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Materials Today 10/22/2019 05:22
Sandvik board member Jennifer Allerton has been named one of the 100 most influential women in Engineering in the UK. Financial Times and Inclusive Boards have named Sandvik board member Jennifer Allerton as one of the 100 most influential women in Engineering in the UK. The recognition was made public in the newspaper´s special ‘Women in Business’ section. ‘I have had to relearn everything I know about technology every third year, meaning you never get bored and you are always learning.’ said Jennifer Allerton.
Materials Today 10/22/2019 05:15
Metal powder specialist Höganäs AB has been awarded the Industry Gender Equality Prize 2019 by the Swedish government. According to the company, it received the award due to its strategic work in establishing greater gender equality both at the company and in the industry as a whole. ‘We’re convinced that gender equality is best for Höganäs and for our capacity as a company,’ said Fredrik Emilson, CEO of Höganäs.
Materials Today 10/22/2019 04:55
A team of researchers has observed a rare phenomenon called re-entrant superconductivity in the material uranium ditelluride. Nicknamed Lazarus superconductivity, the phenomenon occurs when a superconducting state arises, breaks down and then re-emerges in a material due to a change in a specific parameter in this case, the application of a very strong magnetic field. Image: Emily Edwards/JQI. Researchers from the University of Maryland (UMD), the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the US National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) and the University of Oxford in the UK have observed a rare phenomenon called re-entrant superconductivity in the material uranium ditelluride. Their discovery furthers the case for ura.
Materials Today 10/21/2019 07:16
Textile specialist Sigmatex plans to showcase its custom weave carbon fabric at the Advanced Engineering Show, taking place in Birmingham, UK and the end of October. According to the company, sigmaDesign carbon fabric is suitable for the automotive, sports and consumer goods markets. ‘When it comes to visual CFRP [carbon fiber reinforced plastic], many customers want more than the standard weave designs,’ said Paul McMullan, global commercial manager at Sigmatex.
Materials Today 10/21/2019 04:58
This illustration shows two iterations of a metal lattice meeting at a grain boundary defect, with atoms of an alloying element (gold) fitting into the defect. Image credit: Liang Qi. A new way to calculate the interaction between a metal and its alloying material could speed the hunt for new alloys that combine the hardness of a ceramic with the resilience of a metal. Engineers at the University of Michigan have identified two aspects of this interaction that can accurately predict how a particular alloy will behave – and with fewer demanding, time-consuming quantum mechanical calculations. "Our findings may enable the use of machine-learning algorithms for alloy design, potentially accelerating the search for better alloys that could be u.
Materials Today 10/21/2019 04:58
The ribs in the different layers of the lattice are programmed to grow and shrink in response to a change in temperature, mapping the curves of Gauss' face (top left). Images courtesy of Harvard SEAS. What would it take to transform a flat sheet into a human face? How would the sheet need to grow and shrink to form eyes that are concave into the face, and a convex nose and chin that protrude? How to encode and release complex curves in shape-shifting structures is at the center of research led by researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and the Harvard Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering. Over the past decade, theorists and experimentalists have found inspiration in nature
Materials Today 10/21/2019 04:57
An element-specific, scanning transmission electron microscopy image of the atoms in a new crystalline material developed by researchers at Yale University in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory. The image shows layered sheets of cobalt (green) and titanium (red) atoms. Image: Brookhaven National Laboratory. The revolutionary advances in technology of the next few decades may come from new materials so small they make nanomaterials look like lumpy behemoths. These new materials will be designed and refined at the picometer scale, which is a thousand times smaller than a nanometer and a million times smaller than a micrometer (which itself is smaller than the width of a human hair). In order to do this work, scientists will nee.
Materials Today 10/18/2019 06:54
Umicore has reportedly renewed its global sustainable development agreement with union federation IndustriALL Global Union for another four years. According to the company, the agreement reaffirms Umicore’s commitment to sustainable development with regards to economic, environmental and social objectives.
Materials Today 10/18/2019 06:54
The MPIF says that its next PM parts compacting/tooling seminar will take place in State College, Pennsylvania, from 19-20 November 2019. Offered only every two years, the seminar covers: basic and advanced compacting and tooling technology, developments in tool design, tool coating, and press applications, and the impact of tool design and press selection on product quality. To register, go . This story uses material from the with editorial changes made by Materials Today.
Materials Today 10/18/2019 06:40
On show at Advanced Engineering will be parts for rail, transport, automotive, machine covers and sanitary. Compotech AG UK says that it will be sharing a stand with rubber company Flexix SA at the Advanced Engineering show, taking place in Birmingham, UK from 30-31 October. Compotech says that it how has started production of composites and glass fiber at its new Hungarian-based lower volume resin transfer molding (RTM) and hand lay up facilities.
