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Laptop users who live and die by the reliable ThinkPad brand are probably used to upgrading their hardware every few years, and if 2020 is that year for you, then you should know the Chinese PC maker has a new line of ThinkPad notebooks out. As expected, the new models all feature the brand new 10th-gen Intel chips that will power virtually every new laptop on the market, and support for AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 Mobile support is coming to some of the new lines. However, that’s not even the biggest change for the new ThinkPads. Going forward, Lenovo’s ThinkPads will have a much simpler naming structure than before, one that will make it easier to tell them apart. The old structure is going away, so there’s no new T590, T490, or X390. Instead, Len.
In almost any endeavor, being right enough times provides you sufficient capital to take on bigger risks in spite of the higher stakes that come with them. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige -- the guy who shepherded the most successful movie franchise in the world into existence and who's been a producer attached to every MCU movie all the way back to the beginning -- put that principle to the test early on. Back around the time of the first Avengers movie, in fact, which came out in 2012. The MCU was starting to establish a solid base of fans for the movies about comic book heroes at the same time it was starting to attract a knock that showed no signs of going away anytime soon: The stars seemed to be all white guys. In a little-known
MWC might have been canceled, but the avalanche of new smartphone announcements continues. Sony and Realme already unveiled their own alternatives to the Galaxy S20 series: the and the . Both are 5G phones, and both offer high-end specs, just like Samsung’s flagships. The X50 Pro, however, is going to beat both the new Xperia and the S20 on price, starting at around $600. Those aren't the only affordable Galaxy S20 alternatives hitting stores soon, of course, but this affordable flagship is only good for you if you don’t care about Google's apps and services. Huawei’s other mobile brand, Honor, unveiled a series of new affordable devices on Monday, including the Honor View 30 Pro, pictured throughout this article. It features an all-screen
Apple has something of an obsession with owning as much of the underlying technology in its products as possible. With that in mind, we've seen a handful of rumors over the past few years detailing Apple's interest in lessening its reliance upon Intel and designing ARM-based chips for future laptop models. While rumors of Apple's interest in designing its own ARM-based chips for the Mac stretch back a few years, concrete details have predictably been hard to come by. That said, a new research report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo finally provides us with something of a launch window for these rumored Macs. According to Kuo's latest report (which was initially spotted ), Apple is planning to release Mac laptops with in-house designed processors s.
When Huawei unveiled the Mate X foldable at MWC 2019, the innovative handset stole the show. It was easily the best commercial foldable phone we had seen to that point, which wasn’t hard to accomplish, considering that Samsung had only unveiled the Galaxy Fold a few days before Huawei’s event.
One of the prevailing international storylines in the smartphone industry over the past few months has been , which has forced Huawei to look beyond Android for a mobile operating system to run on its new phones. We've heard Huawei's side of the story, and the Chinese vendor has since unveiled its own multiplatform OS, but Google recently to answer questions about the ban. In the forum post, Android & Play legal director Tristan Ostrowski explained that the inclusion of Huawei on the Entity List prohibits all US companies, including Google, from working with Huawei. Google is only legally allowed to work with Huawei on devices that were released on or before May 16th, 2019. But some people still have questions about the effects of the ban,
While smartphones these days are more compelling and powerful than ever before, there's no denying that smartphone upgrades have become somewhat incremental over the past few years. While this isn't to say that new smartphone releases aren't exciting, it does explain why companies like Samsung and Motorola have been trying to position foldable phones as the next big thing . Apple, meanwhile, has a penchant for patience. In other words, there's no reason to believe that Apple will jump into the world of foldable phones until there's evidence that a) consumers want such a form factor and b) the form factor proves to be beneficial. That said, some of the early reviews of the Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Flip Z suggest that foldable phones may
Many of the Apple leaks in recent weeks have (understandably) revolved around the iPhone 9, as it is expected to be the next major release from the company. That said, it likely won't be the only Apple hardware to debut in the first half of the year, an assumption supported by a new leak from Ben Geskin on Twitter. Previous leaks and rumors have suggested that the 2020 iPad Pro will feature a square camera array similar to that of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The purported iPad Pro case in the tweet below has a square cutout that would fit this array perfectly, as well as a hole for the headphone jack on the side, a cutout for the power button at the top, and a cutout for the USB-C port at the bottom of the case. Check it out right here.
Sony and Microsoft have been fighting the next-gen console war for a few months, with each company taking turns at revealing details about their upcoming products. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have similar hardware, as we learned months ago, and both of them will hit stores ahead of the holidays this year. But neither company was willing to go into more details until December. Just days after I told you Microsoft was already losing the marketing battle against the PS5, Microsoft did the unthinkable: it unveiled the Xbox Series X name and design during a gaming event that wasn't expected to involve any big announcements like that. Microsoft, which up until that point relied on a generic "Project Scarlett" moniker that hurt the ne.
When it comes to solving the world's hunger problems, we often focus on maximizing crop yields and changes the food producers could make to better serve the ever-growing population of the planet. Researchers from the University of California have a slightly different solution in mind, and it involves a fish you've probably never heard of. Its scientific name is Cebidichthys violaceus , but it's more casually known as the Monkeyface Prickleback fish. It has a hilarious name. It's undeniably weird looking. It's also apparently delicious and could be farmed in mass quantities to feed the planet. Yum! The fish is a vegetarian, which is particularly rare, but its meat is apparently quite tasty. The researchers from the University of California d.
