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本报北京9月28日电 (记者张洋)日前,中央纪委国家监委对6起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题进行公开曝光。这6起典型问题是:. 全国对外友协机关党委(人事工作部)原副书记宗林红同意并参与公款旅游和违规接受公款宴请问题。2019年4月,全国对外友协机关党委(人事工作部)在组织任职培训班期间,宗林红同意改变培训日程,游览了多个5A、4A级景区,相关费用由当地友协支付或协调解决。其间,宗林红等人还组织培训班全体人员先后3次违规接受地方政府及地方友协宴请。宗林红受到党内严重警告处分,调离机关党委(人事工作部),其他相关责任人受到相应处理,均退赔相关费用。. 浙江省杭州市萧山区卫生健康局原党委委员、副局长李侃违规收受可能影响公正执行公务的礼品和消费卡、违规接受宴请等问题。2015年至2020年1月,李侃多次在中秋、国庆等节日期间收受该局及下属单位工作人员6人所送的礼品、消费卡、“烟票”等财物,共计价值4.25万元;多次接受管理服务对象宴请。李侃还存在其他违纪行为,受到留党察看一年、政务撤职处分,并被收缴违纪所得。. 中国农业银行山西分行忻州市宁武县支行原行长周文喜违规操办女儿婚宴问题。2019年8月,周文喜按单位有关规定向组织申报拟为其女儿举办婚宴15桌。周文喜在操办女儿婚宴过程中,除按申报举办婚宴外,还于事前安排5桌宴请,事后又于中秋前夕安排3桌宴请。其间,周文喜违规收受本单位员工84人礼金共计3.52万元。周文喜受到党内严重警告处分,违规收受礼金予以退回。. 甘肃省定西市水文局局长邓居礼公车私用问题。2018年至2019年,邓居礼利用赴靖远县等地基层水文站检查工作时机,3次驾驶公务车辆前往会宁探亲;2019年国庆节假日期间,先后7次驾驶公务车辆办理个人事务。邓居礼受到党内警告处分。. 吉林省长.
"一旦贪欲膨胀,必会付出惨痛代价。" 7月28日,浙江杭州市拱墅区人民法院开庭审理了原杭州康桥综合市场经理周惠祥案,周惠祥所在街道、社区60余名党员干部旁听,共同上了一堂零距离、全景式的警示教育课。. 2019年6月,拱墅区纪委监委收到一封举报信,反映时任杭州康桥综合市场经理周惠祥利用菜场拆迁骗取补贴的问题。"周惠祥短时间内就实现了市场的扭亏为盈,他可是个能人!" 当地村民对他较高的评价,让工作人员不禁疑惑,难道信访反映的问题有误?. 在对周惠祥开展外围调查时,一句话引起了调查人员注意。"有次吃饭,周惠祥准备了好酒,还给每人发了两条高档香烟,这顿饭估计上万元。"调查人员敏锐察觉到,如此大额消费,周惠祥的钱从哪里来呢?. 经调查人员多次走访了解,深入调查账目,不少周惠祥违纪违法行为浮出水面。. 职务补贴、车费补贴、通信费补贴......
Points Guy 09/28/2020 18:00
Brussels Airport will be the next to join the United States’ “Preclearance” program, the addition of the Belgian capital confirmed by U.S. authorities on Monday. The program, run by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), puts U.S.-bound travelers through customs and immigration and security at their foreign airport of departure. Once cleared, flyers are …
BUSRide 09/28/2020 17:59
Icomera, a subsidiary of ENGIE Solutions, announces that it has completed the acquisition of GoMedia Services Limited through its wholly-owned subsidiary Icomera UK. Founded in 2015, GoMedia has quickly become the world’s leading provider of onboard infotainment for public transport. Based in London, UK, GoMedia has developed a range of customer facing digital solutions for […]. .
SlashGear 09/28/2020 17:55
Sennheiser has introduced its new HD 560S, a pair of relatively inexpensive headphones targeted at audiophiles. According to the company, the HD 560S can be used for ‘analytical listening sessions,’ offering what it says is accurate and natural reference sound alongside a ‘barely there’ design. Unlike many reference headphones, these HD 560S are notable for their budget-tier price, making them …
One of the biggest potential impacts of Barrett’s presence on the high court would be on who has standing to bring an environmental lawsuit. While serving on the appellate court covering Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, Barrett wrote the majority opinion in two cases — including one brought by a park preservation group against the construction of Barack Obama’s presidential center in Chicago — denying opponents standing in court to sue. Her more restrictive view on who has standing is in line with that of the conservative icon Scalia. Ginsburg’s decision in Friends of the Earth v. Laidlaw Environmental Servicesgreatly expanded the ability of citizens sickened by pollution to seek a remedy from the courts. Scalia was only one of two justices.

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