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Climateer Investing 09/29/2020 00:31
From Reuters, September 22:. Wilfried Haas owns a 3 kilowatt solar system which has been running as a. micro power station since 1992, helping Germany, Europe’s largest. economy, curb its dependence on coal and nuclear power. All that might. be about to change. Together. with thousands of other pioneer investors, Haas is considering whether. he can continue his micro-generation without the.
Climateer Investing 09/28/2020 23:24
From Bloomberg:. The world’s first shipment of blue ammonia is on its way from Saudi. Arabia to Japan, where it will be used in power stations to produce. electricity without carbon emissions. Saudi Aramco, which made the. announcement Sunday, produced the fuel, which it does by converting. hydrocarbons into hydrogen and then ammonia, and capturing the carbon. dioxide byproduct.
Climateer Investing 09/28/2020 23:12
From S&P Global Platts:. Commodity Tracker: 5 charts to watch this week. This week’s selection of key talking points from S&P. Global Platts news editors looks at how Saudi Arabia faces ballooning. crude stockpiles caused by poor demand in Asia. Meanwhile, the political. saga surrounding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline shows no sign of abating,. Asia’s aviation industry remains in the doldrums,
Climateer Investing 09/28/2020 02:33
Not good. From The Hill:. Azerbaijan. and Armenia both declared martial law early Sunday after clashes killed. at least 16 military members and several civilians. The. two countries, both former Soviet republics, experienced their heaviest. clash since 2016 on Sunday over Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory. that is inside Azerbaijan but run by ethnic Armenians, Reuters.
Climateer Investing 09/28/2020 02:08
From The Value:. Sotheby’s Hong Kong autumn auction is scheduled to be held in early. October. After unveiling its highlights for the modern and contemporary. art sales, the auction house has just revealed another leading lot this. season: a 102.39-carat D-colour flawless oval diamond, which will be. offered without reserve in a single-lot auction. So far, only seven D colour Internally Flawless.
Climateer Investing 09/28/2020 01:54
Very popular in Germany where even ordinary volk have a heightened sense of privacy. From Mashable:. Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw. glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well. What that peek reveals may be more than you've bargained for — think. views into bedroom windows, potential fodder for stalkers,
Climateer Investing 09/28/2020 01:32
This list is from January and I didn't have time to check if any had been sold. Additionally, since these are pre-pandemic prices you may find sellers to be more, ah, flexible. From The Robb Report, January 2:. From Bel Air to Barbados, from Hong Kong to the Hamptons, here are the priciest listings on the planet. No, it’s not a great time to be selling a mega-priced mega. mansion.
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 12:59
From Institutional Investor:. Tracking the culprits behind April 20. obert Mish is not an oil trader. He’s a numismatist — an expert in. rare coins, precious metals, and currencies. Growing up in Brooklyn, he. began by collecting stamps and playing cards at the age of four. From. there, he moved on to coins and, eventually, valuable antiquities,. heading out to California to start his own.
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 12:18
From History & Headlines:. A Brief History. On September 16, 1920, years before the. great stock market crashes of 1929 and 2008, some unknown, disaffected. malcontents showed the fat cats of Wall Street some serious financial. terrorism of their own by setting off a bomb in a horse-drawn wagon in. front of J.P. Morgan Bank in New York’s financial district.... ....
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 10:11
A repost from 2017 that may be helpful now that the Thursday afternoon salon is back on the calendar. From the New York Post:. Secret code the Queen uses to escape awkward conversations. Most people have a strategy for getting out of boring conversations. at parties — but Queen Elizabeth II has a whole secret code and trained. staff to help her escape from sticky social situations, according to.
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 09:26
From JSTOR Daily:. File under: “don’t try this at home.”According to legend, Charlemagne liked to lay out his lavish banquets on a sparkling-white tablecloth spun from pure asbestos. After his guests had eaten their fill, the king would pluck the. tablecloth off the table and fling it into the hearth. In the blaze, the. cloth turned fiery red, but did not burn. When it was plucked out, it. was.
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 02:04
We've looked at the work of young Mr. Bachelier, most recently in February 2020's "Following Up on "Emanuel Derman: 'Trading Volatility'" which linked to a letter to the editor of Inference Review by gadabout theoretical physicist Jeremy Bernstein. The letter begins:. On Louis Bachelier. Jeremy Bernstein. To the editors:. In Emanuel Derman’s essay on the Black–Scholes Equation, the French.
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 02:00
From Delancey Place, September 15:. Today's selection -- from Till Time's Last Sand: A History of the Bank of England 1694-2013 by David Kynaston. Perhaps. humans were never really intended for 9 to 5 office work. At the very. least, in the mid-1800s in prim and proper Victorian England, clerks. were having trouble remaining staid and genteel during that span, even. at the esteemed Bank of.
Climateer Investing 09/27/2020 00:29
Mr. Thiel writing at First Things:. When Boeing introduced its. flagship 707 jet airliner in 1958, the power to cruise at 977 kilometers. per hour did more than enable routine transcontinental commercial. flights. It fed the optimistic self-understanding of a society proud to. have entered the Jet Age. More than sixty years later, we are not moving. any faster. Boeing’s latest plane, the 737 MAX,
Climateer Investing 09/26/2020 10:19
Today's word is alacrity, alac·ri·ty:. promptness in response : cheerful readiness. —Merriam-Webster. From Wired:. Let’s say you. were visiting the Roman town of Pompeii on the morning of August 24, 79. AD. And let’s say you arrived sometime between the hours of 9 and 10. am. That should give you enough time to explore the port town and maybe. even grab a loaf of bread. at the local bakery.
Climateer Investing 09/26/2020 09:59
From the New York Post:. A new COVID-19 mutation appears to be even more contagious, according. to a study — and experts say it could be a response by the virus to. defeat masks and other social-distancing efforts. Scientists in a paper published Wednesday identified a new strain of. the virus, which accounted for 99.9 percent of cases during the second. wave in the Houston, Texas, area, the.
Climateer Investing 09/26/2020 09:21
From Spear's Magazine:. Some academics believe that tax havens have existed almost as long as. the concept of tax. The earliest example appeared in 166 BC, during the. reigns of Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus (they overlapped),. in the Aegean island of Delos. The Romans set it up as a free port with. no taxes or customs duties, in order to undercut nearby Greek island of. Rhodes, which.


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