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Scholar Commons 09/22/2020 22:30
This paper analyzes the novel Caja de fractales (2017) by Puerto Rican writer Luis Othoniel Rosa, which portrays an original proposal of the humanist artist’s role in a time of ecocide. The novel belongs by its own right to the Climate Fiction subgenre. It proposes that we should evolve towards a more humane and less harmful humanity thanks to a recycled mentality, which could adapt and consequently make us survive our anthropocenic era. This essay also argues the importance of the novel in the current literary scene; it points out the author’s interpretation of what humanism is confronting the risk of a possible human extinction, and compares it with the similar vision of other theorists of humanism in our time of Anthropocene. Finally, it.
Scholar Commons 09/22/2020 22:30
El objetivo de este artículo es analizar algunas de las características de los dos volúmenes de la antología Ciudad fantasma. Relato fantástico de la Ciudad de México (XIX-XXI) (2013), compilada por Bernardo Esquinca y Vicente Quirarte. Inicialmente, se revisará la manera de construir lo fantástico a partir de dos aspectos: por un lado, a través de los paratextos más importantes de la obra (prólogos y cartas anexas); por el otro, mediante varios de los elementos que le dan forma como antología propiamente (selección y organización de los textos). Asimismo, señalaremos de manera general otras particularidades de lo fantástico en esta obra. Y una de las más significativas es postular el fenómeno fantástico con base en la irrupción del mundo y.
Scholar Commons 09/22/2020 22:30
Se trata de uno de los últimos capítulos que publicó el científico y divulgador mexicano José Joaquín Arriaga, referente a las hormigas y su mundo, para lo cual se imaginó a sí mismo convertido en hormiga con el fin de describir mejor su vida, en un capítulo en el que predominó la imaginación, pues a veces los insectos parecen vivir en forma muy similar a la de los humanos.
Scholar Commons 09/22/2020 22:30
As a narrative practice in which the author invents a personality and an existence while preserving his personal identity and true name, ‘autofiction’ constitutes a suitable instrument to give rise to ‘the fantastic’. By fusing the narrative pacts of the autobiography and the autobiographical novel, autofiction establishes an ambiguity similar to that of the ‘vacillation’ between the strange and the marvelous, which lays the foundations of the fantastic genre. The continuous allusion to the author’s person, in addition, provides the reference to reality, which is crucial in accentuating the uncanny, and intensifies the sense of perplexity experienced by the reader. This affinity between these concepts will be illustrated in Cómo me hice mon.
Scholar Commons 09/21/2020 13:20
Pyroclastic currents (PCs) are the most challenging volcanic hazards for disaster planners in populated areas around volcanoes. “El Misti” volcano (5,825 m above sea level), located only 17 km from the city center of Arequipa (>1.1 million inhabitants), South Peru, has produced small-to-moderate volume ( <1 km 3 ) PCs with a frequency of 2,000–4,000 years over the past 50 kyr. The most recent Plinian eruption dated at 2070 cal yr BP (VEI 4) has been selected as one of the reference events for the hazard assessment and risk mitigation plan of Arequipa. Associated pumice- and lithic-rich PC deposits were emplaced from at least four phases of column-collapse into the radial valleys draining the volcano as far as 13 km toward the city. Field ma.
Scholar Commons 09/21/2020 11:38
Echinoderms make up a substantial component of Ordovician marine invertebrates, yet their speciation and dispersal history as inferred within a rigorous phylogenetic and statistical framework is lacking. We use biogeographic stochastic mapping (BSM; implemented in the R package BioGeoBEARS) to infer ancestral area relationships and the number and type of dispersal events through the Ordovician for diploporan blastozoans and related species. The BSM analysis was divided into three time slices to analyze how dispersal paths changed before and during the great Ordovician biodiversification event (GOBE) and within the Late Ordovician mass extinction intervals. The best-fit biogeographic model incorporated jump dispersal, indicating this was an
Scholar Commons 09/18/2020 14:48
The temporal and controlling the of barrier-inlet systems are critical components of regional sediment management practice. This paper discusses regional sediment management methods employed at multiple barrier-inlet systems, with case studies from West-Central Florida. A decision-support tool is proposed for regional sediment management with discussion of its application to barrier-inlet systems. Connecting multiple barrier islands and inlets at appropriate spatio-temporal scales is critical in developing an appropriately scoped sediment management plan for a barrier-inlet system. Evaluating sediment bypassing capacity and overall inlet morphodynamics can better inform regional sand sharing along barrier-inlet coastlines; particularly wher.
Scholar Commons 09/18/2020 14:48
The coast of west-central Florida, facing the Gulf of Mexico, experienced Hurricane Irma with a negative surge of 1.1 m and a highly oblique northerly approaching wave in September 2017. This unusual hydrodynamic condition provides an opportunity to investigate the effect of surge and incident wave direction on morphology changes. Beach profiles, spaced at 300 m apart, along a 15-km stretch of beach were surveyed 2 weeks prior to the passage of Hurricane Irma and 1 week after and continued for up to 5 months after the passage to obtain Irma-induced erosion as well as post-Irma recovery. Owing to the occurrence of negative surge, the profile volume of the dune field remained mostly stable. The majority of beach erosion occurred below mean se.
