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If you are a reliability engineer you are responsible for guiding efforts to ensure reliability and maintain equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, controls and safety /security systems. You are the one charged with identifying and managing risks to your plant’s operation, with the primary role of keeping machinery like robots, presses, pumps, precision CNCs and assembly lines operating at their highest capacity possible. It is important to detect and fix any failure with these assets before they evolve into malfunctions, contribute to defective components; shut down the production process altogether or, even worse, jeopardize worker safety. You are the last line of defense between safety, productivity, catastrophes and a severe hit t.
PubMed News (NIH) 04/02/2020
Contributors : Qinyan Yin ; Michael J Strong ; Yan Zhuang ; Erik K Flemington ; Naftali Kaminski ; Joao A de Andrade ; Joseph A Lasky Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. Results: We identified sporadic low-level evidence of viral infections in our lung tissue specimens, but did not find a statistical difference for expression of any virus, including EBV, herpesvirus saimiri and HERV-K, between IPF and control lungs.
PubMed News (NIH) 04/02/2020
Contributors : Fang Zihui ; Wang Yue Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. We identified an intergenic lncRNA ERINA (estrogen inducible lncRNA) as a novel lncRNA that is associated with chemo-resistance and highly expressed in multiple cancer types, especially in estrogen receptor (ER) positive breast cancers.
PubMed News (NIH) 04/02/2020
Contributors : Daniel P Melters ; Tatini Rakshit ; Sergei A Grigoryev ; David Sturgill ; Yamini Dalal Series Type : Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. The centromere is a vital locus on each chromosome which seeds the kinetochore, allowing for a physical connection between the chromosome and the mitotic spindle.
Chosun Ilbo (South Korea) 04/01/2020 23:57
Korea's exports shrank in March, and the outlook is even gloomier for April due to the coronavirus pandemic in North America and Europe. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said exports fell 0.2 percent in March compared to the same month last year to US$46.9 billion. In February they grew 4....
The Conversation 04/01/2020 23:56
Separated parents are facing a range of new challenges in the wake of COVID-19. To contain the spread, the people to stay at home except when carrying out essential activities. But children of separated families will still need to move between households. When this happens, one parent may have concerns about the safety of children attending while in their ex’s care, or whether their former partner will adequately supervise their children’s online schooling. Parents may also worry their ex may not be following the current guidelines on social distancing or lives with an essential service worker who may be more likely to transmit the virus to the children. So what can parents to do cope? Your legal rights. By law, after separation both parents.
Kukmin Ilbo (Korea) 04/01/2020 23:51
지난 1일 방송된 MBC 시사프로그램 ‘실화탐사대’에서 고(故) 구하라의 친오빠 구호인씨가 출연해 친모에 대한 울분을 털어놨다. 구씨에 따르면 친모는 20여년 전 남매를 떠났지만 구하라 장례식 때 나타나 상주복을 달라고 요구했다. 구씨는 친모에 대해 “지금까지 부모 역할을 한 적도 없다”며 “동생 지인들 앞에 나가서 상주라고 한다는 게 용납할 수 없어서 절대 못 입게 했다”고 말했다. 구씨는 당시 상황을 회상하면서 “(친모가) 나에게 오더니 ‘구호인 너 후회할 짓 하지마’ 하고 가더라”며 “(친모측) 변호사 두 명이 오더니 법이 이러니 재산을 5대5로 나눠 가지자고 했다”고 말했다. 그러면서 그는 “낳아줬다는 이유로 부모라고 생각하지 않는다”며 “우릴 버리고 친권까지 포기한 사람인데 동생이 일궈낸 재산을 가져간다는 게 법이 너무 부당하다”고 호소했다. 이날 방송에서 제작진은 구하라 친모의 집을 찾아가 인터뷰를 요청했다. 그러나 집안에는 사람이 있으면서도 반응을 보이지 않았다. 그러다 늦은 저녁 친모의 목소리만 들을 수 있었다. 제작진이 “구하라의 재산 절반을 원하는 이유가 무엇이냐”고 묻자 친모는 “드릴 말씀 없으니까 그냥 가라”며 인터뷰를 회피했다. 앞서 구씨는 광주가정법원에 친모를 상대로 상속재산분할심판청구소송을 제기했다. 20년간 교류가 없던 친모가 구하라의 사망 뒤 그가 소유한 건물에 대한 절반의 상속을 요구한 것에 대한 대응이다. 구씨는 자신의 변호인인 노종언 법무법인 에스 변호사를 통해 이른바 ‘구하라법’ 제정.
MarketPulse 04/01/2020 23:50
Financial markets continued to limp into Q2 overnight, with equities and energy continuing to lag as the world’s economy continues to wily under the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Energy was front and centre overnight with US Crude Inventories blowing out to 13.8 million barrels and Whiting Petroleum filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The CEO used […]

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