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Materials Today 10/16/2019 06:30
Equispheres says that in recent tests, its spherical metal powders allowed for a 50% increase in production speeds and a 20-30% increase in a-basis mechanical performance, a design allowance specification regulated in aerospace applications. ‘The unique properties of our powder, including the high sphericity, narrow particle size distribution and low surface area result in significantly increased packing density,’ said Equispheres’ CTO, Dr Martin Conlon.
Materials Today 10/16/2019 05:38
3D printing company EOS has appointed Marie Langer as its new CEO. 3D printing company EOS has appointed Marie Langer as its new CEO. This forms part of a larger restructure of company management, EOS says. Langer, daughter of founder Dr Hans J Langer, will reportedly focus on strategy, marketing, communications as well as corporate culture, organizational and people development. ‘From both a technological and an organizational perspective, EOS is optimally positioned for a successful future,’ said Langer. ‘My vision is that EOS stays at the cutting edge of industrial 3D printing technology and that the company makes a sustainable contribution towards solving the huge challenges facing us today. We want our technology to do more than drivin.
Materials Today 10/16/2019 05:33
The Rhode Island government has awarded $1 million in funding to non-profit state organization Polaris MEP to establish a campus focusing on developing the state’s composites and textile industries. The consortium will reportedly use existing infrastructure and partnerships and build new ones in order to accelerate the adoption and use of new materials and technologies. This story uses material from the with editorial changes made by Materials Today.
Materials Today 10/16/2019 05:00
Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have shown that graphene is 3D as well as 2D. Image: Yiwei Sun. Graphene is actually a three-dimensional (3D) material as well as a two-dimensional (2D) material, according to a new study from researchers at Queen Mary University of London in the UK. Realizing that graphene is a 3D material is important for understanding its mechanical properties and for developing novel graphene-based devices. Often hailed as a 'wonder material', graphene has the highest known thermal and electrical conductivity and is stronger than steel, as well as being light, flexible and transparent. Its uses are wide-ranging and recently it was shown that it could even act as a barrier against mosquito bites (see ). In t.
Materials Today 10/16/2019 04:57
This grid of simulated atoms illustrates how the electrons in cuprate high-temperature superconductors can either hop to their immediate neighbors or diagonally across each square, with superconductivity only arising when they hop diagonally. Copper atoms are in orange, oxygen atoms are in red and electrons are in blue. Image: Greg Stewart/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Researchers at Stanford University and the US Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory say they have found the first, long-sought proof that a decades-old scientific model of material behavior can be used to simulate and understand high-temperature superconductivity. This finding, reported in a paper in , could be an important step toward producing
Materials Today 10/15/2019 06:00
Spanish company MontefibreCarbon has received €5.6 million to help it transition from from producing textile acrylic fiber to polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor for conversion to carbon fiber (precursor fiber). The grant comes from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade & Tourism as part of the country’s REINDUS (Reindustrialization and Strengthening of Industrial Competitiveness) initiative, the company said and is part of a €7.5 million investment in Montefibre’s 302,656 m2 factory in Miranda de Ebro, Spain. Montefibre Carbon is adapting its polymerization and dope preparation with a potential capacity of 75,000 metric tons per year, and four of its seven spinning lines to produce around 17,000 tons per year of its large-tow precursor fib.
Materials Today 10/15/2019 06:00
The 10th International Conference on Tungsten, Refractory & Hardmaterials (Tungsten2020) has announced a call for papers. Tungsten2020, which is co located with WorldPM2020 and AMPM2020, will host technical sessions covering refractory and hardmaterials and powder production, processing, properties, and microstructures, from 27 June to 1 July, 2020, in Montréal, Canada. The deadline for abstracts is 15 November 2019. Go for more information. This story uses material from the with editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.
Materials Today 10/15/2019 05:45
America Makes has appointed Dr Brandon Ribic as its new technology director. 3D printing company America Makes has appointed Dr Brandon Ribic as its new technology director. The role was previously held by John Wilczynski before he was named America Makes executive director in June 2019. Previously, Dr Ribic worked at Rolls-Royce, covering materials technology, additive manufacturing (AM) process modeling and in-situ process monitoring.
Materials Today 10/15/2019 05:00
The new flash sintering process helps to overcome the brittle nature of ceramics and make them more durable. Image: Purdue University/Chris Adam. Something as simple as an electric field could soon make everything from wartime missiles to drinking mugs easier to produce and more resilient to fracture. Items such as drinking mugs, missile heads, thermal barrier coatings on engine blades, auto parts, and electronic and optic components are commonly made with ceramics. But while ceramics are mechanically strong, they tend to fracture suddenly when just slightly strained under a load unless exposed to high temperatures. Researchers at Purdue University have now developed a new process to help overcome the brittle nature of ceramics and make the.
Materials Today 10/15/2019 04:59
Photographs showing tilted view of sliced sample. Light-emitting images show orange background (in-plane E field), green zigzag pattern (vertical E field), and simultaneous emission of orange and green lights (in-plane + vertical E fields), respectively, after applying an AC voltage between A and B, A+B and C, and A and B+C fibers. Electroluminescent (EL) devices based on light-emitting phosphors embedded in polymers could be useful in novel soft robots, self-healing systems, and wearable electronics. One of the most promising composites is zinc sulfide (ZnS) mixed with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), sandwiched between electrodes made from graphene, silver nanowires (Ag NWs), or indium tin oxide (ITO). ITO is a well-established electrode mate.
