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The Vox 10/20/2019 14:26
US backed forces prepare for an operation in Syria in 2017, during the period of US-Kurdish cooperation. | Bedir Ehmed/Barcroft Media/Getty Images. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the troops will help “defend Iraq” and “perform a counter-ISIS mission.”One week ago, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced nearly all US troops in Syria would be withdrawn; Sunday, Esper said those troops will be stationed in western Iraq where they will continue the fight against ISIS. The secretary’s comments come amid concerns the US withdrawal in Syria will facilitate the terrorist group’s resurgence, particularly as Kurdish allies are currently focused on an invasion by Turkey. he’s coordinated the move with his Iraqi counterpart as he flew overnight t.
The Vox 10/20/2019 13:05
A Syrian girl reacts to her wounds on October 20, 2019, in the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad which was seized by Turkish-backed forces last week. | Bakr Alkasem/AFP via Getty Images. “Turkey does not appear to be mitigating the humanitarian impact of its invasion and occupation of some parts of northeast Syria,” one part reads. President Donald Trump has continuously championed his decision with withdraw US troops from northern Syria, calling the subsequent Turkish invasion of the area for America. But his own State Department recently distributed talking points to American embassies around the world that offer a much gloomier picture than the president and his administration have painted. “Turkey’s military offensive is severely undermini.
The Vox 10/20/2019 10:30
Regina King stars as Angela Abar — aka Sister Night — in HBO’s Watchmen adaptation. | HBO. Regina King, Damon Lindelof, and others tell us how they updated the legendary comic for this 2019 adaptation. How do you update for 2019? That might sound like a question with an obvious answer: You just do Watchmen . After all, , which has been consistently in print since its 12-volume run ended in 1987, is pretty terrific, and a TV miniseries version could restore much of the material that had been cut for time in . A miniseries might also restore at least some of the more cutting subtext that Snyder’s version appeared to misunderstand entirely. When the characters in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s comic commit acts of ultra-violence, the comic doesn.
The Vox 10/20/2019 10:07
Donald Trump at his Doral golf club where he’d hoped to hold the next G7 meeting. | Scott Halleran/Getty Images. Critics accused Trump of wanting to use the meeting to personally enrich himself. President Donald Trump has retreated from a plan to at his Miami resort amid criticism that it was a brazen attempt to use his position to benefit his private businesses. Critics — including Democrats and Republicans — widely panned the choice, announced Thursday, as one of the starkest examples of self-dealing in a presidency that has taken the practice to unprecedented levels. Saturday, Trump said it was this “Irrational Hostility” that pushed him to change his mind, despite being convinced that in proposing to host the G7 at his resort he “was doi.
The Vox 10/20/2019 09:22
Janine Schmitz/Photothek via Getty Images. The AI algorithms grading student essays are a black box. Algorithms are grading student essays across the country. So can artificial intelligence really teach us to write better? Todd Feathers, who wrote about AI essay grading for , called up every state in the country and found that at least 21 states use some form of automated scoring. “The algorithms are prone to a couple of flaws. One is that they can be fooled by any kind of nonsense gibberish sophisticated words. It looks good from afar but it doesn’t actually mean anything. And the other problem is that some of the algorithms have been proven by the testing vendors themselves to be biased against people from certain language backgrounds.”Fe.
The Vox 10/19/2019 16:56
Hillary Clinton on the set of Good Morning America in October 2019. | Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images. Investigators found no “deliberate mishandling” of classified information by Clinton and her aides. A multi-year State Department investigation into the private email server that haunted Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is complete. After reviewing 33,000 emails sent to or from Clinton, investigators found that the former secretary of state’s practice of using a private email server for official work presented a security risk, but said there was no “systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information” by Clinton or her associates, according to presented to Congress this week. All of the emails in question were sent and receive.
The Vox 10/19/2019 14:53
Local activists share information about the Amendment 4 ballot initiative on Oct. 22, 2018. A trio of new lawsuits argue that a new Florida law unconstitutionally limits how many people can immediately get their voting rights restored. | Wilfredo Lee/AP. A federal judge has issued a limited ruling that Florida cannot use a person’s inability to pay fines as a reason to deny the vote. A group of Floridians with felony convictions won an important victory in their fight for voting rights on Friday when a federal judge against a controversial state law that requires the payment of court fines and fees before people with felony records can regain the right to vote. US District Judge Robert Hinkle issued a limited ruling Friday part of SB 7066, a.
