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Digital Photography Review 07/22/2019 16:02
Kodak Photo Plus of C&A IP Holdings has launched the , a ‘cute little box’ that is assembled by the user into a functional film scanner. As with some competing products, this film scanner works with an ordinary smartphone to digitize slides and 35mm film negatives. Unlike those other products, however, Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is made from heavyweight cardboard that collapses back into a small portable box. The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is like Google Cardboard, only for photographers rather than casual VR experiences. A built-in LED light is used to illuminate slides and film; a companion mobile app is used with a smartphone to capture and edit the resulting digital images, including cropping and rotating. Once ‘scanned,’ the same Kodak M.
• Смена власти, произошедшая в Молдове 8 июля, стала событием, которого по-настоящему и давно ожидало всё общество. Уход в историю режима Плахотнюка вселил надежды на лучшую жизнь в государстве, некогда захваченном олигархом. Наши сограждане с оптимизмом смотрят в будущее и полностью поддерживают коалицию, сформированную Партией социалистов и блоком «АКУМ». Об этом было заявлено в рамках публичных дебатов, на тему: «Деолигархизация Молдовы - рамки законности». ГАЙК ВАРТАНЯН – ДЕПУТАТ ОТ ФРАКЦИИ...
Northlines (India) 07/22/2019 16:01
NL Correspondent Jammu , July 22 Senior Superintendent of Police, Jammu Tajinder Singh has ordered transfer and posting of seven Inspectors with immediate effect. As per the order Bishnesh Kumar was transferred from District Police Line Jammu and posted as Station House Officer at police station Bahu Fort, Parvaiz Sajjad has been transferred from Bahu […]. .
Business Insider 07/22/2019 16:00
If you clicked on this story, you're probably ready to put some money away for future dreams. Should investing be part of your reality? How will you know you're ready to start investing? Maybe you already are and didn't even know it. Here are a few signs to help you know for sure. 1. A well-stocked emergency fund. Life throws curveballs. It's good to have an emergency fund with at least three months worth of expenses to give yourself the stability that investing can require. Your emergency fund will give you a buffer if anything unexpected happens, so you won't have to tap into investments slated for other purposes. Don't worry about having a well-stocked emergency fund before investing. It could just be a matter of prioritizing saving for a.
Business Insider 07/22/2019 15:57
The ongoing detention of rapper A$AP Rocky in Sweden has taken a political tone in recent days. has joined the chorus of voices calling for Rocky's release following his alleged role in a brawl in Stockholm in late June. The Swedish government has indicated Rocky will not receive special treatment. . Rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden in early July on a preliminary charge of assault following an altercation that occurred while he was in Stockholm to perform in a hip-hop festival. There's a growing movement for Rocky's release in the US, which has endorsed. Here's a timeline of what's been going on with Rocky and the efforts to see him released from jail in Sweden. Joe Perticone contributed reporting. SEE ALSO:. American rapper A$AP Roc.
Его называли «поющий нерв эпохи». Он не боялся говорить правду. Его песни были под запретом, но их знала и пела вся страна. Спектакли с его участием собирали полные залы. Владимир Высоцкий был «героем своего времени». Помнят о нем и спустя десятки лет, и до сих пор поют его песни. Дубоссары. Парк «Энергетиков». На один вечер он вернулся в прошлое. Авторы: Елена Волкова Рубрика: Культура Хэштеги: #КЭБ #культура #музыка #бардовская_песня #Владимир_Высоцкий #Дубоссары #Приднестровье.

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