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PhoneArena 02/22/2020 16:45
Rumors have been swirling . Just the other day, we told you about to the list of companies providing components for the device. While reliable TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is expecting Apple to release a new pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds by the middle of the year, Kuo is expecting Apple to deliver a high-end model. And that brings us to who says that he has been hearing from Target employees about a mysterious new Apple device that shows up in the retailer's system and on UPC scanners. Called the "Apple AirPods (X Generation)," the product carries a ...
PhoneArena 02/22/2020 14:28
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra might just be the dream phone of 2020, but before we dive deeper in our testing, it's time to unbox it and see what you get included in the box. In our first encounter with the S20 Ultra, we also take the time to start and set-up the phone, as well as give you a quick first look at the Space Zoom camera and its capabilities for photo and video. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and start with the unboxing...
PhoneArena 02/22/2020 04:35
The comes with a fast charger in the box, but how quick is that charger really considering that it has to recharge a gigantic, 5,000mAh battery? We have measured the Galaxy S20 Ultra charging speeds using the adapter in the box, and we came away impressed with the speed. The adapter that you get with the Ultra is a 25-watt fast charger that uses a USB-C connection on the adapter, so you also have a USB-C to USB-C cable included with it.
PhoneArena 02/22/2020 03:33
Ever since Apple Maps launched in 2012, Apple has been playing catch up with Google Maps. Much of this is due to the navigation app's poor launch; incorrect directions and mislabeled countries and cities were par for the course. And you might recall that after Apple Maps led Australians into the Outback where poisonous snakes and 115-degree temperatures are a fact of life, the police in the country. So Apple has been rebuilding Apple Maps, replacing third-party mapping data with information it mined itself. And one new feature that the company is slowly rolling out ...
PhoneArena 02/22/2020 00:03
Samsung's newest flagships, the , are already available for pre-order in the United States. There are so many deals and promotions offered by Samsung, as well as local carriers and retailers that's it's hard to keep track of all of them. One thing is for sure though, not many offer two freebies to go with your pre-ordered Galaxy S20. Amazon is running a promotion on the entire Galaxy S20 series, so if you feel like none of the carriers or other retailers in the country are matching these deals, you might want to check them out. Regardless of what Galaxy S20 model you choose to pre-order ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 23:37
Great news for those using Google's fitness app without a Wear OS-powered smartwatch. The Mountain View company has just that Google Fit is much easier to use after the latest update that's now rolling out to Android and iOS devices. Simply put, if you have an Android phone, you can now tap or swipe on the widget to access your Google Fit stats. If you're using an iPhone, you can now swipe to the widget in the Today view to see your detailed stats. If you have a Wear OS smartwatch, swiping left is all you need to do to see stats on your Google Fit tile. Not sure why Google has ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 23:29
We haven't written much lately about net neutrality, the Obama era rules that treated all streaming content the same. Companies streaming music or video under net neutrality are not allowed to pay a carrier extra money for a "faster lane." In 2018, Trump-appointed FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai and while some states were able to legislate its return, for the moment net neutrality remains for all intents and purposes, dead. today that President Donald Trump's administration made a rather odd claim. A White House report said that killing net neutrality will raise real incomes ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 20:52
This is just a heads up for those who own a and a G Suite account. It looks like the new Google Assistant interface is making its way to people who were skipped from the initial rollout. As some of you probably know by now, when the new Google Assistant was released two months ago, it wasn't compatible with Pixel 4 units with G Suite accounts. Also, the digital assistant was restricted to US English. The good news is the new Google Assistant isn't just available to Pixel 4 users with G Suite accounts, but it also supports the Japanese language, reports. Although this seems to be ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 20:18
If you owned a and took part in the class-action suit against Google and Huawei (yes, that Huawei), you might be happy to learn that the proceeds of the subsequent $9.75 million settlement are now being disbursed. Those who purchased the device brand new between September 29, 2015, and May 3, 2019, were eligible to file a claim. Consumers who had no issues with their Nexus 6P are receiving emailed payments of $29.11. On the other end of the spectrum, $400 payments are being disseminated to those who suffered issues with both bootlooping and sudden shutdowns. Bootlooping ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 17:58
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has finally arrived in our hands and we are just getting started testing it, but one thing we were eager to do right away is take a look at the performance of that brand new camera. And not just during any time, but we took the camera of the S20 Ultra on a walk at night when light is scarce and smartphone cameras have the toughest time capturing a good image. The S20 Ultra had an additional challenge: it features a folded, periscope zoom lens that allows zooming 10X using Hybrid Optic zoom, and up to 100X digitally.
