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Stayin' Alive 07/05/2020 08:26
This chapter is actually vaguely familiar to most people, I think, but it does not have any application to contemporary Jewish or Christian life. In fact, there is no evidence that these rules were actually followed even in the Second Temple period. The seven year fallowing is highly impractical. The intent of the Jubilee in the context of Hebrew life in the 7th Century BC et seq has been discerned by some commentators, and I'll do my best to summarize my understanding of it. However, the likelihood that it would be strictly observed knowing what we do of human nature seems small. 25. The. Lord. spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, saying:. 2 Speak to the people of Israel and say to them: When you enter the land that I am giving you, the land shall o.
Stayin' Alive 07/04/2020 11:49
That's what Samuel Johnson famously said of patriotism, referring not to the concept in general but to what he saw as its abuse, specifically by William Pitt. A good part of political discourse is really squabbling over the meaning of abstract nouns, such as patriotism and liberty. If one defines patriotism as, say, uncritical admiration of every policy of the current leadership, or all of the important political and social regimes in the nation's past; and then proclaim that only "patriots" are worthy of respect, you have eliminated any possibility of discussion. Of course, you don't really believe that, you just won't stand for criticism of some policies or events in the nation's past, while you freely criticize others. Opposition to the
Stayin' Alive 07/02/2020 11:54
For a couple of weeks I've been seeing reporters puzzling over the reported death rate from Covid-19 not going up even as the case incidence has been skyrocketing in many states. The Republican governors of some of those states, and VP Pence, have first claimed that the increase in case finding is entirely a function of increased testing. The Resident has even claimed that if we just stopped testing, we wouldn't have so many cases, so we should stop testing. Sadly, no. Actually even as testing has increased in some states (not all) the percentage of tests coming back positive has also increased, and by a lot. In Arizona a couple of days ago the test positivity rate was about 28%. If the positivity rate is increasing even as the testing numb.
Stayin' Alive 07/01/2020 08:49
As I've noted before, the division into chapters and verses was made by medieval monks, and isn't always logical. (They may have been getting into the sacramental wine.) Leviticus 24 consists of three obviously distinct parts, two of which might have originally gone together as specifications of ritual but the third of which is unrelated. Furthermore, the whole thing is an interpolation between the schedule of festivals in 23 and the schedule of jubilees in 25. Leviticus generally is haphazardly organized. It seems the priests didn't really care about narrative or logical coherence, they just wanted to get everything in there. As I've said, it seems more like a filing cabinet than a constructed document. In any event, the third section is v.
Stayin' Alive 06/29/2020 14:19
There are probably as many explanations for our multiplying and synergistic crises as you have the neural connections to process, but what holds the whole sociological monstrosity together is antirationalism and pseudoscience. Today, Anthony Fauci took note of polling that says. Natch, they're mostly Republicans, conservatives, and evangelical Christians. And these are the same people who didn't believe the epidemiologists who said this was going to be a big problem in the first place, and in many cases still don't, which is why Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and several other states are in big trouble. And there's climate change, air pollution -- racism is in fact a pseudo-scientifc belief. Which brings us to this interesting piec.
Stayin' Alive 06/28/2020 10:10
Atrios saved himself a lot of neural wear and tear for a while by putting up What Digby Sez posts. I'm going to be a little more effortful here, but . Since we've been talking about Karl Marx lately, this is particularly apropos because he thinks about the applicability of Marx's critique of capitalism to the present situation. (And no, he isn't any kind of an "ist." Neither am I. I read people who provide good information or have interesting thoughts about it, and I make up my own mind.) Here's how he starts:. The mass protests following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer are about systemic racism and police brutality in the United States, but also so much more. Those who have taken to the streets in more than 100 A.
Stayin' Alive 06/28/2020 08:39
Leviticus 23 remains essential to Jewish life and religious practice, though in ways that have changed considerably over the centuries. It outlines the important points in the liturgical calendar. Some new ones have been added since, and the nature of observance has changed with the abandonment of ritual sacrifice, but these major observances are still honored. A confusing point is that the liturgical and civil calendars have different starting points. The Festival of Trumpets is placed here at the beginning of the seventh month. It is now called Rosh hashana, marking the new year. So the liturgical year begins with Passover, but the civil year begins 7 months later with the blowing of the ram's horn. As far as I can tell the "offering of f.
Stayin' Alive 06/27/2020 11:43
Anybody who has accused Resident Dump of treason has been beset by indignant commenters saying that the definition of treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. Well, the U.S. is at war in Afghanistan (undeclared of course, that part of the Constitution has become quaint) and . (I'm not linking to the Times story directly because of the paywall.) The report also claims that Resident Dump was briefed on this at least as early as March, and did nothing about it. In fact he invited Russia to join the G7. Maybe congress will hold 1/20th of the hearings on this as they did on Benghazi. There is so far nothing about it at CNN, CBS or ABC, but perhaps they are trying to get some independent corroboration. I presume whoever was
Stayin' Alive 06/25/2020 18:27
Define Marxism. State what you believe to be the meaning of the term. Extra bonus points for any actual relevance to the writings of Karl Marx, and super duper bonus points if you provide any evidence of actually having read ten or more words he ever wrote. If you want to define Marxism in terms of Groucho Marx, that's okay too.
Stayin' Alive 06/25/2020 14:40
That's right. . The reason is that people mostly wore masks, kept their distance, and it all happened outside. (I might add that the protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. The rioters were police. But that's for another day.) The skyrocketing epidemic in many states is, however, strongly associated with listening to Sean Hannity. That is a scientific fact. The reason this is happening is because people who listen to Faux News and the Vulgar Pigboy don't believe it's real, don't wear masks, and go to bars and other indoor gatherings such as Resident Dump rallies. Don't go making wild claims that you would want to be true without first determining whether they are in fact true.