The Vox 10/19/2019 14:16
Demonstrators march in support of a “People’s Vote,” a second referendum on Brexit on October 19, 2019. | Niklas Halle’n/AFP/Getty Images. A massive protest was held as lawmakers voted to ask the EU for a Brexit delay. As Parliament met in London Saturday morning and voted to , hundreds of thousands of anti-Brexit protesters marched in the city’s streets demanding citizens be given a second chance at deciding whether to leave the European Union. The massive crowds moved through the city towards Parliament in a festive and defiant demonstration of frustration with the country’s impending break with the EU, the . Organizers of the effort told the Times they expected more than a million demonstrators, which would make it one of the largest prot.
The Vox 10/19/2019 12:16
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on the set of “Fox and Friends” in September 2019. | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images. Why are Hillary Clinton and Tulsi Gabbard fighting? Tension between Gabbard and Democratic leaders goes way back. Democratic presidential candidate called former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “the queen of warmongers” Friday in response to comments Clinton made about Gabbard on a podcast earlier in the week. The attacks marked the latest clash between the representative from Hawaii and top Democrats over her controversial foreign policy views, which at times have aligned more with conservatives than members of her own party. The spat began when Clinton, speaking on the podcast , hosted by former Obama aide David Plouffe, said.
The Vox 10/19/2019 09:51
Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Brussels on October 17, 2019. | Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images. Parliament just voted to make the prime minister seek a Brexit delay, even if his deal passes. The British Parliament has made Boris Johnson’s premiership . Saturday was no exception. This time, it spoiled the vote on his. Parliament approved an amendment on Saturday that basically forced Johnson to ask for a Brexit delay, no matter what. It turned the vote on Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal from dramatic decision to something far less meaningful. The , introduced by Sir Oliver Letwin, a former Conservative member of Parliament (MP) who’s now an independent, is intended to eliminate the possibility of an “accidental” no-deal Brexit on Octob.
The Vox 10/19/2019 09:00
Amanda Northrop/Vox. Ezra Klein and Gene Healy discuss the meaning of “high crimes and misdemeanors” on a new podcast, Impeachment, Explained. This was the week of confessions. Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted to a Trump administration quid quo pro with Ukraine, with cameras rolling. EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland confirmed that President Trump made Rudy Giuliani the hinge of America’s Ukraine policy. And then the administration announced that the location for the upcoming G7 summit: Trump’s own resort in Doral, Florida. On my , we break down the three stories that mattered most in impeachment this week. And then we dig into the four words that will shape the entire impeachment fight: “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Wh.
The Vox 10/18/2019 20:00
Amanda Northrop/Vox. This week in impeachment news; Friday prayers turn deadly in an Afghanistan mosque bombing. Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what’s happening in the world. Sign up for the , delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view the for past editions. This week in impeachment. The impeachment process could be going on a while: The Republican-controlled Senate is making plans for a trial before the end of the year, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the timeline will depend on the “truthline.” []. So what happened this week? A lot of testimony before Congress — all of which made clear that President Donald Trump was pushing the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden. []. Here’s a rundown of the key parts of t.
The Vox 10/18/2019 19:20
Quarterback Matt Moore of the Kansas City Chiefs rolls out against the Denver Broncos on October 17, 2019, in Denver, Colorado. | Dustin Bradford/Getty Images. And the business might do the same thing for other topics. Pay for sports? Sure. Pay for sports news? No way. That has been the conventional wisdom in the media industry for years. Alex Mather says it’s wrong. And for now, Mather looks like he’s correct: The CEO of says his sports news service has signed up more than 600,000 paying subscribers in less than four years and is on its way to a million. Mather’s company attracts quite a bit of attention from people in the sports media industry and the media industry in general because it may be the most ambitious subscription-only news ser.
