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NutritionInsight 09/12/2019 20:00
13 Sep 2019 --- In nutrition news this week, Nexira announced that its new spray-drying tower located in India, is fully operational. Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) showcased baking ingredient solutions that appeal to health-conscious consumers at the 2019 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), while Arcadia Biosciences raised nearly US$10 million in its latest round of financing. Epi Ingredients announced that its French-based industrial facility is now certified Kosher and Seanova gained a certification for the sustainable production of Epax fish oils.
NutritionInsight 09/12/2019 20:00
13 Sep 2019 --- A recent study led by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) suggests that regular tea drinkers have “better organized” brain regions – associated with healthy cognitive function – compared to non-tea drinkers. The research team made this discovery after examining neuroimaging data of 36 adults aged 60 and above, which revealed that those who consume tea at least four times a week have “better brain efficiency.”
NutritionInsight 09/12/2019 20:00
13 Sep 2019 --- Cases of diabetes have decreased in across many populations, according to an analysis of 47 studies between 1980 and 2017. Since 2006, the incidence of clinically diagnosed diabetes has continued to rise in only a minority of populations, with a third of the studies reporting a fall in incidence in this time period. While this is likely due to the success of preventative strategies changing people’s dietary habits, the researchers stress that “we cannot take our foot off the pedal” if the changes are to be maintained.
NutritionInsight 09/12/2019 20:00
13 Sep 2019 --- Despite meat-alternatives benefiting from a health halo relating to various claims including gluten-free, organic and vegan, they are often highly processed and packed with salt. This is according to a new Australian report published by The George Institute for Global Health, VicHealth and the National Heart Foundation of Australia, which highlights the large variation in the salt levels in products such as meat-free sausages and falafels. The findings suggest that manufacturers can and should easily formulate lower-salt options. Meanwhile, Clare Farrand, Senior Public Health Nutritionist from The George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, tells NutritionInsight that the findings support her call for Australia to implemen.
NutritionInsight 09/11/2019 20:00
12 Sep 2019 --- The publication of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)’s dietary reference values (DRVs) for sodium and chloride marks the end of a ten-year overhaul. Nutrition scientists compiled research to set science-based nutrient reference values for the daily intake of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals in healthy populations. The safe and adequate intake of chloride for adults is now set at 3.1g a day, while the sodium value is 2g a day. The DRVs will now be used by policymakers to establish food-based dietary guidelines that help consumers make healthy dietary choices.
NutritionInsight 09/11/2019 20:00
12 Sep 2019 --- Indonesian pharmaceutical company PT IMEDCO has launched its test product, coined Glubio, a pure 500g glutathione supplement targeted to raise low glutathione levels in the body. This launch marks the first Setria Glutathione, a Kyowa Hakko ingredient, branded product to expand to the Indonesian pharmaceuticals market. This multi-use supplement has shown numerous health benefits, including its well-documented effects on maintaining immune health and recharging other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.
NutritionInsight 09/11/2019 20:00
12 Sep 2019 --- Consumers are now better educated on what they need to naturally improve their diets. Superfoods are no longer reserved to a niche group of people that want to eat something nutritionally unique. This is according to Cristián Miguens, Director for Andean Grain Products, who tells NutritionInsight how more consumers are introducing superfoods to their daily nutrition. As the demand for naturality in ingredients continues to rise, industry is exploring organic options that are high in nutritional value.
NutritionInsight 09/11/2019 20:00
12 Sep 2019 --- About 85 percent of consumers are interested in buying products with digestive health benefits, but only 45 percent actually do, a Kerry consumer report found. Based on the study, the company – which manufactures probiotic GanedenBC30 – identified the traditional pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner as a potential key to boosting digestive health markets. Despite a growingly popular snacking and “fourth meal” culture, the fundamental principle of three meals a day remains resilient, according to the company, which in turn boosts the demand for probiotics.
NutritionInsight 09/10/2019 20:00
11 Sep 2019 --- Only 2 percent of recalled supplements in 2019 were dietary supplements, according to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data. Among the recalls, only three were classified as “Class I,” – the most serious recall class. The news was published in a 2019 American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) report which noted that out of 803 recalls, 14 of them included dietary supplements. Dietary supplements to support health are increasingly popular and the news means that regulations to protect consumers from unwanted side effects appear to be working effectively.
NutritionInsight 09/10/2019 20:00
11 Sep 2019 --- As modern life becomes busier than ever, it is an increasing struggle for many people to eat nutritious meals regularly. However, that has not stopped the rise of “clean” and “natural” foods. NutritionInsight speaks to Simo Suoheimo, Co-Founder of meal-replacement drink company Ambronite, about the challenges of integrating complete nutrition in a powder format as well as how the stigma around digestive health is weakening as new research illuminates the importance of a healthy gut.
