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Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/27/2020 07:58
In a pretty shocking turn of events, Amazon has and even better listed that anyone can now purchase, not just hospitals and government agencies. There's no question that these NIOSH-approved 3M N95 masks will sell out fast, so we've also rounded up all the best alternatives for you. On top of that, is also available for anyone to buy from Amazon, though there's a good chance that it will sell out as well. N95 masks on Amazon are only supposed to only be available for hospitals and government workers to purchase, but that's not the case right now.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/27/2020 07:31
A new Xbox Series X controller leak tells us Microsoft might launch a white version of the console in the near future, or that the rumored Series S might come in white. An image of the white wireless controller was supposedly captured at a party hosted at the house of Microsoft exec. The photo shows an Xbox controller consistent with the black version that Microsoft unveiled a few months ago. Microsoft will launch at least one Xbox model this fall, and that’s the Xbox Series X model the company announced so far.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/27/2020 06:50
The Surface Duo release date might be close, according to various signs that suggest the phone’s launch event is imminent. The foldable Android handset was spotted in FCC and Bluetooth SIG databases, which means it’s been certified for commercialization. Separately, Microsoft teased the handset on social media, and the Duo was spotted in clips on YouTube. After failing to rejuvenate Windows Mobile into a Windows Phone experience that people would actually want to mind, Microsoft abandoned the smartphone-making business.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/26/2020 13:35
Is Iron Man returning to Marvel movies even though Tony Stark died in the epic finale of Avengers: Endgame ? That’s a question many fans have, but it won't be answered conclusively anytime soon. There's already one way to bring Iron Man back from the dead without ruining the legacy of the last Avengers movie. On top of that speculation, there’s actually an exciting MCU rumor that suggests Stark could rejoin the Avengers in an upcoming project, but it won't be the Avengers 5 movie everyone is anticipating so eagerly. When Marvel bet the farm on Iron Man in 2008, it couldn’t have envisioned where the project would lead. It’s easy to imagine a way to transpose the comic world into movies, but it all hinged on the success of those early films.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/26/2020 09:02
Recent coronavirus vaccine research showed promising results from several drugs that are in advanced stages of clinical trials. Some of these vaccine candidates will complete Phase 3 trials in the coming months and could receive emergency use authorization this fall if they turn out to be effective and safe. But Dr. Anthony Fauci explained in an interview that the vaccines won’t be widely available to the public until sometime in 2021, even if they're approved this year. Vaccines that can block the novel coronavirus from infecting cells are our best hope to return to a sense of normalcy.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/25/2020 13:34
At this point, no one should to be told what coronavirus tips experts recommend in terms of regular behaviors that people should be practicing to keep themselves and others safe from the virus. Nevertheless, Dr. Anthony Fauci at a virtual event on Friday stressed that people need to do at least one thing every day to improve the US coronavirus situation: Wear a face mask. In fact, Dr. Fauci encouraged governments and local officials to be as forceful as possible in urging citizens to wear masks. The steady drumbeat of morose headlines related to the can start to have a deadening effect on you, if you're not careful.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/25/2020 09:01
Scientists have a new treatment idea for the novel coronavirus that came about after they figured out what makes the virus so dangerous to our bodies: The pathogen camouflages itself after infecting cells to prevent a swift response from the immune system. Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center identified an enzyme the virus produces that tricks cells into believing the viral RNA belongs there. This mechanism would delay the immune response and allow the virus to replicate inside cells. Therapies targeting the enzyme could prevent the coronavirus from hiding in plain sight. When a pathogen enters the human body it triggers local alarms that signal the immune system to take action and destroy the unknown entity.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 20:45
A novel coronavirus antibody test kit can provide faster results than existing ones, and it can measure the strength of the immune response to COVID-19 or coronavirus vaccination. The cPass test looks for neutralizing antibodies, which are the proteins that can bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 and render it useless.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 16:25
Netflix is losing 42 movies and shows from its streaming service in August 2020. There are a ton of great movies departing the service this month, including Bad Boys (and its sequel), The Karate Kid (and its sequels), Groundhog Day , and Jerry Maguire . The British comedy-drama series Skins is also being removed at the beginning of the month. Losing a ton of content on Netflix every month is never fun, but that's how licensing works -- nothing lasts forever.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 13:52
Roombas are still the most popular robot vacuums out there, and Amazon is offering right now. Before you buy one, however, there's a hot new option you should check out at Amazon that does something no Roomba can do. In addition to being a powerful robot vacuum, the also has a mopping feature that disinfects and kills a claimed 99% of germs while it cleans. In the age of the novel coronavirus, everything has a "disinfecting" angle these days.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 13:17
