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Boing Boing 04/01/2020 22:00
There are plenty of productive ways to spend time while stuck indoors. While it’s undoubtedly fun to binge all 15 seasons of Supernatural or sink days of playtime into an Overwatch campaign, learning something new is definitely a more meaningful and long-term beneficial use of open hours. And if you’re going to invest time in learning something new, you better make sure it sticks. More than half a million Apple App and Google Play users have given the a 4.6 out of 5-star rating for its innovative and impactful methods in helping students learn a new language. So you know it works. Right now, they’re making their award-winning services available again at . With this deal, you can learn 14 of the world’s most popular languages at your own pac.
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 20:18
is reporting that Adam Schlesinger, co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, and a prolific songwriter for film, television, and theater, has died of COVID-10. He was 52-years-old. Schlesinger had one of the most unique and busiest careers in pop. With Fountains of Wayne — a group that blended power-pop delight with indie and alt-rock sensibilities — he released five albums between 1996 and 2011. During the same period, he released six albums with his other group, Ivy, all the while building a portfolio of TV and film music. His first hit came in 1996, but it was a song engineered to sound like it was actually from the Sixties: “That Thing You Do.” The track served as the sole hit for the Wonders, the fake band at the center of Tom Hanks’ film Tha.
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 19:12
When I started seeing all of the posts on social media (and ) about "pandemic baking," it made instant and perfect sense to me. But then, I started seeing people asking "why?" on Facebook and Twitter . My first thought was "this is clearly a question from non-bakers." If you've baked bread with any regularity, I bet you know why. The next thing I thought of was this piece I wrote for my 2014 book, . In it, I talk about my time as a baker, living in a commune in my youth, and another apocalyptic event, a massive snow-in in 2010, that left me trapped alone in my house with dwindling food stocks. So, I decided to share this story here. TL;DR: Bake some bread. It's hands-on, can be grounding, therapeutic, and fresh-baked bread is one of life's
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 19:12
I made the first book in my EMU Club Adventures series, Alien Invasion in My Backyard, available for download for free. And today the second book, Ghostly Thief of Time, is also available for download. Free. I hope these books can offer some respite, and fun and excitement, for families under the stressful conditions of quarantine. After all, they are about three bored kids who find an amazing adventure just by being exceptionally creative and curious. Next week, check out my for a little project kids can do once they've finished the books. Information on how to download both books is. Stuart Tennemeier, his best friend Brian Hrzincz, and his sister Violet want to start a mystery club like the ones they read about in books, but they have no
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 16:26
$5,179 was earned last week at the United States box office. Not $5.179m, not $51.79k, but just over five thousand dollars . It's the worst week in history for the American theater industry, due to coronavirus restrictions and company policies that all but ended public movie attendance. Okay, did some math. A movie ticket was ~35¢ in the 40s, which means collectively all theatres in America would only need to sell 14.5k tickets in a week to clear $5100. So now I'm thinking probably the box office hasn't been this low since the late 20s. — Dan Olson (@FoldableHuman). A silver lining, perhaps: most movies on general release were shunted immediately to television-on-demand, and gave .
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 16:00
If you’ve ever had any musical aspirations -- or even if your talent extends no further than turning on the radio -- you’ve probably dreamed the “impossible” dream. You dream that maybe you could record some of your songs at home, post them online, build an armada of fan support, attract major label attention and ultimately become a global music powerhouse all in one fell swoop. Look, it’s an unlikely dream, but it isn’t impossible. That’s the career arc that now 17-year-old Billie Eilish just rode to pop megastardom last year. And what program did she (and her brother-slash-producer Finneas O’Connell) use to capture and edit Billie’s now chart-topping tracks? The Mac-based app is just one of the programs that has taken music production fro.
