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Much progress has been made in advancing our understanding of gut microbiota. However, the lack of a method that can directly quantify the bacterial metabolic activities in the gut greatly impedes our investigation of the indigenous microbial activities. Here we propose a metabolic D‐amino acid‐based labeling and in situ hybridization facilitated (MeDabLISH) probing strategy for quantitative analysis of the indigenous metabolic status of gut bacteria. We first discover that the fluorescent D‐amino acid (FDAA)‐based labeling intensities of bacteria highly correlate with their temporal and steady‐state metabolic status. Then, following taxonomically identifying bacterial genera in the mouse gut microbiota, which has been labeled by gavaged FD.
Atomistic control of the coordination environment of lattice ions and the distribution of metal sites within crystalline mixed‐metal coordination polymers remain significant synthetic challenges. Here we describe the mechanochemical synthesis of a reticular family of crystalline heterobimetallic metal‐organic frameworks (MOFs) by polymerization of molecular Ru2 [II,III] complexes, featuring unprotected carboxylic acid substituents, with Cu(OAc)2 . The resulting crystalline heterobimetallic MOFs are solid‐solutions of Ru2 and Cu2 sites housed within [M3L2] phases. The developed mechanochemical strategy is modular and allows for systematic control of the primary coordination sphere of the Ru2 sites within an isoreticular family of materials.
There has been a great deal of recent interest in extended compounds containing Ru 3+ and Ru 4+ in light of their range of unusual physical properties. Many of these properties are displayed in compounds with the perovskite and related structures. Here we report an array of structurally diverse hybrid ruthenium halide perovskites and related compounds: MA 2 RuX 6 (X = Cl or Br), MA 2 MRuX 6 (M = Na, K or Ag; X = Cl or Br) and MA 3 Ru 2 X 9 (X = Br) based upon the use of methylammonium (MA = CH 3 NH 3 + ) on the perovskite A site. The compounds MA 2 RuX 6 with Ru 4+ crystallize in the trigonal space group [[EQUATION]] and can be described as vacancy‐ordered double‐perovskites. The ordered compounds MA 2 MRuX 6 with M + and Ru 3+ crystallize
SvD (Sweden) 04/08/2020 09:18
Ordföranden för EU:s forskningsråd, ERC, avgår omedelbart i protest mot hur medlemsländerna och unionen har hanterat coronakrisen. "Jag har blivit extremt besviken över EU:s svar på covid-19", skriver italiensk-amerikanske Mauro Ferrari i ett avskedsbrev publicerat i tidningen Financial Times. Bland annat kritiserar han att medlemsländerna inte ... (Indonesia) 04/08/2020 09:16, SOLO -- Sedikitnya 507 orang karyawan di Solo terkena pemutusan hubungan kerja atau PHK karena ekonomi terdampak wabah virus corona (Covid-19). Jumlah itu baru mereka yang sudah masuk dalam data Dinas Tenaga Kerja dan Perindustrian (Disnakerperin) Kota Solo. Pemerintah Kota Solo sendiri kini melakukan pendataan untuk pelaksanaan program prakerja bagi karyawan terkena PHK selama […]. .
Makassar Terkini (Indonesia) 04/08/2020 09:14, Jakarta – Kabar duka menghampiri dunia hiburan Tanah Air. Penyanyi sekaligus musisi Glenn Fredly dikabarkan meninggal dunia pada Rabu, 8 April 2020. Kabar tersebut dibenarkan pihak rekaman Billboard Indonesia usai mendapat konfirmasi langsung dari sahabat Glenn Fredly, Tompi. “Berita duka kembali datang di dunia musik Indonesia. Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo meninggal dunia hari ini, […]. Posting ditampilkan lebih awal di .

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