NutritionInsight 09/10/2019 20:00
11 Sep 2019 --- A new flaxseed cultivar has been developed by US researchers, which allows a higher crop yield and is resistant to Fusarium wild and flax rust diseases. Flaxseed is touted as having many health-boosting properties and has varied uses, therefore rendering it important for the few US farmers who grow it. Improving the yield and resistance of the crop may boost the profits of these farmers and support local economies. The new variety is the work of researchers from the Plant Sciences Department of North Dakota State University (NDSU), US.
NutritionInsight 09/10/2019 20:00
11 Sep 2019 --- While some US cities currently tax sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) by the volume of the drink, a tax system based on the amount of sugar the drink contains would produce greater health benefits and economic gains. This is according to an analysis by researchers at New York University (NYU), Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of California (UC), Berkeley. The proposed taxing system could lead to an annual national gain of US$1.8 billion, primarily generated through savings in health care costs.
NutritionInsight 09/09/2019 20:00
10 Sep 2019 --- A tax on high sugar snacks, such as cookies, cakes, chocolates and candy, might be more effective at reducing obesity levels than a sugary drink tax. This is according to a UK study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) which found that a 20 percent “snack tax” on high sugar snacks could reduce energy intake, body mass index (BMI) and the prevalence of obesity. Moreover, the findings showed that the tax had a greater impact on lower-income households classified as obese, as opposed to higher-income households classified as not overweight. The researchers note that increasing the price on high sugar snacks “is worthy of further research and consideration as part of an integrated approach to tackling obesity.”
NutritionInsight 09/09/2019 20:00
10 Sep 2019 --- Denmark will introduce a ban on perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in July next year due to the potential risks the chemicals pose to human health. The nation cites that the health risk is too great to wait for the EU to make a regulatory move on this front. Under the new regulation, all items, including food packaging, using PFAS chemicals must be reformulated without the “forever chemicals,” as their signature elemental bonds of fluorine and carbon are extremely strong and difficult to disintegrate in the environment and in living beings. These chemicals have been linked to a number of health risks such as cancer, elevated cholesterol and decreased fertility.
NutritionInsight 09/09/2019 20:00
10 Sep 2019 --- Despite cutting-edge advancements in pediatric nutrition, lengthy regulatory processes are slowing down their arrival on the market. For this reason, product development that leverages attributes of existing ingredients, such as protein, is at the forefront of NPD. So, using ingredients that can tout the added claims of naturalness, grass-fed and provenance will continue to lead the way and continue to attract consumer trust. This is according to industry experts, who speak to NutritionInsight about the trends driving the category.
NutritionInsight 09/09/2019 20:00
10 Sep 2019 --- It might be possible to reverse the body’s epigenetic clock – the measure of biological age – according to a small clinical study published in Aging Cell . Nine healthy volunteers who took a cocktail of a growth hormone and two diabetes medications for a year shed an average of two and a half years from their biological ages, as well as having a rejuvenated immune system. Although the findings are preliminary, they could pave the way for new aging interventions, as well as showcasing how one form of medication could be used to treat multiple diseases.
NutritionInsight 09/09/2019 20:00
10 Sep 2019 --- Among the nutritional trends of recent years, drinking vinegar is a standout that the industry has not fully explored yet. Kerry is, however, examining vinegar’s potential in both foodservice and nutrition in light of the company’s acquisition of Fleischmann’s Vinegar in late November 2018. “Continued innovation focusing on the intersection of taste and nutrition is why drinking vinegar is seeing growth. Initially, drinking vinegar was solely focused on the health aspect and ignored the taste aspect,” Emma Cahill, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Applied Health & Nutrition Division at Kerry, tells NutritionInsight .
NutritionInsight 09/09/2019 20:00
10 Sep 2019 --- Givaudan’s cosmetic ingredients arm Givaudan Active Beauty has released a new haircare ingredient from wheat as a sustainable alternative to cationic guar – the most used chemical ingredient on the market. The new ingredient, Naturein Wheat Peptides, is sourced from 100 percent French-origin locally-sourced wheat and crafted by green fractionation. The launch comes at a time when demand for natural ingredients is high and consumers increasingly opt for organic, sustainable personal care products.
NutritionInsight 09/08/2019 20:00
09 Sep 2019 --- Despite the growing popularity of products containing cannabidiol (CBD), there is still a gap in scientific knowledge on CBD’s real benefits and interaction with other substances. However, this has not put off a large selection of industry players in the industry who have engaged with the ingredient in wide-ranging NPD, as well as significant investment in furthering technologies in the space. Yet this sky-rocketing interest has led to increased calls for regulatory clarification – particularly directed toward the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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