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Molten LiCl and related eutectic electrolytes are known to permit direct electrochemical reduction of N2 to N3‐ with high efficiency. It had been proposed that this could be coupled with H2 oxidation in an electrolytic cell to produce NH3 at ambient pressure. Here, this proposal is tested in a LiCl‐KCl‐Li­3N cell and is found not to be the case, as the previous assumption of the direct electrochemical oxidation of N3‐ to NH3 is grossly over‐simplified. We find that Li3N added to the molten electrolyte promotes the spontaneous and simultaneous chemical disproportionation of H2 (H oxidation state 0) into H‐ (H oxidation state ‐1) and H+ in the form of NH2‐/NH2‐/NH3 (H oxidation state +1) in the absence of applied current, resulting in non‐Far.
Photochemical enantioselective nickel‐catalyzed cross‐coupling reactions are difficult to implement. We report a visible‐light‐mediated strategy that successfully couples symmetrical anhydrides and 4‐alkyl dihydropyridines (DHPs) to afford enantioenriched α‐substituted ketones under mild conditions. The chemistry does not require exogenous photocatalysts. It is triggered by the direct excitation of DHPs, which act as a radical source and as a reductant, facilitating the turnover of the chiral catalytic nickel complex.
Tuning the microenvironment of nanoreactors achieves the transformation from an inactive to active state of ruthenium nanoparticles (NPs) for benzoic acid hydrogenation in organic solvent. In their Communication (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201908602), L. Yu, J. Liu, Q. Yang, and co‐workers show that metal NPs in nanoreactors with a precise microenvironment mimicking the process of natural catalysts is an efficient strategy to improve catalytic performance.
SlashGear 09/19/2019 14:22
On September 19, 2019, Apple will release iOS 13 to the public. This will bring a wide variety of modifications and improvements to the iOS system for all devices capable of running the software. This will be one day before the launch of the new iPhone 11 collection of smartphones in Apple Stores across the United States. Apple will also …
Bloomberg: For years, wind and solar power were derided as boondoggles. They were too expensive, the argument went, to build without government handouts. Today, renewable energy is so cheap that the handouts they once needed are disappearing. On sun-drenched fields across Spain and Italy, developers are building solar farms without subsidies or tax-breaks, betting they […]
Reuters: Britain has launched its first major auction of offshore wind farm leases in a decade, offering sites with the combined potential to power more than six million homes. Britain is already the world’s largest offshore wind market, and plans to generate a third of its electricity from the technology by 2030 as a part […]
Zero Hedge 09/19/2019 14:18
Stocks Slide After Trump's Top China Trade Advisor Says "Tariffs Could Go To 100%". Yesterday, moments ago Powell reminded president Trump that all he would need to see to cut rates further, would be additional weakening in the global economy, we - jokingly - said that any second now Trump would announce China tariffs would be hiked to 100%. POWELL: IF ECONOMY WEAKENS, MORE EXTENSIVE CUTS MAY BE NEEDED. Trump tweets China tariffs hiked to 100% in 5...

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