The Vox 10/18/2019 18:50
Activists hold a rally calling for the closure of Rikers Island on October 17, 2019. | Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images. City leaders say they want to create smaller, more “humane” jails in the city. Some activists argue that there shouldn’t be jails at all. For the better part of eight decades, Rikers Island Jail has been a glaring symbol of the most negative aspects of New York City’s justice system. Now, the sprawling complex is potentially on its way to being closed — but there are plenty of questions and concerns about what will replace it. On October 17, the New York City Council to support a $8 billion plan to replace Rikers with four smaller jails located in all but one of the city’s five boroughs. Under the plan, the new
The Vox 10/18/2019 16:50
Barney the Dinosaur will soon be back to spread his dire message of love and kindness. | PBS/YouTube. Get Out ’s Daniel Kaluuya will co-produce Mattel’s plunge into a dark purple abyss from which there is no escape. Barney the Dinosaur, the giant purple nightmare from our childhoods, has found his way into our current hellscape — because if there’s anything we as a species deserve right now, it’s remixes of “” earwormed in our heads as the world burns. Mattel Films, the cinematic division of the toy company, has announced a partnership with Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya’s production company, as well as development firm Valparaiso Pictures, to bring the character to the big screen. The team will adapt Barney & Friends , the iconic kids show sta.
The Vox 10/18/2019 16:30
President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attend the opening ceremony at the 2018 NATO Summit on July 11, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images. The troubles facing Syria — and troubles elsewhere — are in large part caused not by America’s weakness, but by Trump’s. President Donald Trump is bragging that his decision last week to withdraw US troops from northern Syria — leaving America’s allies, the Syrian Kurds, to fend for themselves against invading Turkish forces — was a masterstroke. He also says the his administration agreed to with Turkey on Thursday amounted to. But he doesn’t seem to know that he’s played right into Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s hands — the latest horrifying example
The Vox 10/18/2019 15:40
A woman sorts packages at the Amazon fulfillment center in Staten Island, New York City, on February 5, 2019. | Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images. “The quota system pushes you to really not work at a pace that’s normal, but at a pace where you’re almost running for the entire 10 hours.”Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island, New York, say they package about four online orders every minute. If they stop for a few seconds outside of their designated breaks, it hurts their performance evaluations. So they’re bending, twisting, running, and lifting boxes for 10 to 12 hours a day — just to get a package to a customer’s door within a day or two. That’s what Amazon warehouse employees in Staten Island who were by the New York Committee for O.
The Vox 10/18/2019 15:30
The cover of Watchmen #1. | Gibbons/DC. Why we keep coming back to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s Watchmen . was never meant to be a regular superhero comic book, and it made its intentions clear right from the jump. Average readers might not notice what makes Watchmen so different. But superhero comic book covers tend to be superheroes striking poses fighting evil or supervillains striking poses fighting good, with a certain strategy to their art: Because of the way comic books are displayed in an overlapping pattern in comic book stores according to the of Watchmen , the trick is to push titles toward the center and keep the imagery to the center and right of the cover page. , released just over 30 years ago, from 1986 to 1987, balk at this.
The Vox 10/18/2019 15:20
Allison Tolman stars as a police chief who meets a mysterious young girl in Emergence. | ABC Studios. It’s better than that sounds. In Watch This , Vox critic at large Emily VanDerWerff tells you what she’s watching on TV — and why you should watch it too. . This week: ABC’s new sci-fi family drama , which airs Tuesdays at 10 pm Eastern. Previous episodes are available . I have a theory about how TV works. (This will come as no surprise to those of you who read me frequently, as I have many theories about how TV works.). In the beginning, having the right cast is the single most important criterion for convincing viewers to tune in. Even if the writing on a show is clumsy, even if the visuals are bland, a show that is well-cast with a good bl.
The Vox 10/18/2019 14:20
President Trump arrives for a “Keep America Great” campaign rally at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on October 17, 2019. | Tom Pennington/Getty Images. It’s little more than lies and gaslighting. Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney’s on Thursday was a prime example of how the White House is struggling to explain President Donald Trump’s efforts in Ukraine in a way that isn’t tantamount to a confession. But Trump’s rally a few hours later in Dallas indicated the president isn’t doing a much better job. Thursday night, Trump didn’t try to defend his efforts to cajole the Ukrainian government to undertake politically beneficial investigations — efforts that have prompted an impeachment inquiry. Instead, he made stuff up about House I.

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