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The Nintendo Switch will have a tough year ahead, as it’ll have to compete against the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. As it stands, the Switch has inferior hardware compared to its direct rivals, but the vast collection of Nintendo exclusive games were enough to turn the device into . The fact that you can take it with you and continue to play your favorite titles on the go is also a considerable advantage over the PS4, Xbox, and more powerful tablets that will never run Nintendo’s Zelda or Mario games. But the PS5 and new Xbox will significantly raise the bar when it comes to performance and gaming experiences with support for 8K resolution and ray tracing. Add to that super-fast SSDs, and the Switch will be completely outcl.
The weeks ago is now growing by the hour. The tally of infected individuals has skyrocketed in the past two days, with new suspected cases popping up all around eastern Asian and even the United States. Now, with health officials scrambling to put a lid on what could become a very serious situation, China is in the midst of constructing an entirely new 1,000-bed hospital specifically to house patients who may be carrying the virus. The massive new structure will sit on a lot in Wuhan, and it's based on the design of an existing hospital located in Beijing. It's being prefabricated, and once the components are ready to go, the building process will be completed in just days. The hospital is expected to be built by February 3rd. , this isn't
If you walk into a drug store right now and pick up a pair of those cheap headphones they sell on the counter, you'll probably pay about $15 or $20. With that in mind, it seems absolutely insane that there's a really good pair of wireless earphones on Amazon right now for a penny under $10. It's true though, and it's the . Use the coupon code SFESJZYA and you'll only pay $9.99 for these great Bluetooth buds. That's a killer deal, but it won't be available for much longer. Here's more info from the product page:. Sleek & ergonomic: designed to reach deeper into the ear for a snug fit that stays comfortably put even during the most vigorous workout. Stellar battery life: 120mAh battery streams music wirelessly for up to 9 hours with only 2 hour.
We’re inching closer to the start of the fourth phase of the MCU, and as a result, we're seeing more rumors about the films and TV series that are in development. Given what we know so far, we have high expectations for two Phase 4 movies, each of them unique in their own way. Both will introduce brand new characters, including future Avengers members who could star in Avengers 5 . And now, a brand new report details one such new Avenger whose MCU arrival we didn’t see coming. The Eternals , set to premiere in November, will be Marvel’s biggest non- Avengers film since Captain America: Civil War . The film has a huge cast, and will introduce the Eternals and the hero Black Knight. Undoubtedly, some of them will have a much larger future in
Within Apple, there's a story about Tony Blevins -- the iPhone maker's tough, take-no-prisoners executive in charge of supplier negotiations, known as the Blevinator for his cutthroat style -- that illustrates his near-fanaticism about frugality. It concerns a simple puka-shell necklace, one of those cheap tourist tchotchkes that he'd picked up in Hawaii for $2, a price he'd negotiated down from $5.
The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip are the most discussed new devices of early 2020, but they’re hardly the only anticipated smartphones in the first half of the year. The OnePlus 8 Pro and also get notable mentions, having appeared in a few rumors as well. But while we have no idea when the next OnePlus phone will be unveiled, we know when Google will unveil the phone that easily qualifies as the best-looking Pixel phone ever made. The date you have to remember is May 12th, as that’s when Google will hold the main keynote of its annual event for developers. The company shared a puzzle online the other day, which fans broke in around eight hours to reveal the actual dates of the Google I/O 2020 conference: May 12th-14th in Mountain View. http.
If you're an Apple fan, you know that getting your hands on core Apple products like an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook is only part of the equation. You also need all the great accessories that enhance those products, and there are some truly killer deals available right now on Amazon. You'll find all-time low pricing on AirPods Pro (temporarily out of stock, but order now to lock in the discount and they'll ship within a week or two) and AirPods 2, an for only $18.99 ($64 from Apple!), a that charges your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, and a $19 that makes traveling so much easier. Get them all before these deals are done! AirPods Pro. Active noise cancellation for immersive sound. Transparency mode for hearing and connecti.
If you've seen our Sonos coverage , you're already aware that the audio equipment company has a serious, high-profile mess on its hands right now. Tons of angry customers have been flooding social media, sending emails (and even launching ) in the wake of the company's decision to stop providing software updates to its oldest products after May. Sonos' position is that the products in question have reached the extent of their technical capabilities and can't support future innovation that new software updates will include. The reaction was immediate. Angry customers lambasted the company for, as they see it, yanking the rug out from under them after their investment of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars into Sonos products -- s.
Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will be incredibly powerful machines -- much more powerful than anything we've ever seen from a home console. AMD is in charge of providing similar Zen 2 processors and Radeon Navi graphics cards for both consoles, and both should feature fast solid-state drives as well. But a new leak suggests that the PS5 might have a huge advantage over the new Xbox when it comes to storage. A series of leaks said the PS5 will be sandwiched between the Xbox One X and One S successors . A different report said the more expensive Xbox would deliver , which, in turn, would have better graphics than Xbox Lockhart (the cheaper model). That all makes sense, although none of it is confirmed, as both Sony and Microsof.
Rumors about Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi have been swirling for years, but when Disney+ was announced, the stove became hotter than it'd ever been. Then, at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA last year, McGregor took the stage alongside Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy to confirm that he would indeed don the Jedi robes once more for the Disney+ streaming service. We haven't heard much since, but earlier this month, reports arose suggesting the production had run into issues and the show was being put on hold indefinitely. There were some denials of the rumors, but this week, and each issued new reports claiming that the initial reports were true, and that the crew has been sent home. But what does the star of the show ha.