Materials Today 10/15/2019 04:57
This illustration shows a dielectric metamaterial with infrared light shining on it. Image: Willie Padilla, Duke University. Electrical engineers at Duke University have harnessed the power of machine learning to design dielectric (non-metal) metamaterials that absorb and emit specific frequencies of terahertz radiation. Their design technique reduced what could have taken more than 2000 years of calculation into just 23 hours, clearing the way for the design of new, sustainable types of thermal energy harvesters and lighting. The engineers report their findings in a paper in . Metamaterials are synthetic materials composed of many individual engineered features, which together produce properties not found in nature through their structure
Materials Today 10/14/2019 05:27
The Technical University of Munich (TUM), Oerlikon, GE Additive and Linde are reportedly collaborating to create an additive manufacturing (AM) cluster in Bavaria, Germany. This cluster is planned to be a grouping of companies and organizations that will conduct research on and develop additive manufacturing technology from one location, helping integrate AM into the manufacturing process and enable companies to use the technology in their production.
Materials Today 10/14/2019 05:27
Umicore says that it has reportedly changes its current corporate governance model, where the board delegates certain management powers to an executive committee, to a two-tier governance model consisting of a supervisory board, composed exclusively of non-executive directors and headed by a chairman, and a management Board, headed by the CEO. ‘After weighing all elements, we have decided to propose to the shareholders to move to a two-tier model,’ said Thomas Leysen, chairman of Umicore.
Materials Today 10/14/2019 05:00
An electron microscope image shows an array of thermal light emitters created by engineers at Rice University; the emitters are able to deliver highly configurable thermal light. Image: The Naik Lab/Rice University. What may be viewed as the world's smallest incandescent lightbulb is shining in an engineering laboratory at Rice University, offering the promise of advances in sensing, photonics and perhaps computing platforms beyond the limits of silicon. Gururaj Naik of Rice's Brown School of Engineering and graduate student Chloe Doiron have assembled unconventional ‘selective thermal emitters’ – collections of near-nanoscale materials that absorb heat and emit light. Their research, reported in a paper in , one-ups a recent technique deve.
Materials Today 10/14/2019 04:59
UB researchers work with a dual-chamber thin-film deposition system that can be used to synthesize thin-film materials. In the new study, this machine was used to create europium sulfide films and tungsten trioxide, a precursor for 2D tungsten disulfide. Photo: Douglas Levere/University at Buffalo. A new study on two-dimensional tungsten disulfide (WS 2 ) could open the door to advances in quantum computing. In a paper in Nature Communications , scientists report that they can manipulate the electronic properties of this super-thin material in ways that could be useful for encoding quantum data. The study deals with WS 2 's energy valleys, which University at Buffalo (UB) physicist Hao Zeng, co-lead author of the paper, describes as "the lo.
Materials Today 10/10/2019 07:16
Adhesive specialist Henkel says that it has reached a strategic material supply agreement with Carbon Revolution, an Australian manufacturer of one-piece automotive carbon composite wheels. The collaboration includes dedicated manufacturing facilities established at Henkel’s existing plant near Melbourne. According to the companies, one-piece carbon composite technology in wheel manufacture is an emerging choice for global car makers. Single piece carbon fiber composite wheels can offer up to 40-50% weight savings relative to conventional aluminum wheels, Henkel says. ‘Based on a number of years of close collaboration with Carbon Revolution, we have extended our proven portfolio of composite material technologies to create proprietary solut.
Materials Today 10/10/2019 07:10
Dura Composites, which makes composites for flooring and facades, has reportedly achieved Gold level status with Constructionline, a UK procurement and supply chain management service. ‘Composite materials are playing an increasingly prominent role in construction, due in part to their long lifespan, lightweight nature, durability and fire performance qualities,’ said Ron Gibson, contracts manager at Dura Composites.
Materials Today 10/10/2019 07:05
Elements current CFO, Jo Wetz, will succeed Charles Noall as CEO. Element Materials Technology has announced that its current CFO, Jo Wetz, will succeed Charles Noall as CEO. This follows Noall’s decision to retire from his executive role after 17 years leading the group. In his eight years at Element, Wetz has helped grow the group from 23 locations across five geographies with 600 employees to its current position with almost 200 locations operating in more than 30 countries with almost 7,000 employees, Element says. Noall had a number of roles in the European aerospace industry before he joined Stork in 1991, rising to become the CEO of its testing division, Stork Materials Technology. Following the management buyout of Stork Materials T.
Materials Today 10/10/2019 07:05
UK-based MSA Manufacturing Ltd (MSA) has reportedly added 16,500 ft 2 of new factory space and improved its processes for reinforcement kitting and preforming. The company’s facility in Wimborne, Dorset, now covering 45,000 ft 2 , includes three factory units, providing a range of services to OEMs and Tier 1 composite part manufacturers looking to outsource their material and kitting requirements, MSA says. Outsourcing services provided by MSA include core and composite plate machining and kitting, cutting /slitting and kitting of 2D/3D reinforcement fabrics, prepreg, adhesive film, peel-ply and surface veils, 2D preform kit assembly of multilayer bonded reinforcements, and 3 & 5 axis milling, waterjet, wire and knife (ply) cutting. This st.
Materials Today 10/10/2019 06:59
The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has elected Paul K Oldroyd to its board of directors, filling the position left vacant by Dean Bartles’ appointment to NCDMM President and CEO. Currently, Oldroyd serves as a Technical fellow, engineering & manufacturing process development for US-based Bell Flight/Textron.

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