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Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/09/2020 12:01
Tulsa Health Department officials say large gatherings like Trump's campaign rally and protests over George Floyd's murder were "likely" the cause of the recent spike in coronavirus cases. 6,200 people attended the Trump campaign rally in Tulsa's 19,000-seat BOK Center, and while some wore face masks, many didn't because there was no requirement to do so. Tulsa's COVID-19 case count has been trending up ever since, hitting a new daily record on Monday. On Saturday, June 20th, thousands gathered at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend the first campaign rally for President Donald Trump since the novel coronavirus pandemic reached the United States.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/09/2020 11:03
China says the strange 'gel' substance it detected on the surface of the Moon was actually a mixture of many different things. The material likely didn't originate where it was found but was instead blasted out of its original location by an impact. Future missions to the Moon may use lunar material to build structures. When last year it was a major win for the country.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/09/2020 10:05
Hydroxychloroquine is not a viable coronavirus treatment. That’s the general scientific consensus, but the anti-malaria drug has strong supporters nonetheless. President Jair Bolsonaro, who just tested positive for the novel coronavirus, told the media he started taking hydroxychloroquine as a treatment. Bolsonaro went above and beyond to promote hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure despite mounting evidence to the contrary. A report details the several steps that Bolsonaro took in the past few months to increase the supply and manufacturing of the anti-malarial drug, while removing any opposition that advocated the cautious use of hydroxychloroquine. All the while, Brazil’s COVID-19 caseload increased exponentially, and the country now has.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/09/2020 09:07
It's the perfect time to stock up on Amazon's best-selling protein bars because they are all back in stock right now for the first time in quite a while. Delicious top the list right now as the #1 best-seller, as has been the case for months. Several other popular options are available as well, including and . Anyone who has been following the BGR Deals team's coverage for a while knows that there is one protein bar that we recommend above and beyond all others.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/09/2020 08:09
The novel coronavirus pandemic is getting worse across most of the United States at this point, but at least things are finally getting back to normal at Amazon. Now that the nation's top retailer is refocused on regular business, there are a whole bunch of great deals to be found. Bose products in particular are seeing a bunch of deep discounts right now, like a $50 discount on and the return of Black Friday pricing on the first and only . There's also one Bose deal that comes as a pleasant surprise: The top-of-the-line that rarely go on sale are currently available with a slight discount. Our readers were pretty frustrated for a while there when it comes to the way Amazon handled the early days of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/09/2020 02:53
The coronavirus' Japan impact has been quite different than that in the US, with the country comparatively keeping the virus at bay without resorting to the widespread and painful lockdown measures seen in the US. Japan has also seen relatively few deaths from the coronavirus. However, a new development in the country reflects just how unconventional some of the response around the world has been to the virus: In Japan, riders on roller coasters are encouraged to keep their screams to themselves from now on, since loud talking is known to spread the virus. The , in addition to causing a global public health crisis and spawning billions of dollars in economic damage that it will take years to recover from, has sparked lots of byproducts and
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 20:06
iPhone users who recently upgraded to iOS 13.5.1 are noticing a huge battery drain on their devices on account of Apple Music. Even when Apple Music isn't open, the app is reportedly draining the battery via background activity. While some potential fixes have alleviated the issue for some users, a universal fix may not arrive until a subsequent iOS release from Apple is pushed out. With iOS 14 coming down the pipeline in just about two months, Apple hasn't stopped rolling out minor updates to iOS 13 in recent weeks.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 19:04
Google published a "Hey Google" Smart Home Summit on YouTube this week that included a slide that seems to give away the release date of Android 11. According to the slide, Android 11 will launch to the public on September 8th. Google has yet to officially announce the release date of Android 11, but beta releases have been rolling out to developers for the past several weeks. There are plenty of reliable sources leaking details about upcoming products online, but every so often, the company responsible for the product does the leaking itself.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 18:02
Rumor has it that Samsung's next-gen smartphones will not ship with a charger inside the box. Curiously, the rumor comes amid rumors that Apple's iPhone 12 will not ship with a charger or headphones in the box. Samsung, of course, has a when it comes to copying a variety of Apple products. Samsung has copied Apple so many times over the past decade that it's almost become something of a running joke.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 17:31
There are only a few behaviors that individuals can practice, like socially distancing from other people and wearing a face mask outside the home, that are regarded as efficient tools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Retailers like Apple, Verizon, and others have been much more aggressive than many state and local governments when it comes to masks and face coverings, requiring that customers wear them when visiting their stores. Here's a look at almost a dozen retailers that have opted to implemented face mask requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. A leading scientist declared this week that peoples' refusal to wear a face mask during the should be regarded as being as unacceptable as drunk driving or not wearing a seatbelt.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 14:59