Stayin' Alive 06/25/2020 09:41
Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. And Death is Prosperity. The rush to ease or eliminate public health measures to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, on the part of the federal administration and republican governors, was portrayed as necessary to "reopen the economy" and get people back to work. , knowing full well that I will get comments from our resident wingnuts about how nobody should ever place any credibility in anything she writes because in 2007 she presumed the guilt of the Duke lacrosse team. (She also made some famously vulgar comments about the Catholic church at around the same time but I don't have a problem with that myself.) Yeah, that was a mistake. I'm happy to say I steered clear of that particular flapdoodle b.
Stayin' Alive 06/24/2020 08:00
I said at the beginning that nobody reads Leviticus. It's mostly boring and extremely weird, offering little that is meaningful to modern sensibilities. Some fragments of ritual or practice survive in orthodox Judaism, but they are largely removed from their original context. The most important survival is probably the liturgical calendar, which we will get to shortly. In Leviticus 22, however, we return to rules of the sacrifice, which have no moral resonance and theologically make God seem like an anal compulsive nut. (That's the least of his psychological disorders. Just wait till we get to the book of Numbers.) The one element of this chapter we can make sense of is that the priests are protecting their income. 22. The. Lord. spoke to Mose.
Stayin' Alive 06/23/2020 15:26
I had to get some files from my office so I drove to Providence today for the first time in a couple of months. The deal is you need permission to go in, you have to wear a mask in the building, one person at a time on the elevator, yadda yadda. It didn't really matter, looking the sign-in sheet there were two other people in the building. Looking through the glass into other offices, I see dead plants and of course the floor was dark and generally depressing. But, Rhode Island is in phase 2 which means barber shops are open so I went and got my first haircut in I dunno, three months. A sign on the door said you need an appointment but there weren't any other customers so they let me in. Bob had to cut my hair while I wore a mask but he wor.
Stayin' Alive 06/21/2020 08:43
Because of the fictional device of placing all of this action in the desert 2,000 years before the this was written, the plot can be hard to follow. The hereditary role of the priesthood won't be fully explained until a bit later, in the book of numbers. Aaron is of the Levite tribe. As it will turn out, all Levites have priestly duties and privileges, but only the direct descendants of Aaron, a subset of Levites called the Kohanim, can be high priest or enter the holy of holies. In modern Judaism, the main duties of prayer leadership, the rabbinical role, is open to any Jew. However, orthodox and conservative Judaism reserve certain ceremonial roles for people who claim Kohanic and Levite descent. Genetic studies cast some doubt on these f.
Stayin' Alive 06/20/2020 08:07
I live in the small town of Scotland, CT. The neighboring town to the west is Windham, which like Scotland is mostly rural and nearly 100% white but incorporates the borough of Willimantic, an urbanized area with an ethnically diverse population. The Willimantic NAACP decided to hold its Juneteenth observance on the Scotland town green, I presume in part for the symbolic reason that Scotland was the site of a notorious Ku Klux Klan rally in 1980. But in fact they've been holding rallies in various small towns in the area, trying to reach out beyond the urban base of the current movement and speak to, and recruit, a broader constituency. My next door neighbor Gary is the First Selectman (that's basically like the mayor) and he started gettin.
Stayin' Alive 06/18/2020 09:40
John Bolton is an extremist nut-job whose principal foreign policy goal has always been to start World War III. He was the National Security Advisor from from April 2018 to September 2019, including the time during which Resident Dump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless they announced a fake investigation of Joe Biden. The House Intelligence Committee wanted him to testify in the impeachment inquiry but he refused, while teasing that he had damning evidence to give. This was all part of a marketing campaign for his book. Now some reporters have gotten ahold of the book. If you want to know some of the more interesting claims he makes, . He says the House impeachment inquiry was too narrow because the Resident committed o.
Stayin' Alive 06/17/2020 08:13
The basic content of Leviticus 20 largely repeats Leviticus 18. There were evidently two versions of this tract floating around so the scribes just stuck them both in, sandwiching the very different content of 19. This is a basic structural feature of Leviticus -- multiple versions of similar instructions, but in seemingly random order. The scroll seems to have been created as a sort of file folder, without regard to overall coherence. The main difference between 18 and 20 is that 20 specifies penalties, including death, for individuals who commit incest offenses. Eighteen just says that the people will be expelled from the land if they do not follow the rules. Twenty also goes on a bit longer about Molech. Just a reminder that the conventi.
Stayin' Alive 06/16/2020 08:31
Matt Shuham for TPM . If you have been paying attention you already know that the FDA has withdrawn its emergency authorization for use of the drug to treat or prevent Covid-19, because the better the evidence gets, the more clearly it shows that the drug is useless. The only reason the agency gave the emergency authorization in the first place, and the only reason such extensive resources were invested in clinical trials for the drug, is because Resident Dump claimed to have magically gained the knowledge that it is effective. What was essentially a hoax resulted in the federal government spending millions of dollars to purchase the compound, administration of a useless and actively harmful nostrum to veterans around the country and to oth.
Stayin' Alive 06/14/2020 08:06
And some weirdness. BTW I'm going to start doing Wednesday Bible study as well or we'll never get through this. Anyway Leviticus 19, as I foretold, contains some rules for daily life which for the most part conform with our present ethical culture. There are however a few that seem arbitrary or weird, and at least one that is definitely not good. This is the New Revised Standard Version. 19. The. Lord. spoke to Moses, saying:. 2 Speak to all the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them: You shall be holy, for I the. Lord. your God am holy. 3 You shall each revere your mother and father, and you shall keep my sabbaths: I am the. Lord. your God. 4 Do not turn to idols or make cast images for yourselves: I am the. Lord. your God. 5 When you

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