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Excelsior (Mexico) 04/06/2020 17:36
Enrique Sánchez/Foto: Notimex. CIUDAD DE MÉXICO. La secretaría de Gobernación, Olga Sánchez Cordero, calificó de injustos los señalamientos de quienes aseguran que el gobierno le entró tarde a las medidas para contener el Covid-19. En videocharla con medios de comunicación, la funcionaria sostuvo que el gobierno actuó a tiempo y con una estrategia basada en los datos técnicos.
Android Police 04/06/2020 17:35
Now there's a reason to keep checking your watch while you're stuck inside. Just as many people are getting a bit stir crazy from staying indoors, the Google Fit team is delivering some long overdue attention to the Android app and Wear OS. Over the next week or so, several enhancements to the interface are set to roll out, meant to make information more visible while streamlining the interface so users can quickly pull up the most important bits of data. Google Fit introduced back in 2018. was written by the awesome team at .
Brownfield Network 04/06/2020 17:34
The. USDA says snow cover in the northern part of the state and wet conditions. elsewhere curbed fieldwork across Minnesota last week. With. less than one day suitable to be in the field, a few farmers did spread manure. where the ground was solid enough to support equipment. Some. areas report frost still in the ground, and there were several reports of river. flooding. Cattle producers also continue spring calving.
Red, Green & Blue 04/06/2020 17:34
In 1980, the Kansas legislature passed a law that said utility customers using renewable energy may not be subjected to “higher rates or charges” or “any other prejudice or disadvantage.” Though the meaning of the law should be intuitively obvious even to a slow witted fourth grader, authorities in Kansas, including the Kansas Corporation Commission, […]. .
Biofuels Digest 04/06/2020 17:32
In the UK, ICIS reports that COVID-19 has significantly tightened the availability of glycerin and as a result prices have tripled to EUR670-900/metric ton, basis free delivered northwest Europe. With expectation that biodiesel production is going to continue to slow through Q2 due to the virus and the resulting drop in non-GMO glycerin supplies, the […]
El Comercio 04/06/2020 17:32
Siete días. Ese es el período de tiempo que el covid-19 puede durar en una mascarilla quirúrgica, un insumo sanitario usado para protegerse frente al virus. Así lo concluyó un grupo de científicos chinos que analizó la permanencia de la nueva cepa del coronavirus en superficies y condiciones ambientales. Los resultados fueron condensados en un estudio publicado el 2 de abril del 2020 en la revista médica británica The Lancet.
Verge 04/06/2020 17:31
Photo by BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images. Hospitals in Cincinnati are for nurses and other health care workers. Nurses at a New York City hospital for COVID-19. A Minnesota health center because it didn’t have enough face masks. A from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at the Department of Health and Human Services, which is tasked with overseeing the agency, makes it clear that those reports aren’t just anecdotes, but consistent problems faced by hospitals all over the country as they struggle to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am chilled to the bone reading the report on how hospitals are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. PDF:. — Susannah Fox...
Zero Hedge 04/06/2020 17:29
Watch Live: White House Holds Coronavirus Briefing As Outbreak 'Peak' Looms. Another day, another briefing. And so it goes in the life of the Washington Press Corp., and the American public, who are being held "hostage" by the coronavirus (though we've been told that comparing the lockdown to a 'hostage situation' is no longer permissible according to the PC police). And with markets waaaaay up to start the week, we imagine we'll be seeing maximum Trump swagger tonight as some twitter blue checks continue to insist that the media should "boycott" the briefings:. Mon, 04/06/2020 - 17:29.

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