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Bioethics.Net 06/24/2020 13:42
In the future, those of us who survive 2020 will use words like “scary,” and “uncontrollable” in describing this pandemic year. But right now, you can control one very important aspect of your life – the end of your life. I’m not being flippant. It’s true. Due to the pandemic,. ,. which is always the day after Tax Day, is doing a reboot or a second round – a 2.0. Since Tax Day was moved to July 15, NHDD is moving to July 16. NHDD has always used the “death and taxes” slogan to remind people to complete or review their advance care directive. On the , we’ve made it easy to host an NHDD health fair-type event at your hospital or organization with your choice of two marketing kits. If you’re an individual who hasn’t completed your advance care d.
Bioethics.Net 06/24/2020 12:35
Growing isolation, financial challenges and disease burden during the Covid-19 pandemic threaten to worsen the mental health needs of the entire U.S. population. These challenges are heightened among immigrants with untreated chronic mental health conditions as they experience added psychological distress owing to harsh immigration policies and worsening structural barriers to health during the pandemic. .
Bioethics.Net 06/24/2020 08:12
Here some funded LLM Positions in Health Law, Ethics and Policy starting September 2020 or January 2021. Professors Jennifer Chandler, Vanessa Gruben, Colleen Flood, and Marie-Eve Sylvestre are recruiting Centre Fellows who would like to complete their LLM with the Centre on topics associated with the Centre’s funded research programs. Legal Definition of Death in an Age of Techno-Scientific Change – As we learn more about the physiology of the dying process (cessation of circulatory and brain function), and as resuscitation and life-sustaining technologies change, do legal definitions of death need to change? The successful LLM candidate will work on a Canadian funded project examining the pattern of brain activity at the time of withdrawa.
Bioethics.Net 06/22/2020 10:48
Covid-19 is a matter of public and global health ethics, and the pandemic is currently accelerating cooperation within and contributions from these fields. A meeting on June 27, hosted by the European Union and Global Citizen, is the latest example another global pledging event on June 27, will include governments and large institutions, as well as individuals and communities worldwide. .
Bioethics.Net 06/19/2020 17:35
The rewards of social distancing are beginning to accrue in former hotspots such as Seattle, the New York metropolitan area, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where the number of new Covid-19 cases requiring hospitalization is declining. Assuming the rewards hold in the face of pressures to reopen the economy, hospitals will now face challenges of reopening their own nonpandemic services for patients whose elective surgeries and other procedures were postponed. Which patients should get priority? .
Bioethics.Net 06/12/2020 09:00
by Nicole Martinez-Martin, JD, PhD. Many organizations that are working to end police brutality (the provides a list of many relevant resources) advise that just reforming police policy is insufficient to address police violence– there need to be sustained efforts for cities to restructure and reprioritize how social services and crime are addressed.

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