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Kuwait Times (Kuwait) 09/26/2020 11:50
Revelers hoping to escape the coronavirus doldrums at Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous carnival got more bad news Friday as organizers indefinitely postponed the city’s epic street parties, a day after the official parades were scrapped. Originally scheduled for February 2021, the Brazilian beach city’s carnival is a massive mixture of social-distancing no-no’s, from the huge […]
Hybrid perovskite (HP) materials are of huge interest in both photovoltaics and lighting applications. Here we report that hybrid perovskite composites, as crystallized powders, can behave as intelligent materials showing highly sensitive and reversible mechanochromic luminescence (MCL). Composites consisting of monolayered 2D HP and 3D HP components exhibit reversible tunable colour emission upon mechanical strain. Spectroscopic investigations first reveal that the bluish‐whitish emission of the 2D HP turns into orange in the composite due to an energy transfer process. The bright green emission, observed as soon as the composite is slightly crushed, originates from the 3D HP after efficient energy funnelling from the multi‐layered 2D HP p.
Despite extensive efforts by many practitioners in the field, methods for the direct α‐C–H bond functionalization of unprotected alicyclic amines remain rare. A new advance in this area utilizes N‐lithiated alicyclic amines. These readily accessible intermediates are converted to transient imines through the action of a simple ketone oxidant, followed by alkylation with a β‐ketoacid under mild conditions to provide valuable β‐amino ketones with unprecedented ease. Regioselective α′‐alkylation is achieved for substrates with existing α‐substituents. The method is further applicable to the convenient one‐pot synthesis of polycyclic dihydroquinolones through the incorporation of a SNAr step.
Modular β‐borylacrylates have been validated as programmable, ambiphilic C 3 ‐synthons in the cascade annulation of 2‐halo‐phenol derivatives to generate structurally and electronically diverse coumarins. Key to this [3+3] disconnection is the BPin unit which serves a dual purpose as both a traceless linker for C(sp 2 )‐C(sp 2 ) coupling, and as a chromophore extension to enable inversion of the alkene geometry via selective energy transfer catalysis. Mild isomerisation is a pre‐condition to access 3‐substituted coumarins and provides a handle for divergence. The method is showcased in the synthesis of representative natural products that contain this venerable chemotype. Facile entry into π‐expanded estrone derivatives modified at the A‐ri.
Ru(II) compounds are widely used in catalysis, photocatalysis and medical applications. They are usually obtained in reductive environment as molecular O 2 can oxidize Ru(II) to Ru(III) and Ru(IV). Here we report the design, identification and evolution of an air‐stable surface ‐[bipy‐Ru(II)(CO) 2 Cl 2 ] site that is covalently mounted onto a polyphenylene framework. Such Ru(II) site was obtained by reduction of ‐[bipy‐Ru(III)Cl 4 ] ‐ with simultaneous ligand exchange from Cl ‐ to CO. This structural evolution was witnessed by a combination of in situ X‐ray and infrared spectroscopy studies. The ‐[bipy‐Ru(II)(CO) 2 Cl 2 ] site enables oxidation of CO with a turnover frequency of 0.73 × 10 ‐2 s ‐1 at 462 K, while the Ru(III) site is complete.
Immune potentiators, termed adjuvant, trigger early innate immune responses to ensure the generation of robust and long‐lasting adaptive immune responses of vaccines. Here we present study that takes advantage of a self‐assembling small molecule library for the development of a novel vaccine adjuvant. Cell‐based screening of the library and subsequent structural optimization led to the discovery of a simple, chemically tractable deoxycholate derivative (molecule 6 , also named cholicamide) whose well‐defined nano‐assembly potently elicits innate immune responses in macrophages and dendritic cells. Functional and mechanistic analyses indicate that the virus‐like assembly is engulfed inside cells and stimulates the innate immune response thro.
SvD (Sweden) 09/26/2020 11:46
De okrönta SHL-mästarna från förra säsongen Luleå fortsätter att vinna. Borta mot Oskarshamn tog laget sin andra seger för säsongen, 5–2, trots 16 utvisningsminuter. – Det funkade i dag, men så kan vi inte hålla på i längden – då kommer det straffa sig, säger Luleås assisterande tränare Henrik Stridh till C More. (Indonesia) 09/26/2020 11:44, JAKARTA — DKI Jakarta masih menjadi provinsi dengan total kasus positif terinfeksi virus corona tertinggi di Indonesia. Hingga Sabtu (26/9/2020) ini, kasus positif Covid-19 di Jakarta terus meningkat hingga hampir menembus 70.000 kasus. Satuan Tugas (Satgas) Penanganan Covid-19 melaporkan kasus Covid-19 di DKI Jakarta bertambah 1.322 sehingga totalnya menjadi 69.224 kasus. Perhatikan! Ini 6 […]. .

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