The new stimulus check provision in the upcoming coronavirus stimulus bill looks like it will include the same language as governed the last round of stimulus checks. That's according to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who told reporters that was the plan ahead of the Senate having a first draft of a coronavirus stimulus bill prepared. That bill is expected to be ready next week. The pieces are starting to fall into place for a new coronavirus stimulus bill, which is slowly but surely taking shape in the Senate as Republican leaders craft language that the GOP-controlled Senate can buy into before Democrats weigh in on it.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 12:42
A good UV sanitizing wand is a must-have device in the age of the novel coronavirus — but unfortunately, most of the options on Amazon have inflated prices and questionable quality. Lucky for you, there is at least one good option that isn't price-gouged: . This model is so much better than all the cheap UV sanitizing wands on Amazon, but it actually costs less than most of them because it's not price-gouged. All of you should be well aware at this point that you need to have a and good with you at all times whenever you go out.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 11:32
Amazon's best-selling for less than $1 each and best-selling for 50¢ each have been our readers' most-ordered products of the week by far. Those are quite popular for obvious reasons right now, but there have also been some great deals on popular gadgets that propelled them onto Amazon's best-sellers list this week. Here, we'll tell you about Amazon's 5 best-selling selling electronics devices of the week so you can check them out before these great deals are done. Our readers have been swarming Amazon to pick up for $0.50 each and , which have been flying off Amazon's shelves by the thousands because they're down to the lowest price we've ever seen.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 10:18
We've got a bunch of can't miss deals for you to check out on Friday, and all the different Purell listings in stock are at the top of the list. You can pick up , , , huge at the best price we've seen in months (less than $1/ounce!), and even if you hurry. These will all undoubtedly sell out soon and prices are inflated because it's Purell, so you can get much better deals on that people love and that's even stronger than Purell. On top of all that, there's an extremely rare opportunity right now at Amazon to get actual . Once those inevitably sell out, best-selling are on sale for under $1 for the first time ever. Other top daily deals on Friday include Amazon's most popular for just $0.50 each, UV sanitizer wand back in stock, a free Echo.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 09:43
There is plenty of in stock right now on Amazon for anyone in need, but most options will sell out soon and prices are still inflated because demand is so high. There's another option you might want to consider, but it's also quite difficult to come by and sellouts are inevitable: . Many people are unaware that Clorox makes hand sanitizer gel, but it's actually slightly stronger than Purell and it's available right now on Amazon at a much more reasonable price. There is so much Purell in stock right now at Amazon, but there are two big problems with it.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 09:08
Netflix's is packed with great new content including a whopping 60 new original movies and shows. Of course, Netflix isn't the only game in town these days, and our favorite free Netflix rival Tubi recently announced all the new content headed to its platform in August. Netflix has a monster month planned in August, with more than 100 releases that include a whopping .
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 08:33
Amazon always has tons of fantastic deals available on its website, but some are obviously better than others. Some of the deals we covered this past week have been wildly popular with our readers are about to come to an end, so we're giving you one last chance to get in on the action before it's too late. Highlights from today's roundup of the top deals about to end include a rare chance to order from Amazon, the lowest price of 2020 on the , and the lowest price of all time on . Pretty much no one will be surprised when we reveal the two best-selling products covered this past week by the BGR Deals team.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 06:50
T-Mobile will shut down its 3G network in January 2021, a year before . A leak reveals that T-Mobile plans to require all handset makers to support VoLTE calls or phone service over 4G, and warn customers who own incompatible devices to upgrade their handsets. A statement from T-Mobile indicates that devices that support VoLTE calls currently represent "the overwhelming majority of devices on the network.".
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/24/2020 00:14
Diagnosing cancer years before the onset of symptoms might soon be possible, a new study indicates. A massive research project that started in 2007 is already showing promising results, as scientists can detect stomach, esophageal, colorectal, lung, and liver cancer with a single blood test up to four years before symptoms arise. Early detection of cancer would give patients and doctors more time to treat malignant tumors, prevent cancerous cells from spreading throughout the body, and reduce mortality rates. Almost lost their lives battling the novel coronavirus, of the nearly 15.48 million cases, as of Thursday morning.
Boy Genius Report (BGR) 07/23/2020 23:12
Everybody at this point is likely aware of the common coronavirus guidelines you have to follow now when you're out in public, like wearing a face mask in stores and on airplanes. Face masks are one of the few tools that limit the spread of the disease, along with social distancing. Still, face masks have staunch opponents, like one local politician in New Mexico who filmed a video urging residents not to wear face masks -- and insisted that face masks are actually bad for you. Are any of you out there still wondering why the is as bad as it is and has lasted for as long as it has in the US, while most of the rest of the world seems to have gotten their version of it under control?

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