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Verge 02/16/2020 12:15
Image:. Samsung’s claim that the new Galaxy Z Flip uses “Ultra Thin Glass” sounded like a true breakthrough . Until now, foldable screens have used plastic displays, which can be easily scratched with even a fingernail. The Z Flip making the switch to glass, however thin it might be, had us hopeful that it would hold up better to long-term use. But it seems that might not be the case. Zack Nelson has gotten his hands on Samsung’s second attempt at a foldable phone, and the results of test do not inspire confidence. The Z Flip’s display starts showing permanent marks and scratches far earlier than actual glass would. Part of the tried and true JerryRigEverything...
Verge 02/16/2020 11:00
Turnfollow. It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our biweekly column we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend. Video games and film are fairly diametrically opposed mediums, despite attempts by game creators to emulate the visual medium of film. The issue is that games are interactive, while films are passive. So often, when games attempt to emulate film, it is with non-interactive cutscenes in a medium about interactivity. In big-budget games like Red Dead Redemption , The Last of Us , and Final Fantasy, this has become the way a story is told. But there are also games like Wide Ocean Big Jacket that take techniques from film and...
Verge 02/16/2020 09:00
Photo: Courtesy Touchstone Pictures. is healthier and more environmentally friendly than driving, faster than , and cheaper than a few months’ worth of MetroCards. But getting started can be intimidating. If you’re interested in to , you may wonder how you’ll , where you’ll your , what to do if it , and, most importantly, what type of you should buy. To demystify the process, we spoke with bike store owners, retailers, and bike advocates. They explained what features to look for in commuter-specific bikes and how much you should be ready to spend. While a top-of-the-line, aerodynamic racing bike can set you back a few grand, the experts we spoke to agreed that you can find a dependable commuting...
Verge 02/15/2020 10:00
Photo by Avery White for The Verge. Presidents’ Day is a US holiday that takes place on Monday, February 17th, this year. And like most US holidays, it has been co-opted by retailers as a shopping holiday. We’ve been tallying up the best deals on a variety of tech products in the lead-up to Presidents’ Day; you’ll find them below. Most will last through the holiday, and in some cases, will extend past Monday. Compared to the lead-up to the Super Bowl in late January, there isn’t an abundance of deals happening on 4K HDR TVs. Also, there aren’t many price cuts on smart speakers or streaming devices. Still, I think the deals below make up for their absence. Let’s start with headphones. The best headphone deals over Presidents’ Day weekend range.
Verge 02/15/2020 08:00
Photo: Searchlight Pictures. Every year ahead of the Oscars, all of the animated and live action shorts get bundled together and screened in theaters so people have a chance to check them out. I always go see the animated ones, and they’re always a lovely, strange, beautiful, and very mixed bag. This year’s had some obvious standouts: , which won, really deserves to be a feature; and , by Pixar, was heartbreaking and had the best animated cat I’ve ever seen. The other three had some lovely animation — was my least favorite of the package, and even that one I admired for the way it brought a natural, shaky camera movement to stop-motion animation, which is something I’ve never seen before. The company that packs all the shorts together always.
Verge 02/14/2020 21:03
Image: Nvidia. When we learned that was losing access to every Activision Blizzard game only one week after leaving beta, I’ll admit was that maybe a short-sighted, money-grubbing corporation had decided to take its ball and go home. That may still be what happened, but it turns out there was a more pressing problem: Nvidia didn’t actually get permission to keep its games on GeForce Now after launch. While Nvidia confirmed to The Verge that it did, in fact, reach out to Activision ahead of launch to ask whether the giant game company was OK with its games staying on the paid version of the service, there was a "misunderstanding" about whether Activision actually gave that permission. (...
Verge 02/14/2020 20:57
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. Google has removed the chat app ToTok, which is allegedly an , from the Play Store for a second time. The app was previously pulled from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store in December, shortly before a report about it. Google quietly . The app appears to have remained unavailable on the App Store. of ToTok’s takedown earlier today. When reached for comment, Google confirmed to The Verge that it took down the app, but didn’t provide any explanation as to why. It removed ToTok the first time for violating unspecified policies, according to the Times . ToTok is a messaging app that promised “fast, free, and...
Verge 02/14/2020 20:48
In a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise, Fortnite has introduced a new emote inspired by the Rickrolling meme, and it’s incredible. It plays part of the actual song by Rick Astley, and your in-game character dances just like Astley does in the music video. The emote, called “Never Gonna,” is available in Fortnite’s in-game shop right now for 500 V-bucks, which approximates to about $5. You can get a taste of what it looks and sounds like in from Fortnite’s official Twitter account:. I liked a video on YouTube: Watch How This Bear Made The Unlikeliest Of Friends. — Fortnite (@FortniteGame). The emote is not only notable for being one of the most famous memes...
Verge 02/14/2020 20:35
This week, Apple began rolling out a new update to its Quick Look augmented reality tool, letting iPhone and iPad users check out products in AR and then buy them directly. Quick Look already let retailers offer an AR preview of their products by uploading a flat sticker or 3D product model so shoppers could see how a product might look in a real-world space.
Verge 02/14/2020 19:05
This week, DVD kiosk company Redbox quietly launched an ad-supported online video streaming service. It’s still in a limited release, but you can check it out right now or through the Redbox and mobile apps. layout is similar to other ad-supported live TV services like Xumo. It offers specific channels like Film Rise and The Pet Collective as well as general categories like Comedy, Epic Viral Videos, and Celebrity & Entertainment News. These include curated movies and TV shows like Forensic Files and The Accidental Husband . I took a look at Free Live TV and noticed that the offerings are basic. Sure, you can watch compilations of Steve Harvey’s best moments on Family Feud and listen to the...
