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AnandTech 01/27/2020 11:06
QNAP has announced its new budget-friendly two-bay NAS aimed at home users and supporting hardware-accelerated media playback. The TS-251D can store up to 32 TB of data using today’s hard drives and can be further expanded with a PCIe card to add SSD caching or other options. The QNAP TS-251D NAS is based on Intel’s dual-core Celeron J4005 processor with UHD 600 Graphics core and hardware decoding for multiple modern video codecs. The SoC is accompanied by 2 GB or 4 GB of DDR4 memory that can be expanded by the end user. The NAS has two bays that can support 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch HDDs or SSDs with a SATA 6 Gbps interface, though RAID modes are not supported. The unit has one GbE port, one HDMI 2.0 output, two USB 3.0 ports, three USB 2.0 con.
AnandTech 01/27/2020 09:06
The consumer memory industry has been teasing DDR4-5000 for a few months now. We saw one company show some DDR4-5000 modules at Computex back in July 2019, running on an MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC with an Intel Core i7-8086K processor, but the company said at the time that it didn’t make sense to release them because (at the time) only 2% of top-end CPUs could actually keep up with such a high memory speed. Fast forward to November a few key things have changed. Micron’s new 8 Gbit Revision-E DDR4 chips (Rev.E or “Micron E-die”) first gained attention in April, and now they’ve matured through rigorous testing and qualification for the high-end memory kits. Enter the Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-5000 memory kits, which have been QVL'ed for u.
AnandTech 01/27/2020 08:07
With AMD's latest Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64-core behemoth to be releases on the 7th of February, ASUS has unveiled an updated version of its flagship ROG Zenith II Extreme motherboard. The new ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha model is designed to make the most of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor with a newly updated power delivery while keeping the same ROG aesthetic and feature set of the previous model. At the launch of AMD's TRX40 chipset for the third generation of Ryzen Threadripper 3000 processors, we reviewed the which supports the out of the box, and delivers a high-quality feature set and competitive performance, for an $850 price tag. The ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha retains the same aesthetics, the same feature se.
AnandTech 01/24/2020 15:39
With over half of a dozen external displays for laptops in its lineup, ASUS is a company that takes portable monitors seriously. Following that philosophy, this week the company introduced its rather unique ROG Strix XG17AHPE external LCD, a gaming-focused display offering a Full-HD resolution as well as a 240 Hz refresh rate with variable refresh support. The portable monitor even has its own battery, so it will provide a premium gaming experience even away from a power outlet. The portable display uses a 17.3-inch IPS panel with a 1920×1080 resolution and features a maximum brightness of 300 nits, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, a 3 ms GtG response time, and a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz refresh rate with VESA’s Adaptive-Sync variable refresh.
AnandTech 01/24/2020 11:05
Intel this week became a member of CHIPS Alliance, an industry consortium that is working to accelerate the development of open source SoCs (and SiPs) for various applications. As part of their membership, Intel has also contributed its Advanced Interface Bus to the group, giving developers access to the bus and thus the means to interoperate with Intel (and other) chips that will be using it. Designed for use with system-in-packages (SiPs) devices, Intel’s AIB is a high-bandwidth, low-power, die-to-die PHY level standard that uses a clock forwarded parallel data transfer mechanism (akin that used by modern DDR DRAM interfaces). The technology is agnostic to manufacturing processes and packaging technology, so it can be used to connect a wi.
AnandTech 01/24/2020 10:06
Earlier this week Qualcomm has announced three new chipsets complementing their low-mid-range and low-range processor offerings, introducing the new Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460 SoCs. The new chipsets are said to focus on emerging markets such as India and are also amongst the first to offer platform connectivity features such as the new Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC). Qualcomm Snapdragon 700-Range SoCs. SoC. Snapdragon 710. Snapdragon 720G. Snapdragon 730. CPU. 2x Kryo 360 (CA75). @ 2.2GHz. 6x Kryo 360 (CA55). @ 1.7GHz. 2x Kryo 465 (CA76). @ 2.3GHz. 6x Kryo 465 (CA55). @ 1.8GHz. 2x Kryo 470 (CA76). @ 2.2GHz. 6x Kryo 470 (CA55). @ 1.8GHz. GPU. Adreno 616. Adreno 618. DSP. Hexagon 685. Hexagon 692. Hexagon 688. ISP/. Camera. Spectra 250. 32MP single / 20M.
