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Data Net (Korea) 09/28/2020 20:41
[데이터넷] 사람인HR(대표 김용환)은 구인구직 매칭플랫폼 ‘사람인’의 기업정보 서비스를 전격 개편했다.이번 개편의 핵심은 철저히 사용자 중심으로 업그레이드했다는 점이다. 최근 구직자들이 기업의 매출, 사업내용 등 정량적 정보뿐 아니라 복리후생, 현직자 리뷰, 면접 후기 등 쉽게 구할 수 없는 정성적인 정보를 원하는데 따라 개편을 진행했다.개편을 통해 사람인의 통합검색 및 채용공고의 기업정보에서 사람인에서 직접 취재한 현직자 ‘직무 인터뷰’, 해당 기업에 대해 구직자들이 질문과 답변을 나눈 ‘취준진담’, ‘면접경험 후기’, 기업이.
SlashGear 09/28/2020 20:38
When HMD Global took over the reins of launching Nokia phones, it promised to stand apart from the crowd not only through its pricing but, perhaps more importantly, through its commitment to software updates. In addition to sticking to a stock Android experience, the company promised fast and timely updates as they come. That may have been more or less …
Slashdot 09/28/2020 20:28
Two days after the International Week of the Deaf, which is the last full week in September, YouTube is killing its "Community Contributions" feature for videos, which let content creators crowdsource captions and subtitles for their videos. Ars Technica reports: Once enabled by a channel owner, the Community Contributions feature would let viewers caption or translate a video and submit it to the channel for approval. YouTube currently offers machine-transcribed subtitles that are often full of errors, and if you also need YouTube to take a second pass at the subtitles for machine translation, they've probably lost all meaning by the time they hit your screen. The Community Caption feature would load up those machine-written subtitles as a.
Data Net (Korea) 09/28/2020 20:28
네이처드림 ‘시크릿 석류 콜라겐 스틱’이 9월 29일 CJ오쇼핑플러스에서 방송 예정이다.‘시크릿 석류콜라겐 스틱’은 1포에 1.2과의 석류를 담아낸 제품이다. 또한 체내 흡수에 용이한 형태의 저분자 피쉬 콜라겐을 1,000mg 함께 담고 있다. 해당제품은 93.2%의 스페인산 석류농축액으로 제조되어 진한 석류의 영양 그대로를 담고 있으며, 콜라겐까지 동시에 섭취 가능하다.‘시크릿 석류콜라겐 스틱’은 탱글탱글 젤리타입이며, 1박스 30포의 넉넉한 구성이라는 점도 온 가족 간식으로 제격이다.한편 네이처드림은 지난 2018년부터 2020.
Slashdot 09/28/2020 20:28
The Verge's Tom Warren spent the past week with an Xbox Series X, playing a variety of games on the preview unit, testing load times, performance, and some of the new Series X features. Here's an excerpt from each section of his report: Load Times: The most significant and obvious improvement with existing games on the Xbox Series X is the massive changes to load times. I noticed load times drop in pretty much every single game I've tested over the past week. Games like Sea of Thieves, Warframe, and Destiny 2 have their load times cut by up to a minute or more on the Series X. In Destiny 2, for example, I can now load into a planet in the game in around 30 seconds, compared to over a minute later on an Xbox One X and nearly two minutes in t.
MÉRIDA.- En conferencia de prensa desde Palacio de Gobierno, José Luis Alomía, director general de epidemiología, presentó los avances del Covid-19 en México. Este día se sumaron 3,400 nuevos casos de Covid-19, así como 173 lamentables muertes. México acumula 76,603 defunciones y 733,717 contagios, desde el comienzo de la contingencia. Además 875,041 personas han dado negativo al nuevo coronavirus desde el […]. .

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