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Glossy 08/12/2020 00:01
To forecast the next fashion trends, Soludos founder Nick Brown looked to past crises. Before the 2008 crisis, "it was all about ornaments and stuff being very sexy and over-the-top," Brown said on the Glossy Podcast. "In 2010, it shifted toward minimalism and modernism." Brown wagered that fashion will stay on the minimalist side. But either way, shoes are a tough category. "In some of these customer surveys and certainly in my own life, I'm only buying what I need to and I'm not going out that much," Brown said. As a result, Soludos is focusing on fewer products and sustainable production.
Les Echos (France) 08/12/2020
Le ministère du Travail a publié un « questions-réponses » sur ce nouveau type d'accord qui permet d'imposer aux salariés une baisse de salaire ou une hausse du temps de travail. Il souligne l'illégalité de clauses qui sortiraient des domaines énumérés par la loi ou l'utilisation en cas de déménagement au lieu d'un plan social. En revanche, il est possible de le cumuler avec du chômage partiel de longue durée.
PubMed News (NIH) 08/12/2020
Contributors : Andrew D Woods ; Noah E Berlow ; Melvin Lathara ; Joel E Michalek ; Hollis Wright ; Brigitte Royer-Pokora ; Renata Veselska ; Charles Keller Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. We have undertaken a functional genomics approach to uncover novel therapeutic strategies efficacious for those patients with anaplastic Wilms’ tumor.
PubMed News (NIH) 08/12/2020
Contributors : Conor Cremin ; Bobo W Mok ; Michi Miura ; Honglin Chen Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing ; Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. The influenza virus is opportunistic by nature and is capable of subverting cellular signalling pathways for the benefit of viral replication.
As we are amidst Industry 4.0 and manufacturing’s digital transformation, companies both large and small are grappling with an array of new ways to conduct their business. As is the case, many manufacturers are reacting—instead of being proactive—as paradigms for asset management and interactions with customers and suppliers shift. Manufacturers have been working to adjust to all the possibilities of optimized production and connected devices through condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and asset tracking. But—it has not always been clear to functional stakeholders and users what to do with the ever-increasing silos of data now available. What is the digital transformation strategy for your company? What current and future customer.
Orissa POST (India) 08/12/2020
Melvin Durai A headline on the New York Times’ website recently caught my interest: “Trump Puts Pentagon in Political Crossfire With Tata Appointment.” I immediately clicked on the link, wondering what relationship this ‘Tata’ had with the famous Tata family of India. Had President Trump appointed Ratan Tata’s great-grandson to a top position in the […]
TechCrunch 08/11/2020 23:58
Pinterest’s former chief operating officer has filed a lawsuit accusing the company of gender discrimination. Françoise Brougher, who says she was abruptly fired from the company in April, is suing the company to hold it “accountable for discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), and the Labor […]
Expreso Chiapas (Mexico) 08/11/2020 23:57
Se responde a añeja demanda de las y los habitantes de la comunidad Jesús María Garza Pidió a la población continuar con las medidas preventivas para que la curva de contagios por COVID-19 siga a la baja En respuesta a una demanda añeja, el gobernador inauguró la pavimentación con concreto hidráulico de una vialidad en la localidad Jesús María Garza del municipio de Villaflores, donde reiteró su respaldo a todas y todos para impulsar el desarrollo de Chiapas, tal y como lo hace el presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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