AnandTech 01/24/2020 09:05
Not all motherboards are created equal. Compared to consumer hardware, prosumer level options with workstations opt for different peripheral features, but ultimately it comes down to support. The Supermicro X11SPA-T is a single socket workstation motherboard with a range of high-end features, designed to support both Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs and Xeon-W 3200 series CPUs, but its focus is with the workstation hardware on the C621 chipset. With support for up to 2 TB of DDR4-2933 memory (Xeon W) or 3 TB (Xeon Scalable) across twelve slots, a dedicated ASPEED BMC controller offering IPMI functionality, and seven full-length PCIe 3.0 slots, the Supermicro X11SPA-T looks like one of the premium high-end options for users looking to build a Xeon W.
AnandTech 01/24/2020 08:07
Corsair has introduced its first line of AMD-based gaming PCs, the Vengeance 6100-series. The systems are powered by AMD’s eight-core Ryzen 7 3700X processor as well as AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card and priced starting at $1,999. They are positioned slightly below Corsair’s (Intel-based) Vengeance 5100-series PCs launched last year. The Corsair and systems come in the familiar Micro-ATX version the company’s that is exclusively used for this lineup and is not available in retail. The chassis has two chambers for efficient cooling and compact size, three tempered glass windows, and loads of individually addressable RGB LEDs. In fact, the large number of RGB LEDs are a defining feature of this product family as they enable owners of t.
AnandTech 01/23/2020 20:51
Today Intel announced their earnings for the fourth quarter of their 2019 fiscal year. In terms of revenue, Intel had their highest ever Q4 revenue, coming in at $20.2 billion, and the full 2019 fiscal year, which was $72 billion. On a year-over-year basis, the results were up 8% and 2% respectively. Intel’s margins did slip a bit though, falling 1.4% to 58.8% of revenue. Operating income for the quarter was $6.8 billion, up 9% from last year, and net income was up 33% to $6.9 billion. This resulted in earnings-per-share of $1.58, up 40% from a year ago. Intel Q4 2019 Financial Results (GAAP). Q4'2019. Q3'2019. Q4'2018. Revenue. $20.2B. $19.2B. $18.7B. Operating Income. $6.8B. $6.4B. $6.2B. Net Income. $6.9B. $6.0B. $5.2B. Gross Margin. 58.8%. 58.9%. 60.2%. Cl.
AnandTech 01/23/2020 16:06
ASML shipped 26 extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) step-and-scan systems to its customers last year, and the company plans to increase shipments to around 35 in 2020. And the ramp-up won't stop there: as semiconductor fabs ramp up their own usage of EUV process technologies, they are going to need more leading-edge equipment, with ASML expecting to sell up to 50 EUVL scanners in 2021. With 26 EUV scanners sold last year, ASML did not quite meet its goal of selling (which means building and installing) 30 EUV production tools in 2019. Nonetheless, it is still considerably higher than 18 EUV tools shipped in 2018. In the Q4 2019 alone, ASML shipped eight EUV machines, and received orders for nine more, which is a good indicator that deman.
AnandTech 01/23/2020 14:06
Having entered the market for gaming displays not so long ago, MSI is certainly not afraid of experimenting with various technologies in a bid to address niches that are not yet crowded with competitors. At CES, the company demonstrated its aggressively curved Optix MAG342CQR monitor that also boasts a 144 Hz variable refresh rate as well as quantum dot backlighting enhancements for accurate colors and a wider color gamut. The MSI Optix MAG342CQR display uses a 34.5-inch Super PVA panel featuring a 3440x1440 resolution, a 21:9 aspect ratio, a 1 ms response time, and maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. The key characteristic of this panel is its aggressive curvature of a 1000R radius, which MSI promotes as being the most optimal curvature, match.
AnandTech 01/23/2020 13:07
HP this week introduced its new family of Chromebooks designed for students and teachers. The laptops use low-power SoCs from AMD and Intel to ensure a long battery life, they are rugged enough to survive classes and their feature set is tailored for the specifics of educational environments. HP’s new family of Education Edition Chromebooks includes four machines: the HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE based on Intel’s dual-core or quad-core Celeron N4000-series ‘Gemini Lake’ SoCs; the HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE featuring AMD’s SoCs with Excavator x86 cores and a GCN 3-based GPU; the convertible HP Chromebook 11 x360 G3 EE powered by Gemini Lake; and the HP Chromebook 14 G6 also with Gemini Lake inside. As their names suggest, the notebooks feature a 11.6.
AnandTech 01/23/2020 11:36
NZXT has introduced its new lineup of essential power supplies for gaming systems that promise high quality at reasonable prices. NZXT’s modular C-series PSUs will be available in 650 W, 750 W, and 850 W capacities that will also support the latest high-end graphics cards to drive gaming sessions, as well as Zero-RPM mode under low loads for quiet operation. The power supplies are made by Seasonic, which produces PSUs for numerous brands, and has a reptuation for building high-quality PSUs. Accordingly, the Seasonic-built units are using ‘high-quality components’ and are compliant with the ATX12 v2.4/EPS12V v2.92 specifications. The power supplies conform to the 80Plus Gold requirements, so they are they are mandated to be 87% - 92% efficie.