Yesterday, we told you that Apple's wildly popular with active noise cancellation were somehow back down to Black Friday's all-time low price. We also told you that they'd sell out quickly, and they did. If you missed out, however, we have some fantastic news. Despite the fact that they're currently listed as "temporarily out of stock" on Amazon, you can still order them now and lock in the discounted price! Remember, things always ship much sooner than you think from Amazon — AirPods Pro shipping said 1-2 months when we ordered ours ahead of the holidays, and we received them within one week! If you don't care about noise cancelling, you can also pick up Apple's $159 at a new all-time low (by a penny) of $128.99 today, and the $199 are on
The hard part about avoiding dangerous online and mobile scams is that scammers have become much more sophisticated in recent years. Whether it's a phishing email purporting to be from Apple or a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, consumers need to remain as vigilant as ever when it comes to identifying seemingly legit messages designed to steal an individual's personal information and cold hard cash. The latest texting scam comes in the form of a text designed to look like a legitimate FedEx tracking notification. The insidious message includes the recipient's name along with a clickable tracking code that claims it can help the victim tweak their delivery preferences. This is what the fraudulent text typically looks like:. http.
Do you have an iPhone? Do you have an Apple Watch? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, you'd have to be absolutely nuts to pass up this deal. As the name suggests, the is a single cable that branches off into two different plugs. One is a Lightning connector that obviously works with any iPhone or iPad, and the other is a wireless charging disc for the Apple Watch. That's right boys and girls, there's finally a single cable that charges both! It's down to its lowest price ever right now, so definitely grab one before this deal is done. Here's more info from the product page:. ✅ Watch Charger Cable – This charger cable comes with a magnetic wireless charger dock and an iPhone charger plug to charge both Apple iWatch and iPhone s.
The Galaxy Z Flip will be Samsung’s second attempt at launching a foldable phone that users will actually want to buy. The clamshell phone should look a lot like the Galaxy S20 when folded, rather than turning into a tablet, as it was the case for the Galaxy Fold. That should make it even more pocketable than the Fold. But what’s even better is that the Z Flip might be more durable than the Fold where it counts. A rumor said not too long ago that the new foldable will have a thin layer of glass on top of the OLED display, rather than a polymer, which should protect a lot better against scratches and piercing than plastic. That was easily the most exciting rumor about the new handset, and a leaker says the phone will indeed feature an ultra-
We’ve learned everything there is to know about the design and hardware of the Galaxy S20 series from an increasing number of leaks. We also have availability details for the upcoming flagship, including pricing and actual launch dates — the phones might be more expensive than you expect, and they’ll launch in mid-March. With more than two weeks left until the first Samsung Unpacked press conference of the year, we have plenty of time to learn the Galaxy S20’s software secrets. And the first one should be exciting news, as Samsung is apparently ready to add an awesome iPhone feature to the Galaxy S’s arsenal of tricks, a feature Apple released nearly ten years ago. Like iMessage, AirDrop has been the kind of iPhone feature that Android hand.
One of the coolest things about being chosen for a mission to the International Space Station is that you get to carry out experiments that show just how different life in space is when compared to Earth. Recently, astronauts had the opportunity to do something that has never been done before: . The experiment was designed to test the capabilities of the so-called "Zero-G Oven," which was built specifically for baking in the microgravity environment of the space station. This might sound like a trivial exercise, but the results were truly surprising. Baking raw cookies in space is actually a lot harder than it is on Earth, and that became immediately apparent once the astronauts removed their first batch from the oven. Placing the cookies i.
If you read my , you already know that Mario Kart Tour was one of my favorite games of last year, despite any flaws. Although the game constantly punishes me for not spending enough money, I genuinely enjoy racing through all of the classic levels from previous games in the series and trying to beat my high scores so I can vault as far up the leaderboard as possible. The only thing missing is true multiplayer. Last month, Nintendo kicked off , but in order to participate, you had to be a Gold Pass subscriber. The Gold Pass costs $5 a month, and while I find it to be a worthwhile investment, I'm sure plenty of people don't, and so they were all left out. But now a second multiplayer beta test has begun, and this time, everyone can join in, r.
China started off 2019 by completing the first soft landing on the far side Earth's moon. It was a monumental achievement, and the months since the mission arrived at the Moon have been filled with interesting discoveries, including the discovery of a strange "gel-like" substance around a lunar crater. Now, as China celebrates the one year anniversary of the Chang'e 4 lander and Yutu-2 rover arriving at the Moon, the country's space group has released a wealth of data, including some never-before-seen images of the far side of Earth's tiny neighbor. The images — some of which benefit from post-processing at the hands of talented scientists and enthusiasts — show the Moon's least-studied face in stunning detail. The Chang'e 4 mission include.
Ever since its inception, OnePlus has used the same slogan with every new smartphone release: "Never Settle.". Yet the company has always had to settle in various ways to make sure its flagship killers didn’t go over budget. The features that OnePlus famously snubbed include official waterproof ratings and wireless charging, explaining over the years that water resistance ratings add extra manufacturing costs and that . Things might change, however, in the near future. Forget the new hole-punch display and the 120Hz support -- the OnePlus 8 Pro might be the Chinese vendor’s first phone to support wireless charging. The news comes from a Samsung leaker who posted the following concept on Twitter:.
If you've been toying with the idea of buying a new Apple laptop, you're probably prepared to pay a pretty penny. What you might not realize though, is that you can often find some surprisingly good deals that completely eliminate the Apple tax. Head over to Amazon right now and you'll find the $1,100 available for just $899.99 after a price reduction and an extra discount taken off at checkout. Or if you need more storage, you can also save $200 on the ! Here's the scoop from the product page:. Stunning 13.3-Inch Retina Display with True Tone. Touch ID. Dual-core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 Processor. Intel UHD Graphics 617. Fast SSD Storage. 8GB memory. Stereo speakers with wider Stereo sound. Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports.

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