A leaked video shows the full Galaxy Note 20 Ultra design several weeks ahead of the phone’s official launch. The Note 20 series will feature large hole-punch displays and big triple-lens camera modules on the back. Overall, the Note 20 will be similar to the S20 and Note 10 phones that preceded it. The new Note line will feature one notable change though, and it's the most significant design update in years. Samsung just confirmed as previously rumored, announcing a virtual Unpacked press conference that will feature several other new products. The list includes the Note 20 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone, and the 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell phone. The Galaxy Watch 3 was also featured in several rumors in the
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 14:30
Pink snow is appearing in the Italian Alps, offering clues as to mankind's impacts on the planet's climate. The snow changes color due to algae blooms which absorb even more heat and then melt more snow. It's a slippery slope, and mankind's gradual warming of the planet may already be triggering unstoppable changes. Snow is supposed to be white.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 13:32
On the lookout for good deals on Philips Hue bulbs? Amazon has a great sale going right now and you're not going to find a better price on A19 bulbs. typically sell for $50 apiece, but Amazon is offering them right now at the lowest price of 2020 so far, just $42 each. There are a few additional deals that you'll also want to take a look at, like $30 for $24.95 each. There was a time not very long ago when Philips Hue LED smart light bulbs would go on sale all the time at deep discounts. There would be different Philips Hue deals available each week and then nearly every popular bulb in the company's lineup would be discounted during big sales events. More recently, however, things have changed. Incredibly, almost no Philips Hue deals were
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 09:25
Lockly certainly isn't the biggest name in the smart lock market, but it's a name you won't soon forget after you check out the company's flagship model. The is one of the most versatile smart locks we've ever seen, and it performed remarkably well in our testing. Whereas most smart locks support one or two methods of secure entry, the Lockly Smart Lock can be unlocked in four different ways including with a PIN code, a smartphone, a fingerprint, or a physical key. You might think that smart locks are a dime a dozen these days, and there's no question that best-selling models from a few different top brands are more or less the same.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 08:27
Whatever you do, don't buy AirPods from Apple right now — in fact, there's really only one retailer you should even consider at the moment if you're interested in getting yourself a pair of AirPods Pro or AirPods 2. are discounted right now at Amazon, with savings up to $50 on the model that comes with Apple's special wireless charging case. are also back on sale at Black Friday's price from last year, but an even better deal gets you for just $204.99! Now that things are almost back to normal at Amazon instead of seeing huge shipping delays all over the site, we're finally beginning to see some killer deals on the most popular products out there.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 06:50
The Galaxy Note 20 release date reveal has been confirmed, as Samsung announced the next Unpacked press conference for August 5th. The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will not be the only new Samsung smartphones at the show. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G are also expected to be announced during the event. The new phones should be available for preorder in early August, and ship to consumers in the weeks following the launch. This might not be a regular year on account of the massive health disaster that’s still unfolding, but Samsung will not let the novel coronavirus ruin its Galaxy launch plans. The Korean giant is expected to unveil new mobile products this summer, including the new Note series and a new Galaxy Fold version,
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/08/2020 03:39
Programming from Netflix, no surprise, dominated our latest list of the most-watched TV shows for the month (in this case, June 2020), which takes into account series from the major services like Netflix, as well as Amazon and HBO. At the top of the list this month is a Netflix original series many of you might not have heard of: Dark , a German-language series. The data behind this month's list comes from the streaming search engine service Reelgood. Many of you streaming fans out there probably spent the month of June bingeing newly added fare like fresh seasons of The Politician and Queer Eye , or Netflix original films like Da 5 Bloods and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga , which were among the batch of the streamer added.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/07/2020 22:12
Those of you looking for a more positive coronavirus update than what you may be seeing a lot of in the news these days may be interested to know the one place in the US where you're statistically the least like to catch the coronavirus right now. That place is Hawaii, which has done the best job of keeping its numbers and rate of transmission low, though it's not without risk and is starting to see some uptick in recent days. Starting August 1, visitors to the state can bypass the mandatory 14-day quarantine period by presenting a negative COVID 19 test result when they arrive. Some of you hardy souls, undaunted by the specter of a surge in around the country at the moment, are either deep into planning your next bit of vacation travel --
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/07/2020 21:10
NASA's InSight lander has a self-hammering probe that isn't doing what it's supposed to. The instrument, nicknamed "the mole," can't seem to get a grip on the soft martian soil, hindering its ability to dig to the depth it needs to collect useful data. NASA is continuing to work on getting the mole to work as intended, but. You've really got to hand it to NASA; the space agency definitely doesn't give up easily.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/07/2020 19:06
Amazon launched Prime Video profiles in the United States and several other countries on Tuesday, years after the feature was added to Hulu and Netflix. Amazon Prime Video accounts can create up to six profiles, each with personalized content. At launch, you can create and manage Prime Video profiles on Android, iOS, and Fire TV versions of Prime Video, as well as on the web, on Fire tablets, and select living room devices. With over 180 million subscribers and more original content than you will ever have time to watch, Netflix is the gold standard when it comes to video streaming services.

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