AnandTech 01/23/2020 09:06
External bus-powered storage devices have grown in storage capacity as well as speeds over the last decade. Palm-sized flash-based storage devices with a Thunderbolt 3 interface are capable of delivering 2GBps+ speeds, while the USB-based mainstream market has moved on to to 1GBps+ offerings in the last year. In today's review, we take a look at a number of different bus-powered USB 3.2 Gen 2 storage devices featuring NVMe SSDs, including the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch and the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD.
AnandTech 01/22/2020 18:06
Today Motorola announced it will ship its foldable flip smartphone on February 6 and will start pre-orders on January 26. The new Motorola Razr will be available for pre-order directly from the company, from Verizon, and from Walmart. Being a unique phone with a foldable display, the list price for the 2020 Razr without contract is set to be $1500. The main feature of the new is its exclusive clamshell design with a foldable 6.2-inch pOLED main screen and a 2.7-inch OLED external display. Because of internal architecture of the smartphone, and space constraints, Motorola use Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 710 SoC with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage rather than a flagship 8-series SoCs. Motorola originally planned to start taking pre-ord.
AnandTech 01/22/2020 17:05
TerraMaster has unveiled a new entry-level Thunderbolt 3 DAS, the aptly named TD2 Thunderbolt 3, which is aimed at video professionals who need a relatively small storage device that still provides ample capacity. On the whole the new dual-bay DAS is relatively basic, with TerraMaster aiming to keep the retail price down while still offering enough performance for today's on-set video workflows. TerraMaster’s can house two 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA storage devices operating in single disk, JBOD, RAID 0, or RAID 1 mode (selectable using a hardware knob on the back). At present, the device supports up to two 16 TB hard drives, offering a current maximum capacity of 32 TB. As for performance, TerraMaster says that the DAS can support up to 760.
AnandTech 01/22/2020 16:06
Alongside their new , Acer has also revealed a new set of inexpensive Windows laptops aimed at students. Powered by Intel’s Gemini Lake SoCs, Acer’s TravelMate B3 will be available in clamshell and convertible form-factors to satisfy different needs. Acer’s TravelMate B3 machines use a rugged chassis made of plastic that is said to be impact resistant and therefore tough enough for educational environments. The mobile PCs are equipped with a 11.6-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio IPS display, with Acer offering either a 1366x768 or 1920x1080 resolution panel depending on SKU. Meanwhile, with a 20.95 mm z-height and at up to 1.49 kilograms weight the computers are clearly designed for longevity and durability over portability. As noted above, the Trav.
AnandTech 01/22/2020 14:05
Acer has introduced a new Chromebook computer designed specifically for the education environment. The upcoming Chromebook 871/Chromebook 712 machines are rugged enough to handle bumps of life at school and are based on Intel’s Comet Lake processors. Acer’s Chromebook 871/Chromebook 712 comes in a Shale Black plastic chassis that is sufficiently tough to survive drops, shocks, high/low temperatures, and humid or dusty environments. To make the laptop as rugged as possible, Acer had to increase its z-height to 21.5 cm, which is rather thick, but a good news is that the notebook has a spill-resistant keyboard. As for weight, the machine weighs 1.4 kilograms. The laptop is equipped with a 12-inch IPS display panel featuring a 1366x912 resoluti.
AnandTech 01/22/2020 12:35
In a bid to address the smartphone market as broadly as possible, Xiaomi has introduced a number of sub-brands over the years, including Black Shark, Redmi, and Poco. But even with Xiaomi's deep involvement, those brands aren't necessarily meant to always stay tied to their parent company, it would seem. Effective immediately, Xiaomi is spinning of POCO entirely, transforming it into an independent company and will now have its own strategy that will not depend on Xiaomi. So far, Poco has released only one smartphone, the Pocophone F1. The handset was launched in 2018 and offered a rather competitive combination of specifications and price. In the recent days rumors transpired that the Pocophone F2 was in the works and its launch was immine.
AnandTech 01/22/2020 11:20
TSMC is on track to begin high-volume production of chips using its 5 nm technology in the coming months, the company said in its conference call last week. While so far the number of 5 nm tape-outs is lower when compared to the number of 7 nm tape-outs several months before production start, TSMC expects the process to become a major commercial success. Meanwhile, to ensure that it has no production constraints, the company plans to increase its 2020 CapEx by $1 billion. It is well known that TSMC’s N5 manufacturing technology provides substantial improvements over the company’s N7 fabrication process (1.8x higher transistor density, +15% frequency or -20% power consumption), so major customers of the company are more than inclined to adop.

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