Scholar Commons 09/18/2020 14:44
The state of Utah is located in west-central United States. The area of 219 887 km 2 is populated by 2.8 million people (in 2009). Population density is relatively low: 12 persons per square km. The main reasons for low population density are unfavourable natural conditions. The most important are topography and climate. Utah’s landscape diversity is a consequence of a variety of terrain types. For that reason, there are 5 national parks (Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands), national monuments, and other lower rank protected areas established in Utah. Each of these places, characterized by unique types of landscape brings millions of tourists per year from USA and all over the World. For example, Arches National Park has more.
Scholar Commons 09/18/2020 14:44
Temperature anomalies in coastal waters were detected with Thermal Infrared imagery of the Lower Suwannee River (LSR) and nearshore tidal marshes on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Imagery included 1.5-m-resolution day and night Thermal Infrared (TIR) and 0.75-m-resolution Color Infrared (CIR) imagery acquired on 2-3 March 2005. Coincident temperature readings were collected on the ground and used to calibrate the imagery. The Floridan aquifer is at or near the land surface in this area and bears a constant temperature signature of ~ 22 degrees Celsius. This consistent temperature contrasts sharply with ambient temperatures during winter and summer months. Temperature anomalies identified in the imagery during a late-winter cold spell may be correlat.
Scholar Commons 09/18/2020 14:44
Thermal infrared (TIR) imagery was acquired along coastal Levy County, Florida, in March 2009 with the goal of identifying groundwater-discharge locations in Waccasassa Bay Preserve State Park (WBPSP). Groundwater discharge is thermally distinct in winter when Floridan aquifer temperature, 71-72 °F, contrasts with the surrounding cold surface waters. Calibrated imagery was analyzed to assess temperature anomalies and related thermal traces. The influence of warm Gulf water and image artifacts on small features was successfully constrained by image evaluation in three separate zones: Creeks, Bay, and Gulf. Four levels of significant water-temperature anomalies were identified, and 488 sites of interest were mapped. Among the sites identified.
Scholar Commons 09/18/2020 14:43
Background: Since its first detection in 2001, West Nile Virus (WNV) poses a significant health risk for residents of Shelby County in Tennessee. This situation forced public health officials to adopt efficient methods for monitoring disease spread and predicting future outbreaks. Analyses that use environmental variables to find suitable habitats for WNV-infected mosquitoes have the potential to support these efforts. Using the Mahalanobis Distance statistic, we identified areas of Shelby County that are ecologically most suitable for sustaining WNV, based on similarity of environmental characteristics to areas where WNV was found. The environmental characteristics in this study were based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, such.
Scholar Commons 09/16/2020 16:31
This report presents a study that investigated potential travel behavior changes in light of automated, connected, electric, and shared-use vehicle (ACES) technologies. Three main aspects of choice behavior were investigated: AV adoption and willingness to pay (WTP), shared mobility adoption, and mode choice. Particularly, this study focuses on exploring the roles of attitudes in individuals’ travel choice behavior. Data collected through a stated preference (SP) survey were used for this study. The survey included a series of attitude-related questions that cover various aspects of user attitudes, which include general mobility preferences, perceived benefits and concerns of shared mobility, reasons against or for private ownership, and mo.
Scholar Commons 09/15/2020 18:15
Background: Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily pill that can reduce a person’s chances of acquiring HIV. HIV testing and counseling is a critical point during which non-clinical staff could intervene, discuss and/or refer clients for PrEP. However, not all HIV testing/counseling staff take part in PrEP implementation in the same way. This study investigated: 1) the underlying PrEP implementation subgroups of staff who perform HIV testing and 2) PrEP implementation as a function of key constructs from the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR). Methods: This study was a mixed methods concurrent triangulation design, in which qualitative and quantitative data were collected concurrently and data were triangulated du.
Scholar Commons 09/15/2020 18:15
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most important technologies for biochemical analysis critical for diagnosis and monitoring of many diseases. Traditional systems for ELISA incubation and reading are expensive and bulky, thus cannot be used at pointof- care or in the field. Here, we design and demonstrate a new miniature mobile phone based system for ELISA. This mHealth system can be used to complete all steps of the assay, including incubation and reading. It can be fabricated at low cost, portable, and can transfer test results via mobile phone. We have designed the sample dispensing system, incubation chamber, imaging enclosure, and data processing algorithm. We demonstrate how mobile ELISA can be calibrated for acc.
Scholar Commons 09/15/2020 18:15
Pectin polysaccharides provide promising potential as all-natural, non-toxic “green” coatings. Pectin polysaccharides have been drawing growing attention as elements of stimuli-responsive systems and as source materials for functionalized robust coatings. They can be extracted from several natural sources and are intrinsically biocompatible. The majority of the applications of pectin gels require a better understanding of the properties of thin layers of gels at surfaces and interfaces. Despite the prevalence of bulk gels of pectin, coatings of pectin have not been reported. In bulk hydrogels, swelling of polymer networks is controlled by a diffusion limited transport process in which the rate of response is determined by the volume of solv.
Scholar Commons 09/15/2020 18:15
In this study I investigate whether managers’ voluntary disclosure of transfer pricing information in the 10-K is related to firms’ tax reporting transparency. Transfer pricing disclosures could be used to convey managers’ private information about risks and uncertainties underlying firms’ transfer pricing activities or alternatively be used to discount or disclaim these risks. Using several common proxies for tax reporting transparency, I find evidence that transfer pricing disclosures are generally associated with lower tax transparency, suggesting that these disclosures may be primarily opportunistic. However, when firms use their auditor for transfer pricing services, I find that these transfer pricing disclosures are associated with gr.

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