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 15:03
You've probably received spam emails inviting you to join class action lawsuits against the makers of over-the-counter heartburn medicine Zantac (ranitidine) as it contains a likely carcinogen. Today, the US Food and Drug Administration requested that all ranitidine products be pulled from store shelves and that consumers properly dispose of any they've already purchased. You should expect even more Zantac class action spam. From :. The FDA noted that an ongoing investigation has determined that levels of a contaminant in the heartburn medications increase over time and when stored at higher-than-normal temperatures, poses a risk to public health. The contaminant, N-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA, is a probable human carcinogen and the FDA has.
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 14:16
It's always great to see a master craftsperson at work. From Vanity Fair: "Watch as Tom Kenny seamlessly improvises the voices to 5 random cartoon characters that he has never seen before. Using his skills from decades as the voice of SpongeBob, The Ice King ( Adventure Time ), The Mayor ( Powerpuff Girls ), Heffer ( Rocko's Modern Life ) and many others, Tom is able to create amazing characters in the blink of an eye.". Image: YouTube. []
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 13:47
My favorite smartphone weather app is Dark Sky because it has a graph that shows you when it is going to rain, for how hard, and how long. Apple just bought Dark Sky and the first thing they did was . Android users who subscribed to Dark Sky were informed that they will continue to receive service until July 1, 2020, after which they will be forced to throw their Android phone in the trash and buy an iPhone. Former Dark Sky fans expressed their sentiments on Twitter:. So, has bought my favourite forecast provider, . Now they will:. * Leave the iOS app. * Remove the Android app. * Eliminate forecast and maps from the website in July. * close the API at the end of 2021. No explanation provided. Fuck you all. — insomniac (@insomniacslk). My email to
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 12:54
Ever wonder how the Space Needle's rotating glass floor works? CGI animator extraordinaire Jared Owen gives us an inside look at Seattle's most iconic structure. The Space Needle is located in Seattle Washington. It was built in 1962 just in time for the World's Fair. The top looks like a Flying Saucer and is meant to inspire people to look towards the future. The Space Needle is icon to Seattle just as Eiffel Tower is to Paris, France. Around the Space Needle there plenty to see and do as well. The bottom of the building has a large spiral ramp that tourists get to climb on their way towards the elevators. The top of tower has the observation level with an outdoor deck, a service level, and The Loupe which features a revolving glass floor.
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 12:31
San Francisco is jamming on the wine deliveries. Unsurprisingly . :. You’d be forgiven for blacking out around sundown and not having even noticed yet that liquor stores across San Francisco are being forced to close at 8 p.m. every night now, according to KRON 4. Mayor Breed issued that order Friday, another of the expanded shelter in place orders now in effect until at least May 1. Any cursory scrolling of social media you’ve done in the last two weeks — and yes, it has only been 14 days since this started — will show you that drinking alcohol has become a preferred pastime in the age of COVID-19. We now have the data to back this “No sh*t, Sherlock” observation; on the heels of Eater National's report that alcohol sales are skyrocketing (
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 12:24
America has no fire drill for economic uncertainty. What is going to happen today, April 1st, in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, when everyone's rent, mortgages, and bills are due? There is no single and immediate template for how to survive a financial crisis in general. People do not know how to act. People are panicking, hoarding, fearful. With good reason. We know what to do during a tornado warning: go to the lowest floor, stay away from windows. Sadly, a new generation knows what to do during a school shooting. There are best practices in place. But not for this. With no existing and immediate safety net in a nation largely shut down, the reality of the financial brutality of American life for millions is revealing itself. Tr.
Boing Boing 04/01/2020 12:23
In 1979, Penthouse founder Bob Guccione produced a big budget feature film about the Roman emperor Caligula starring Maclolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy, Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, and John Gielgud. Scripted by Gore Vidal and filled with graphic sex and violence, it was a critical and box office disaster but has garnered cult acclaim over the years. (Original trailer below.) Now, archivist Thomas Negovan and Shadow of the Vampire director E. Elias Merhig have located all of the original footage and are recutting the film into a 40th anniversary edition titled . Over the course of their research, they found this bizarre TV commercial produced for a line of Caligula action figures that, of course, never made it into production. Negovan tells.

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