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Zero Hedge 02/24/2020 02:45
Tesla Gets Approval To Continue Cutting Down Thousands Of Trees To Build Its German Gigafactory. Congratulations, Tesla ! You now have the approval of a German court to continue cutting down a massive local forest that has stood in Germany for hundreds of years! Ah, yes, the sweet smell of saving the planet! Tesla has reportedly "overcome a legal roadblock" in the building of its German Gigafactory, as a German court ruled on Thursday that Tesla can "can resume cutting down trees at a forest site in the small town of Gruenheide" in order to make way for a production facility, according to . The court found that local authorities were not violating laws when they allowed work on the factory to start, throwing out a complaint that was filed by.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 23:30
How The "Interpreter" Scam Brought 75,000 Iraqis And Afghans To America. The latest battle over Special Immigrant Visas pitted Stephen Miller, President Trump’s senior advisor, against the Pentagon. The military brass was lobbying for 6,000 special immigrant visas for Iraqis who worked for American forces in the country. These visas were once again billed as helping “interpreters”. That’s a lot of interpreters considering that there were only 5,200 American troops in Iraq. How could there be more Iraqi interpreters for American troops than there are troops? The Special Immigrant Visa scam has been sold for over a decade using the same claim that it’s needed to save the lives of Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who are risking death by helping A.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 23:05
"Sick People" - Russian Lawmakers Blast US For Nuclear War Exercise. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper participated in a war exercise late last week at the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) HQ in Omaha, Nebraska, which featured how the Pentagon would respond to a Russian nuclear attack on Europe, . "We conducted a mini-exercise," a senior defense official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 22:40
Bloomberg "Tried To Ruin Me For Speaking Out" On China. I am one of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements. The funny thing is, I never even worked for Bloomberg. But my story shows the lengths that the Bloomberg machine will go to in order to avoid offending Beijing . Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg LP, is so dependent on the vast China market for its business that its lawyers threatened to devastate my family financially if I didn’t sign an NDA silencing me about how Bloomberg News killed a story critical of Chinese Communist Party leaders. It was only when I hired Edward Snowden’s lawyers in Hong Kong that Bloomberg LP eventually called off their hounds after many attempts to intimidate me.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 22:15
"Range Beyond 1,000 Miles" - Leaked Images Reveal US Army Super Cannon. We last Oct. the US Army was developing a "powerful cannon that can fire a projectile over a distance of more than 1,150 nautical miles," or about the distance from New York City to Tennessee. The Strategic Long-Range Cannon (SLRC) is a "game-changing" weapon to counter China and Russia at great distances enters the first round of live-testing in 2023. Over the weekend, published a piece detailing how the Army "accidentally revealed the first images" of the new super cannon during a US-UK Modernization Demonstration Event. The alleged pictures of the new cannon were shared by the US Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory at an event on Feb. 20 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Mar.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 21:50
Political Bias And Anti-Americanism On College Campuses. A recent Pew Research Center survey finds that only half of American adults think colleges and universities are having a positive effect on our nation . The leftward political bias, held by faculty members affiliated with the Democratic Party, at most institutions of higher education explains a lot of that disappointment. Professors Mitchell Langbert and Sean Stevens document this bias in "Partisan Registration and Contributions of Faculty in Flagship Colleges.". Langbert and Stevens conducted a new study of the political affiliation of 12,372 professors in the two leading private and two leading public colleges in 31 states. For party registration, they found a Democratic to Republican.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 21:25
High-Income Taxpayers Now Confronted At Home By IRS Agents. The IRS Wednesday that it would increase at-home visitations to high-income taxpayers who haven't filed tax returns on time. Remember when the IRS under the conservative groups? Now it appears this anti-wealth attitude extends to anyone earning over $100,000 that hasn't filed a return since 2018 or prior years. During an at-home visit, IRS agents will inform the non-compliant taxpayer how to file returns and show them a pathway of regaining compliant status. Uncle Sam wants his goddamn money! "The IRS is committed to fairness in the tax system, and we want to remind people across all income categories that they need to file their taxes," said Paul Mamo, Director of Collection Operat.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 20:10
The Atlantic: Trump Is Going To Cheat. It isn’t even March yet, and progressives are already making their excuses for why they may lose to Trump in 2020. In a piece written for The Atlantic, Sarada Peri – a former senior speechwriter for President – launched the latest in a long line of arguments explaining why their loss would be unfair. The piece, titled “Trump Is Going to Cheat,” is the usual Democratic fare. The author insists that the president is going to somehow use underhanded means to sway the election in his direction. Unfortunately for her, the argument doesn’t pass the smell test. President Trump Is Going To “Lie” To Win In 2020. Peri begins by pointing out that the Democrats are currently in a heated contest to determine which on.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 18:55
