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Zero Hedge 12/11/2019 05:00
Normandy Meeting Confirms Zelensky Has Zero Friends In Europe. It came as no shock to me that the meeting in Paris of the so-called Normandy Four between the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Franc ended without any breakthroughs. The first meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was mostly a get-to-know-you affair. That’s sad because it was a missed opportunity for Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Zelensky to announce to the world their independence as actors on the world stage. But that is definitely not what happened.
Zero Hedge 12/11/2019 04:15
World's Rarest Whiskey Collection, Including Two $2 Million Bottles, Slated For Auction Early Next Year. Richard Gooding had one of the most famous whisky collections in history. In fact, before passing away in 2014, he spent years at distilleries in Scotland and at auctions building his 3,900 bottle collection, including some of the rarest bottles in the world. Two of those bottles could fetch $2 million at auction , according to . At the beginning of next year, his bottles will become the largest private whisky collection to ever hit the auction block. The collection includes extreme rarities from names like Macallan, Bowmore and Springbank. Collectors continue to drive the prices of old, rare single malt scotch to record prices. Back in O.
Zero Hedge 12/11/2019 03:30
'Deadly Delusions': Europe's Deradicalization Programs. It was a tragedy of good intentions. "Jack Merritt died in the London Bridge attack. Don't forget what he stood for", Emma Goldberg in The New York Times . Merritt was one of the two victims of Usman Khan, an Islamic terrorist who struck on London Bridge on November 29. The other victim was Saskia Jones, a student at the conference targeted by the jihadist. They both dreamed of working to save and protect their murderer. London had been hosting the fifth anniversary of , an event in which ex-prisoners, staff members, students and criminology experts came from all over the country to celebrate the success of their initiative to deradicalize jihadists. Khan had been present as a model of
Zero Hedge 12/11/2019 02:45
"Choose Huawei Or Else": Danish Island Chain Threatened By China Over 5G Roll Out. "Choose Huawei or else" — Denmark's tiny self-governing archipelago of the Faroe Islands has been threatened by Beijing over plans for Chinese telecom giant Huawei's 5G roll out in the island autonomous region which lies halfway between Norway and Iceland. The major Danish national daily newspaper based in Copenhagen, , broke the story based on a recording of China's ambassador to Denmark making a quid pro quo threat after the Faroe Islands 5G by 2020 to all of its citizens. The threat, involving dangling a free trade agreement before local officials , was reportedly caught on tape, but an ongoing legal battle has prevented its release. According to a rough En.
Zero Hedge 12/11/2019 02:00
Ukrainian Military After 5 Years Of Warfare. Submitted by. Prior to the Maidan coup of 2014, Ukraine’s military existed in a political vacuum, suffering from benign neglect as well as corruption and other problems plaguing the Ukrainian state. Apart from downsizing, which meant the replacement of divisions by brigades, no modernization was conducted in the years of independence . While Ukraine did contribute to a variety of international missions, even sending a small contingent to Afghanistan and Iraq, these units came from various elite components of the armed forces. The rank-and-file mechanized and armored brigades simply languished under successive Ukrainian governments. Kiev’s bid to mobilize its military resources after 2014 has enjoye.
Zero Hedge 12/11/2019 01:00
As Prices Skyrocket, China Claims It Doesn't Need US Pork To Ensure Domestic Supply. The is out with a new opinion piece on Tuesday morning, stating how China will expand its pork imports with Brazil rather than the US. We've been covering this trend for the last several months, while the Trump administration continued to promote headlines indicating China was buying massive amounts of agriculture products from the US, including pork and soybeans.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 23:45
2019 Was A Year Of Global Unrest... And 2020 Is Likely To Be Worse. 2019 may well go down as the most disrupted year in global politics since the and the subsequent . However, the likelihood is that 2020 will be worse, and bloodier. Conditions that spawned global unrest on every continent in 2019 are unlikely to recede. Rather, they are likely to worsen in the face of a and little sign of causes of disaffection being addressed. Washington as disruptor. In a word, the world is in a mess, made more threatening by the retreat of the Trump administration from America’s traditional role as a stabilising force. President Donald Trump has moved the US away from its traditional role of global stabilising force. AAP/EPA/Kevin Dietsch. If anything, Wash.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 23:25
Trump Shuts Down WTO Appeals Court, Sending EU, China Scrambling For 'Plan B'. Axios certainly has the best intro to today's bombshell : "Internationalists have always dreamed of a court with jurisdiction over all the countries of the world. In 1995, the World Trade Organization was created — allowing the world's countries to press claims against one another for the first time.". But it won't survive the Trump presidency as on Tuesday his administration has effectively brought it to an end, neutering its ability to intervene in trade wars , having blocked all new appointments to its dispute-resolution court. Starting two years ago the US administration began blocking appointments, and now Trump has run out the clock as the now paralyzed WTO’s.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 23:05
Escobar: What Really Happened In Iran? On November 15, a wave of protests engulfed over 100 Iranian cities as the government resorted to an extremely unpopular measure: a fuel tax hike of as much as 300%, without a semblance of a PR campaign to explain the reasons. Iranians, after all, have reflexively condemned subsidy removals for years now – especially related to cheap gasoline.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 22:45
Lavrov Mocks Media Frenzy Over "Secrets" Exchanged During "Normal" Diplomatic Meeting With Trump. Little has been revealed in terms of precise statements or any potential diplomatic breakthroughs following Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's closed-door, no press admitted meeting with President Trump on Tuesday. But the predictable outraged frenzy given the timing didn't disappoint, with pointing out "the extraordinary spectacle of President Donald Trump consulting with Moscow on the day House Democrats unveiled articles of impeachment underpinned partly by Trump's unusual relationship with Russia.".