Materials Today 10/18/2019 05:00
"This work demonstrates the polymer's potential for use in industrial gas separation and carbon capture technologies, with benefits for both manufacturing efficiency and efforts to mitigate global climate change.". Liyuan Deng, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. An international team of researchers has found that submerging a polymer in liquid water can significantly boost its ability to selectively remove carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from gas mixtures. "Normally, improving the permeability of a gas through a material impairs the material's selectivity," says Rich Spontak, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and of materials science and engineering at North Carolina State University, and co-corresponding author of a pape.
Materials Today 10/18/2019 04:56
"Superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene will teach us about superconductivity at much higher temperatures, temperatures that will be useful for real-world applications.". Emilio Codecido, Ohio State University. Researchers at Ohio State University, in collaboration with scientists around the world, have made a discovery that could provide new insights into how superconductors might deliver energy more efficiently to power homes, industries and vehicles. Their work, reported in a paper in , showed that graphene – a material composed of a single layer of carbon atoms – is more likely to become a superconductor than originally thought possible. "Graphene by itself can conduct energy, as a normal metal is conductive, but it is only recentl.
Materials Today 10/17/2019 05:45
Allplan Bridge now also enables static calculations. (Photo courtesy ALLPLAN Infrastructure.). IT company Allplan Infrastructure has developed 4D building information modeling (BIM) software for designing bridges. Allplan Bridge 2020 covers for parametric modeling, structural analysis, and according to the company, the analytical model is automatically derived from the physical model so that design changes are made, all associated bridge elements, including the analytical model, adapt immediately. ‘Allplan Bridge 2020 is the world's first fully integrated solution that uses a common parametric model for both structural analysis and detailing, said Vanja Samec, MD. ‘The minimal time required for changes or variant comparisons greatly speeds u.
Materials Today 10/17/2019 04:52
Thomas F Murphy, FAPMI, Hoeganaes Corporation, will be running an APMI Regional Technical Program on 9 December, in Philadelpha, USA, from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Murphy’s presentation, entitled ‘PM & AM Microstructure Overview’, will cover why metallography/microscopy is necessary, the different phases and the effects on properties/performance, proper sample preparation, polishing techniques and etchants, a review of microstructures, and common mistakes and misinterpretations. Go to download the form. This story uses material from with editorial changes made by Materials Today.
Materials Today 10/17/2019 04:52
Siemens and Materials Solutions, a Siemens business, have opened an innovation center in Orlando, Florida. The center reportedly covers design, manufacturing, robotics, rapid prototyping, scanning, digital tools and on-site metal additive manufacturing (AM). ‘This center is unique, bringing together a multitude of our innovative processes under one roof,’ said Tim Holt, COO of Siemens Gas and Power.
Materials Today 10/17/2019 04:46
Gurit has reported net sales of CHF428.5 million for the first nine months of 2019, an increase of 45.1% over net sales of CHF 295.3 million in the first nine months of 2018. The company’s Composite Materials business reported net sales of CHF 185.4 million for the first nine months of 2019, an increase of 14.5% over the same period in 2018. Net sales of Gurit’s Kitting business was CHF 127.1 million, while Tooling saw net sales of CHF 90.3 million, representing an increase of 1.2%, According to the company, during the second half of 2019 Gurit Tooling will see a lower demand mainly due to new customer projects being re-timed into 2020. Aerospace achieved net sales of CHF 41.3 million for the first nine months of 2019, an increase of 9.2% (
Materials Today 10/17/2019 04:46
This illustration shows how edges are connected at the corners of a borophene flake. Image: Zhuhua Zhang/Rice University/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Scientists have found that silver can help the two-dimensional (2D) material borophene, an atom-thick allotrope of boron that so far can only be synthesized by molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE), to grow to unheard-of lengths. By using a silver substrate and carefully manipulating the temperature and deposition rate, the scientists were able to grow elongated, hexagon-shaped flakes of borophene. This could facilitate the growth of ultrathin, narrow borophene ribbons. The new work, reported in by researchers at Rice and Northwestern universities, Argonne National Laboratory and.
Materials Today 10/16/2019 06:30
Equispheres says that in recent tests, its spherical metal powders allowed for a 50% increase in production speeds and a 20-30% increase in a-basis mechanical performance, a design allowance specification regulated in aerospace applications. ‘The unique properties of our powder, including the high sphericity, narrow particle size distribution and low surface area result in significantly increased packing density,’ said Equispheres’ CTO, Dr Martin Conlon.
Materials Today 10/16/2019 05:38
3D printing company EOS has appointed Marie Langer as its new CEO. 3D printing company EOS has appointed Marie Langer as its new CEO. This forms part of a larger restructure of company management, EOS says. Langer, daughter of founder Dr Hans J Langer, will reportedly focus on strategy, marketing, communications as well as corporate culture, organizational and people development. ‘From both a technological and an organizational perspective, EOS is optimally positioned for a successful future,’ said Langer. ‘My vision is that EOS stays at the cutting edge of industrial 3D printing technology and that the company makes a sustainable contribution towards solving the huge challenges facing us today. We want our technology to do more than drivin.

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