Amazon's Gold Box sales are always pretty terrific, but there's one going on today that's a cut above the rest. On Monday for one day only, Amazon has slashed the prices of all sorts of popular networking gear as well as memory products like microSD cards, SD cards, and flash drives. In fact, there's even a great deal on a that you can't access unless you unlock it with your fingerprint! Starting with the networking gear, you'll find everything you need to upgrade your home Wi-Fi network. First and foremost, stop paying that horribly unnecessary modem rental fee to your cable company each month and pick up a for $71.99 instead of $110. All you have to do is plug it in, follow the instructions in the box to activate it, and then send your ol.
With February nearly gone, Sony is yet to reveal any plans for a PlayStation Meeting 2020 event. That’s the type of keynote we expect for the official PlayStation 5 announcement, although we might have to wait a while to get it. Sony just pulled out of two gaming events over coronavirus fears after ditching MWC 2020 well before the entire congress was itself canceled. It seems unlikely that Sony will promote any sort of gatherings as long as the coronavirus epidemic is contained. But, with each day that goes without a PS5 announcement, we get more exciting rumors about the next-gen console, as well as discoveries that tease the kind of unique features the new Sony console might get. The latest PlayStation-related discoveries show new contro.
The future of photography and streaming is already here and we couldn't be more excited. Do you want to get high angle photos and videos or be able to see more of the world around you? Drones used to be thought of as something evil that you'd see in the movies. Now, they are very much a part of daily life, especially for those obsessed with the visual arts. But they tend to be pretty pricey if you want one for yourself. Thanks to Woot!, today is not like most days though. Continuing to blow out extremely impressive items at ridiculously low prices, our favorite deals website is still in the midst of its sales event. With the Deal-O-Meter, Prime Exclusive Deals, Special Promos and WTF Deals, Woot! is truly making this an event to remember. O.
Like clockwork, Sony unveiled its newest flagship smartphone early on a Monday in late February, but unlike previous years, the new Xperia phone was unveiled via an online-only event rather than the usual MWC keynote. Then again, this isn't a regular year, with the coronavirus threat being the reason why the Mobile World Congress was canceled. Smartphone vendors like Sony, however, still plan to unveil brand new hardware, and Sony Xperia 1 Mark II (Xperia 1 II) is the first such example. Yes, the name Sony chose for its Galaxy S20 rival is super annoying, although it's not like Sony had a better choice. How do you call the device that succeeds the Xperia 1? Xperia 2 is out of the question, so a variation of Xperia 1 is inevitable. Sony also.
If Apple was hopeful that it could succeed in shutting down the publication of a new book entitled App Store Confidential by former executive Tom Sadowski -- who until the end of last year led the iPhone maker's App Store for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland -- the company's efforts certainly haven't worked so far.
Once you start playing games on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll probably hate going back to older consoles. That seems to be the conclusion of a series of reports as well as a big leak that offers clues as to what the new AMD chips combined with faster RAM and solid-state drives will be able to do for gaming. Earlier this week, a trusted insider offered of testing an unnamed game on one of the new consoles. The leaker described the impressive graphics, the increased difficulty of the shooter title, and revealed the game was running at 90fps in native 4K resolution. On top of that, other game developers have started teasing what we can expect from the future of gaming once the new PS5 and Xbox Series X are finally released later this
We always expect new deals to sprout up on Sunday and run for the week to come, but there are some seriously big surprises in today's daily deals roundup. First and foremost, Amazon's Fire TV device lineup is down to the lowest prices we've seen since Black Friday! The star of the show is the , which is on sale for just $24.99 instead of $50. If you'd rather up the resolution to 4K and add HDR support into the mix as well, the $50 is down to $34.99 today. Finally, the $120 that's basically a Fire TV Stick 4K combined with an Echo Dot for hands-free access to Alexa commands is on sale for just $89.99 today, which is a terrific price! Other top daily deals on Sunday include the $60 with 4K and HDR for just $39 if you don't like Fire TV device.
Netflix may be a great streaming service to have around and even pay for despite , but it can also be incredibly annoying at times. The best example is the autoplaying ads on the home page that used to drive me crazy until Netflix finally found it in its heart to give users . Then there's the inevitable "what to watch" scroll of death that can go on for minutes without end — that's a byproduct that we have to live with, however, so I don't mind it that much. Then there's the problem with the Continue Watching list: It's far too difficult to remove content from it. Now, it turns out that Netflix has found a frustrating new way to annoy me. The service has started sending me emails urging me to remember to finish shows and movies that I start.
Avengers: Endgame is so good that you’ll have an amazing time watching it without seeing any of the 21 movies that preceded it. But it’s far more enjoyable to watch after you catch up with all the other MCU adventures. Not only will Endgame make a lot more sense, but you’ll appreciate all the incredible Easter Eggs Marvel managed to squeeze into the flick. Going forward, you’ll have to subscribe to Disney+ to get the same fantastic MCU experience, and that’s because more than half of the upcoming MCU stories will be told with the help of limited TV series. All the Disney+ shows will tie into the six movies that have been confirmed for Phase 4, and they'll feature the same great characters and actors you’re used to seeing in MCU films. Of al.
It should have been a busy weekend over in Barcelona, Spain, with several big companies unveiling their latest mobile devices, but then the coronavirus struck, prompting the organizers to cancel the Mobile World Congress. It would have been a frantic weekend of running around from meeting to meeting, with hardly any time to dedicate to . Because yes, that’s the brand new show to binge right now, over on . It’s that Al Pacino TV series about a group of Nazi hunters who’re hunting Nazi’s in the US in the late ‘70s. Now, if you’re planning on hitting theaters, you should be aware of a couple of new releases, including , which is my favorite this weekend, a survival story starring Karen Gillan and Harrison Ford. If you into horror stories, then.

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