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 15:21
Last month, we told you that and today the company released a video showing the crowds drawn to the phone, hoping for the opportunity to see and possibly touch the device. Also, OnePlus has staff on hand to explain the technology behind the "disappearing" rear cameras. The electrochromic glass on the back of the concept phone shows off a black opaque finish hiding the cameras until the camera app is open. When this happens, an electrical impulse is sent to the glass allowing it to be transparent, revealing the cameras and allowing pictures/videos to be taken. The latter process takes all ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 13:27
Do you remember life before cellphones? Japan's Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) launched the first cellular network in 1979 six years after Motorola demonstrated the first handheld mobile handset. But mobile telephony, while not necessarily of the handheld variety, has been around since before even yours truly was born. That is demonstrated by a film made by Bell Telephone in the 1940s and . The film, titled Mobile Telephones, was produced to show businesses the advantages of having their vehicles equipped with a mobile phone. For example, a trucking company needs ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 11:11
Sony is another brand forced to reschedule its 2020 lineup launch over the cancelled MWC 2020. Following leaks and teasers from LG and Oppo for their newest flagships, Sony is among the first to officially announce a launch event. SAVE THE DATE: We will be going live on our YouTube channel at 2:30am EST on 2/24 to share some exciting news! — Sony Xperia US (@SonyXperiaUS) Based on teasers posted on the official Xperia Instagram and Twitter accounts, Sony is planning on live-streaming the next Xperia launch event on YouTube, with a date set for Monday, February ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 10:53
Yup, we're talking about the already. Nope, the , , and haven't . But I can't not think about Samsung's "next big thing" after reporting on a very credible rumor calling for . Now, I'm no math whizz, but I'm pretty sure that's a measly five months away. In other words, Samsung has 150 days or so left to come up with a way to make the Galaxy S20 series obsolete. Obviously, the company isn't just now beginning to develop the sequel (or sequels) to last fall's excellent and . In fact, there's a very good chance Samsung already knows ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 10:04
We have been hearing rumors about AirPods Pro Lite recently. Now, Digitimes is reporting that the is gaining a new member of its supply chain. Taiwan-based Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) has reportedly joined in with the companies trying to gain backend orders relating to the unconfirmed AirPods Pro Lite. The headphones are referred to as being an entry-level true wireless stereo headphones to be released in mid-2020. However, we find information about this product only on Digitimes reports. Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is expecting new Apple headphones to arrive in ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 09:53
Just a few days after we reported to get their first taste of the latest Android flavor, Samsung caught us completely off guard by . It was even more surprising to see the US unlocked variants of the company's early 2018-released flagships before the nation's biggest carriers got the chance to do the same for their specific and models. For some reason, it then took Verizon over two weeks to "optimize" the goodie pack before finally , according to .
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 09:50
Earlier this month, news broke out that the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturers have created an alliance that seeks to create a new platform to serve as an alternative to Google’s Play Store. It’s not hard to imagine that Huawei was the company that invited Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo to the table with concerning tales about how they can be the next victims of the US government. Regardless of exactly what transpired, the result is clear: some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers want to separate from Google. And that’s a big thing. But what might it lead to? Let’s explore. Moving ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 09:39
These days, telephone companies and network providers are working harder and harder to bring fast internet to every corner of the world. Last year, two companies, Google-owner Alphabet and Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, formed an alliance over an interesting new technology, created in order to provide network coverage in desolate areas or regions with hardly reachable topography. The technology relies on airborne cell phone antennas to emit signals. In the case of Alphabet, it’s called the project Loon, in which network equipment is carried in solar-powered balloons to deliver high-speed ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 09:14
Samsung confused the heck out of every average user looking for the latest Galaxy this spring season. What was once thought to be the Galaxy S11e as an successor, is now the S20, the S10 heir turned out to actually be , while the rumors for an to replace the S10+ have materialized, too. Going from a Galaxy S10 in 2019, directly to S20 the following year is an unprecedented move, and not only for Samsung. Apparently, the company considers its newlywed Galaxy S20 family a quantum leap that not only would start the decade (as in the year is 2020), but also signify a "new ...
PhoneArena 02/21/2020 07:48
Google has brought a new update to their terms of service on Thursday, sending an email to users summarizing what changes have been made to the policy. Apparently, the language has been modified, not specifically the content itself - Google is stating the terms will be slightly improved now and easier for people to understand. While Google’s terms remain a legal document, it will be more simply written now, with links and definitions complementing information when needed. Google is also stating that information about how they respond to requests for data has also been added to the document, ...

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