Verge 02/14/2020 19:04
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. Facebook has canceled its upcoming global marketing conference out of caution for the coronavirus outbreak, . The conference was set to take place in March at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, and 4,000 people were expected to attend. “Out of an abundance of caution, we canceled our global marketing summit due to evolving public health risks related to coronavirus,” a Facebook spokesman said to Reuters . Facebook canceling its global marketing conference comes on the heels of of Mobile World Congress, also due to coronavirus concerns. In the days leading up to MWC’s cancelation, several vendors, including LG, Ericsson, Nvidia, Intel, Vivo, Sony, Amazon, NTT Docomo, Cisco, Nokia, BT, and HMD, all...
Verge 02/14/2020 17:58
Photo: Stewart Volland / Blizzard Entertainment. Last month, Blizzard announced that all of its scheduled Overwatch League games in China during February and March . Now the publisher has its plan to reschedule the games — and it involves moving them out of the country altogether. According to Blizzard, all of the canceled matches — which were set to take place in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou — will now take place in a studio in Seoul. The matches will be played during the sixth and seventh weeks of OWL, which take place on the weekends of March 14th and March 21st. Previously scheduled games in Miami and Atlanta that were set to take place those weekends will be unaffected, according to Blizzard. Specific match times are...
Verge 02/14/2020 17:52
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. The faculty at the University of Michigan’s computer science and engineering department wrote a letter calling for professor Jason Mars to take a leave of absence, into his behavior as CEO of Clinc, an AI startup with ties to the school. "On behalf of the entire CSE community, we vehemently condemn the alleged conduct, which violates not only the high standards to which we hold ourselves at Michigan but basic tenets of human decency," they wrote.
Verge 02/14/2020 17:52
Image: HQ. HQ, which made the once-popular HQ Trivia app, is shutting down and laying off its 25 employees, . HQ CEO Rus Yusupov reportedly sent announcing that HQ would cease operations. In the note, he said that there had been an offer “from an established business” to acquire HQ that had a closing date of tomorrow, but that the potential acquirer “suddenly changed their position.” You can read the full note below:. HQ CEO Rus Yusupov just sent a note to staffers (25 full-time employees): "This is one of the hardest things to do in my life, and I'm really sorry for any disruption this may cause you and our players.". — Kerry Flynn (@kerrymflynn)
Verge 02/14/2020 17:33
The gig economy of ride-sharing and grocery delivery has become notorious for exploiting and mistreating workers — and now, Motherboard has an inside look at one particularly bad example. A new piece digs into , examining all the extra work drivers feel pressured to do just to stay active and keep receiving work on the platform. It’s a thorough investigation of a company culture that seems based on fear and intimidation. Workers say Shipt customers often live in gated and upscale communities and that the app encourages workers to tack on gifts like thank you cards, hot cocoa, flowers, and balloons onto orders (paid for out of their own pocket) and to offer to walk customer’s dogs and take out...
Verge 02/14/2020 15:22
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge. The film industry has the Oscars, and the music industry has the Grammys, so the podcast industry wants its own awards show. A group of industry leaders spanning networks, including from Spotify, NPR, Wondery, and Sony Music, announced today that they plan to launch a new awards show: the Golden Mics. The group has also formed the , a membership-driven not-for-profit organization whose members will vote on Golden Mics winners. The group says it’ll start accepting applications this spring, and the first show will be in Los Angeles next year. As more companies invest in their own shows, particularly long-form narrative programming, creators want recognition for their work — understandably. A podcast.
Verge 02/14/2020 15:11
Smartphones are becoming even more powerful gaming machines as time goes on, with the latest devices capable of pushing some incredible graphics on a pocket-sized device. But what if you’ve got an old or budget device that doesn’t have the huge amounts of processing power or RAM? Well, Google’s hoping the answer is — the latest project from — a series of lightweight HTML5-based browser games that are meant to be easy to load and play on nearly any device. According to Google’s announcement, GameSnacks games are designed to load “within a few seconds” even in network conditions as poor as 1Mbps (typical 3G speeds), and play smoothly with as little as 1GB of RAM. Since the games are entirely HTML5-based,...
Verge 02/14/2020 14:55
Whether your favorite show is Friends , you’re in love with Wonder Woman , or simply want to binge South Park for a few weeks, the is a reminder that you can only do so in one spot. It’s a not so subtle reminder that AT&T’s WarnerMedia has spent the last 18 months spending billions of dollars on some of the most popular IP in entertainment to draw subscribers away from Netflix and Hulu, and over to HBO Max.
Verge 02/14/2020 13:52
One of the internet’s most beloved webcomics is back in 10th anniversary edition, featuring a new foreword from Michael Cera, undiscovered comics and sketches, and strips that have been reformatted to read like they would on a phone screen. book — a gorgeous collection of every PBF comic published between 2004 and 2007 — is a warm, nostalgic look back at the “internet’s golden age.” The book reflects the beauty of PBF , seamlessly matching hand-drawn artistry with subtle but devastating punchlines that reveal a heartbreaking truth about the world. Since PBF , Gurewitch has shifted his focus to film and TV, and he published a called Notes on a Case of Melancholia,...

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