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 22:25
These Secretive Oil Companies Control $3 Trillion In Wealth. They control the vast majority of the world’s oil and gas assets, yet the average person has never even heard of them, outside of those that are famous for things like getting attacked by missiles or becoming embroiled in a high-profile corruption scandal. State-owned oil and gas companies (aka, the national oil companies, or NOCs) control at least US$3 trillion in oil and gas assets, compared to around $2.5 trillion as of 2017, and hold an estimated 90% of all known reserves--considerably more than publicly listed companies such as BP , ExxonMobil and Shell.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 22:05
WSJ Blasts "Willing Press Echo Chamber" For Enabling Schiff To "Distort Truth For Political Gain". With Bloomberg News now banned from Trump campaign events, after openly admitting its political bias, and with the likes of Harwood and Todd now fully paid up members of the resistance, there has been one voice from the establishment media that has remained quietly 'balanced', quietly not-activist, and quietly reporting the news. has lambasted President Trump for his trade war, anguished over his manner, and criticized many of his actions as President; but, unlike the rest of the mainstream media, they have also acknowledged his successes, reported the facts about various left-wing conspiracies (as opposed to amplified them), and has not been a.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 21:45
Jonathan Turley: "They Even Threatened My Dog" For Defending Trump At Impeachment Hearings. Law professor Jonathan Turley revealed that even his dog was violently threatened after he testified in favor of President Trump during the impeachment hearings. Turley already spoke about death threats he received following his testimony last week, but went further in an interview with CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell. "I know you received a lot of threats after what you did last week," O’Donnell told the George Washington University law professor. "And my wife and dog," Turley responded. "To be fair, you did talk about them during your testimony.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 21:25
CBP Baltimore Breaks Record For Recovered Outbound Stolen Vehicles, 95% Of Cars Headed To Africa. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) - Baltimore Service Port has a new record in the number of stolen vehicles being exported from the US. CBP said 246 stolen vehicles, worth over $10.3 million, have been recovered at seaports in Baltimore, Wilmington, Del., and Philadelphia in 2019. Baltimore ranks second nationally behind New York, in which 257 stolen vehicles were recovered in 2019. Nationwide, more than 1,000 vehicles have been recovered during import and export inspections, with a majority of the vehicles recovered on East Coast ports. CBP said it has been a record year for recoveries in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Wilmington. Recover.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 21:05
Dem Congressman: Impeach Trump To Heal The Wounds Of Slavery. It is hardly a surprise when Democrats accuse President Donald Trump of some terrible act. Nor is it shocking to hear the president incriminated for of terrible and tragic events. But to witness a Democrat member of Congress blame Trump for slavery is too much of a stretch. Yet, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) is doing just that – or at least drawing a bizarre link between slavery and the current commander in chief. Green, with a largely unremarkable political career, is now well known for one thing: his obsession with seeing this president impeached. The representative repeatedly and unsuccessfully introduced motions to impeach Trump – long before any phone calls to Ukrainian presidents. Gr.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 20:44
Repocalypse 2.0 On Deck? "Turn" Repo Rates Are Blowing Out. Earlier today, repo market icon Zoltan Pozsar scared the living daylights out of cross-asset traders everywhere with what could be called a in which the former NY Fed and Treasury staffer warned that as a result of collapsing systemic liquidity and a drought of "excess reserves", the coming days could see a lock up in the FX swap market (in the process sending the US Dollar soaring), which would then translate to a violent deleveraging of massively levered hedge funds, and a liquidation first in the bond then stock market. Yet while Pozsar had seemingly no concerns staking his hard-earned reputation on the outcome of a potentially catastrophic event that would subsequently be used b.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 20:05
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly In NAFTA 2.0. Democrats agree to pass USMCA, Trump's NAFTA replacement. Goodbye NAFTA, Hello USMCA. In what "seemingly" constitutes a major victory for . House Democrats agreed to support the new U.S. trade deal with Mexico and Canada, marking a victory for President Trump who ran for office in 2016 on a pledge to remake or blow up the North American Free Trade Agreement. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the new version of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement a "victory for American workers" at a Tuesday morning news conference.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 19:45
Senate Republicans To Let Bidens Off The Hook? May Skip Witnesses In 'Expedited' Impeachment Trial. While House Democrats are about to impeach President Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens for what looks like obvious corruption - Senate Republicans have no interest in calling witnesses to determine whether Trump's request was justified in the first place. According to the , the GOP-controlled Senate have no plans to call key witnesses to testify in an impeachment trial. This means Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, John Kerry's stepson, Alexandra Chalupa and Ukrainian prosecutors involved in the Burisma case won't set foot in the Senate . Their reasoning? Senate Republicans have "no appetite" for it. Senate impeachment rules require a m.
Zero Hedge 12/10/2019 19:25
Paul Volcker: The Last Of His Kind. One of the most important figures in the history of U.S. monetary policy, Paul Volcker, died Sunday at the age of 92. Volcker is famous for having raised interest rates all the way to 20% in June 1981, the highest rates since the Civil War. His actions are widely credited for ending the great inflation of the 1970s and setting the stage for the Reagan economy of the ’80s (although his sky-high rates nearly sank the economy at first). Volcker didn’t kill inflation right away — it took another couple of years to finally end it, but rates were never that high again. Volcker had a solid understanding of inflation and had opposed going off the gold standard in 1971. He was one of the people in the room at Camp

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