, har skjutits ihjäl på en gata i Celaya i centrala Mexiko. Beväpnade män i två fordon öppnade eld mot en folkmassa vid ett tacostånd, och flydde sedan från platsen. Attacken skedde dagen efter en attack i närliggande Villagran, där gärningspersoner tog sig in i en restaurang tillhörande ett vandrarhem ...
THE WEEK 01/26/2020 22:49
In the wake of a new report about the contents of former National Security Adviser John Bolton's forthcoming book about his time working with President Trump, the seven House impeachment managers are calling for him to testify in the Senate impeachment trial. The New York Times on Sunday that in the unpublished manuscript, Bolton writes that Trump told him he wanted to withhold military aid to Ukraine until officials there launched investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.
人民网北京1月27日电 (记者罗知之)记者从国家发改委获悉,按照中央应对新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情工作领导小组总体部署,国家发改委依据联防联控工作机制,紧急下达中央预算内投资3亿元,专项补助收治新型冠状病毒感染肺炎患者的武汉火神山医院和武汉雷神山医院项目建设,重点用于购买重要医疗设备,为实现“集中患者、集中专家、集中资源、集中救治”提供设施保障。
RosBusiness (Russian) 01/26/2020 22:46
Государственный департамент США призвал правительство Ирака выполнять обязательства по защите американских дипломатических объектов. Об этом сообщает CNN со ссылкой на представителя Госдепа. ...

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