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You did not enter any search terms or parameters. Please go to the advanced search form and try again. (Russia) 09/18/2020 22:37
Депутат бундестага, член комитета по международным делам Вальдемар Гердт заявил, что остановка строительства газопровода «Северный поток-2» может привести к штрафным санкциям в размере более десяти миллиардов евро. Кроме того, по его словам, отказ от проекта ставит под вопрос энергетическую безопасность Германии.
Milenio (Mexico) 09/18/2020 22:34
López Obrador ha interpretado los 30 millones de votos recibidos en el 2018 como si se tratara de un apoyo total a su proyecto y como un permiso para actuar de manera autoritaria. Sin embargo, a poco más de dos años de aquel proceso electoral hay claras evidencias de que, como en muchos otros asuntos, el presidente está equivocado. Para el embuste de la rifa del avión su gobierno mandó imprimir 6 millones de "cachitos"; es decir, la quinta parte de los votos obtenidos.
Pre-treatment of waste activated sludge (WAS) is an effective way to destabilize sludge floc structure and release organic matter for improving sludge digestion efficiency. Nonetheless, impacts of WAS pre-treatment on digestion sludge microbiomes, as well as mechanistic insights into how sludge pre-treatment improve digestion performance, remain elusive. In this study, genome-centric metagenomic approach was employed to investigate the digestion sludge microbiome in four sludge digesters with different feeding sludge: APAD, WAS pre-treated with 0.25 mol/L alkaline/acid; HS-APAD, WAS pre-treated with 0.8 mol/L alkaline/acid; Thermal-AD, thermal pre-treated WAS; Control-AD, fresh WAS. We retrieved 254 metagenomic-assembled genomes (MAGs) to i.
Methanotrophic microorganisms are characterized by their ability to oxidize methane. Globally they have a significant impact on methane emissions by attenuating net methane fluxes to the atmosphere in natural and engineered systems, though the populations are dynamic in their activity level in soils and waters. Methanotrophs oxidize methane using methane monooxygenase (MMO) enzymes, and selected subunit genes of the most common MMOs, specifically pmoA and mmoX , are used as biomarkers for presence and abundance of populations of bacterial methanotrophs. Relative expression of these biomarker genes is dependent on copper-to-biomass ratios. Empirically derived quantitative relationships between methane oxidation biomarker transcript amounts a.
Kukmin Ilbo (Korea) 09/18/2020 22:33
가수 고(故) 서지원의 실제 음성이 담긴 메시지가 공개됐다. 4일 KBS JOY ‘이십세기 힛-트쏭’에서는 별이 된 뮤지션들의 네버엔딩 힛트쏭 10 특집이 방송됐다. 이날 방송에는 1995년 12월 31일 세상을 떠난 고 서지원의 실제 음성 메시지가 공개됐다. 서지원은 “여러분 저 한 해 동안 쭉 사랑해주신 거 정말 감사하고요. 더 이상 저를 못 보게 되더라도 저를 항상 기억해 주시고요. 여러분들, 몸 건강히 새해 복 많이 받으셨으면 좋겠고요. 여러분 사랑합니다. 그건 기억해주세요”라는 메시지를 남겨 팬들을 눈물 짓게 했다. 서지원은 미국에서 10년 정도 생활하다 1000대 1의 공개 오디션을 뚫고 가수로 데뷔했다. 생전 서지원은 새 앨범 발매와 군입대에 대한 부담감, 가족 생계 책임, 회사 운영 등에 부담감을 가진 것으로 알려졌다. 결국 그는 중압감을 이기지 못하고 스무살이 되던 해 자택에서 스스로 목숨을 끊었다. 서지원은 죽기 전 3장의 유서를 남겼다. 유서에는 “이 세상은 내가 존재하기에 너무도 험한 곳이고 더 이상을 견디기 힘들다”며 “2집 활동을 앞둔 나는 더 이상 자신도 없다. 활동 중 군대도 가야하고 내 가족들을 또 사무실 가족들을 책임지기엔 너무 벅차다”며 부담감을 드러냈다. 이어 “무엇이 날 이렇게 초라하게 만드는지 모르겠다”며 “나 자신과의 싸움에서 못 이긴 것 같다. 연예인으로서, 또 한 사람으로서, 난 더 이상 힘이 없다”고 당시 불안했던 심리상태를 전했다. 김지은 인턴기자.
Acetogenic bacteria are a diverse group of anaerobes which use reductive acetyl-CoA (Wood-Ljungdahl) pathway for CO 2 fixation and energy conservation. The conversion of 2 moles CO 2 into acetyl-CoA via Wood-Ljungdahl pathway being terminal electron accepting pathway is the most prominent metabolic feature for these microorganisms. However, here we describe that the fecal acetogen Clostridium bovifaecis strain BXX displayed poor metabolic capabilities of autotrophic acetogenesis, and acetogenic utilization of glucose occurred only with the supplementation of formate. Genome analysis of Clostridium bovifaecis revealed that it contains almost complete genes of Wood-Ljungdahl pathway but lacks gene encoding formate dehydrogenase, which catalyz.
Extracellular DNA (eDNA) is a biofilm component that contributes to the formation and structural stability of biofilms. Streptococcus mutans , a major cariogenic bacterium, induces eDNA-dependent biofilm formation under specific conditions. Since cell death can result in the release and accumulation of DNA, the dead cells in biofilms are a source of eDNA. However, it remains unknown how eDNA is released from dead cells and is localized within S. mutans biofilms. We focused on cell death induced by the extracellular signaling peptide, competence-stimulating peptide (CSP). We demonstrate that nucleic acid release into the extracellular environment occurs in a subpopulation of dead cells. eDNA production induced by CSP was highly dependent on (Indonesia) 09/18/2020 22:33, JAKARTA -- Pelaku pembunuhan dan mutilasi terhadap Rinaldi Harley Wismanu, 32, ternyata memindahkan potongan tubuh korban dari Apartemen Pasar Baru ke Apartemen Kalibata City menggunakan taksi online. Cerita ngeri di balik kasus pembunuhan mutilasi itu diungkap Kapolda Metro Irjen Nana Sudjana saat konferensi pers seperti dikutip dari, Sabtu (19/9/2020). Terungkap, tersangka Laeli Atik […]. .

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