World's Biggest Oil Hedge Fund Plunges 8% In January Following Two Years Of Losses. Back in 2008 Forbes Magazine placed Pierre Andurand in its list of the top 20 highest-earning hedge-fund managers. That was the year after the French commodity trader co-founded the hedge-fund BlueGold with $300 million AUM. In June of 2008, just before oil crashed, BlueGold's returns were described by the as "eye-popping" and "monstrous". although it was a very different story just a few months later when oil plunged from $145 to $40. In any case, riding the dramatic recovery in the price of oil from 2009 to 2011 helped BlueGold cement its position as one of the largest oil-focused hedge funds, with AUM hitting $2.4 billion after returning 210% in 2008, 55%
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 18:30
Syria Stands As A Mega-Embarrassment For America. For a long time, America has tried to ignore and distance itself from its role in making Syria the disaster it is today. Syria stands as a mega-embarrassment that shines a spotlight on America's failed foreign policy. To say President Obama blew it is an understatement. His inexperience took us down a rabbit hole with each turn revealing more ugliness than the one before. Both Obama and Trump pledged to reduce America's role in Afghanistan and Iraq but it has proven easier said than done, it has also had massive far-reaching ramifications. Aleppo Is Just One Of The Many Cities Destroyed. By reassuring and almost encouraging the people of Syria to rise up and overthrow their brutal leader Obama.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 17:40
The Bogus Big Brother-Big Tech Brawl Over Backdoors. The law can already get into your phone anytime. But Apple needs you to think it isn't helping them... In the wake of this year’s Munich Security Conference, members of the European Union are pushing back against about networking gear sold by Chinese telecom giant Huawei. American officials have alleged that through backdoors designed for law enforcement, and voiced concerns about the risk associated with installing hardware that could give the Chinese government the ability to remotely monitor or even disable other nation’s networks. The insistence of countries like Britain and Germany on integrating technology from a police state directly into their digital infrastructure is definitely c.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 17:15
"A Piece Of Propaganda": Baltimore Republicans Outraged After High School History Lesson Compares Trump To Nazis, Communists. Republican lawmakers in Maryland are up in arms over a history lesson at a public high school in a Baltimore suburb which compared President Trump with Nazis and communists, according to the . A slide used in an Advanced Placement history class at Loch Raven High School in Towson shows a picture of Trump above pictures of a Nazi swastika and a flag of the Soviet Union.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 16:00
Schlichter Rages: You Bernie Suckers Are Going To Get Fooled Again. If you are dumb enough to slobber over a socialist then you’re already inclined toward being a hapless mark, so it should be no surprise that you Bernie dorks are about to get screwed over again by the Democratic Party. Here’s how it’s going to go: Because you are stupid – you support a socialist, so you are presumptively stupid – you think that if you work really hard and win the votes the establishment creeps who own the Democratic Party are going to let you have a say.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 15:35
"It's More Profitable Than Growing Crops" - Coronavirus Outbreak Threatens To Put China's Wildlife Traffickers Out Of Business. The jury is still out as to what caused the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Chinese authorities initially suspected a wet market in Wuhan where wild animals like bats and snakes were sold illegally. A nearby biolab has also attracted scrutiny, and increased suspicion as Chinese authorities have been stubbornly unwilling to cooperate. But regardless of how the outbreak started, it has already raised questions about traditional Chinese practices of consuming wild animals, either for medicinal purposes - for example, it's believed that eating civet cats, vermin akin to raccoons, can bequeath more sexual vigor - or as del.
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 15:10
"America Is Not Great": Trump Supporters Allegedly Forced Off Road In Indiana. We have been . I have repeatedly criticized Trump for his rhetoric, but I also see dangerous rhetoric coming from his critics. That is not covered as much and certainly not treated as or motivated by the politics from the left. Another such example can be found in Indiana where Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn Marie Smith, 18, are after they were spotted bicycling with flags supporting Trump. Police say that the two followed the boys and then pulled up to ask “if they were Trump supporters.”When they said that they were, the driver allegedly swerved at the boys and forced them off the road. The driver then got out, tore away the flags, and then ran over
Zero Hedge 02/23/2020 14:20
Intelligence Sources? All Candidates Are Russian Agents But Pete Buttigieg. has been replaced by this breaking report by the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey. Following shocking reports from and that Moscow is simultaneously working to both re-elect Donald Trump and ensure the nomination of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary race, NNC has obtained further information confirming that nearly all candidates currently running for president are in fact covert agents of the Russian government. According to sources familiar with the matter, the lone candidate not literally conducting espionage on behalf of the Russian government is Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. “Intelligence has rev.

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