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Boing Boing 07/09/2020 16:58
is an AI-powered method for adding "missing" frames of footage. Standard interpolation treats the existing frames as flat fields of color and contrast, but the AI models the depth of regions in the scene, resulting in a more convincing and less "smeary" results. Let's go for a ride on the moon! Apollo 16 Rover Traverse to Station 4 16mm footage interpolated from 12fps to 60fps with DAIN-AI. Colour corrected and synchronized with audio. Raw 16mm film & Audio: NASAVideo & Audio Processing: Dutchsteammachine.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 13:45
Back in the 50s and 60s, it was no big deal in most areas to make a call to your local liquor store and have beer, wine and spirits delivered right to your house with little to no restriction. However, that ease and simplicity certainly isn’t in place today. Alcohol delivery laws in 2020 are a mishmash of conflicting regulations that shift from state to state. Right now,. for some method of home delivery of all alcohol products. Out of all that uncertainty, services like Saucey have jumped in to fill those gaps, offering fast, reliable home delivery of everyone’s favorite alcoholic beverages. They want to get users to try out the service — so right now, first-time buyers can get a $50 gift card to the full roster of Saucey Liquor Delivery se.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 13:32
One third of US households failed to make a housing payment in the month of July, according to a survey by online rental platform Apartment List. From :. About 19% of Americans made no housing payment at all during the first week of the month, and 13% paid only a portion of their rent or mortgage. That’s the fourth month in a row that a "historically high" number of households were unable to pay their housing bill on time and in full, up from 30% in June and 31% in May.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 13:23
On July 7, Harper's published "," which was signed by a diverse body of writers and public intellectuals. Without actually using the term "cancel culture" the letter argues that "public shaming" and "ostracism" are leading to an environment in which the "free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted.". Mike Masnick of Techdirt says, "hogwash," in a piece titled "." Mike's essay is well worth reading in its entirety, but here are a couple of highlights:. The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. First off, hogwash. There are more places and ways to speak your mind than ever before, and the free exchange of
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 13:07
During World War I, skilled craftsmen stuck in trenches would fashion useful items from spent bullets and other war materials. Watch Canadian maker Steven from the Steven's Fix YouTube channel back to working condition. As Steven points out:. This video is of a WWI trench art brass bullet lighter. Trench art was what soldiers made while waiting to fight. The earliest reference to a lighter that looks like this is 1909. They were made in Canada, France and other countries up until the 1940s. A soldier would order them or be sent one from a loved one and would decorate it themselves. This one has a very fine flower pattern on the lighter and the cap. Starting with the Crimean War, up through WWI and WWII, there was a superstition about 3 to a
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 12:36
To distract from an eerie, empty stadium, the Japanese baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks brought in more than 20 robots to liven up the otherwise dead atmosphere when they played against the Rakuten Eagles. But the robots only made the game eerier for some fans, while they delighted others. From :. Fans on social media had mixed reactions. "I think this is like a dystopia," wrote one Twitter user. Another called the performance "insanely beautiful.". Boosted by the supportive robots, the Hawks won 4-3 as they look to defend their 2019 NPB title. Of course, the stadium is empty because of coronavirus fears. Baseball fans in Japan haven't been permitted to watch games live, but that will change tomorrow when professional baseball games will
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 12:35
is a trippy and evocative dreamscape animated by Vier Nev. The English title is a play on the Portuguese original, which means "mother of blood.". Nev said about the project:. It began with twenty drawings I had created about different cultural representations of birth and identity. I find that in my drawings I often come back to the same characters: queer couples, mothers, and, for some inexplicable reason, cats. I wondered if I could create a film that merged the stories of these characters into the same shapes and shadows. In my mind, the main challenge was to create a film where every frame would hold two different images and somehow would still be a compelling experience. I wish there was a big secret behind how I create images with mult.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 12:28
Three-term Seoul mayor Park Won-soon, who was reported missing yesterday following a police complaint that sexually assaulted a staffer, was . From :. His daughter contacted police on Thursday afternoon and said her father left "a will-like" message before leaving their home 4-5 hours earlier. Reports from South Korean broadcasters said one of Park’s secretaries had lodged a complaint with police on Wednesday night over alleged sexual harassment. The complainant, known only as Ms A in a report by the SBS News television network, said the harassment started when she started working there in 2017. Park is alleged to have sent "personal photos" via text message to the secretary as well as engaging in unwanted physical contact.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 12:10
help keep my glasses from fogging up. I have two masks that came with nose bridge strips sewn in. Those two are the only masks I was able to use when shopping or anywhere my sight was actually important, as the loose nose bridge area on my other hand-made masks encouraged my glasses to fog up. Feeling like my vision is closing in as I breathe-in increasingly warmer and damper air evokes memories of nitrogen narcosis while scuba diving. Never the smartest free ride. I did not know I was looking for these adhesive aluminum strips until they found me. Today, they are pretty much the best cheapo gadgety thing I've seen this pandemic. via Amazon.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 12:05
The Caribbean island nation of Barbados is issuing 12-month "Barbados Welcome Stamps" as an incentive for people to come and work remotely. Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said people can "come and work from here overseas, digitally so, so that persons don’t need to remain in the countries in which they are.". From the :. Speaking during the official reopening of Primo Bar and Bistro, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, last night, the Prime Minister said one of the things the pandemic has shown is that it made short-term travel more difficult because of the testing and the requirements for rapid testing, which were not reliably available. “You don’t need to work in Europe, or the US or Latin America if you can come here and work for a couple mo.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 11:17
Vacuum cleaner filters are a good material to use in homemade masks, according to a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection . Masks made from tea towels, cotton-blend fabrics, and antimicrobial pillowcases are also good. Scarves and T-shirts are not so good. From :. When the researchers compared wearing masks to wearing no protection during 20-minute and 30-second exposures to the virus, they found that infection risks were reduced by 24-94% or by 44-99% depending on the mask and exposure duration. Risk reduction decreased as exposure duration increased, they found. "N99 masks, which are even more efficient at filtering airborne particles than N95 masks, are obviously one of the best options for blocking the virus, as they can r.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 11:15
After a year of enduring the unfortunate sight of a Melania Trump statue -- a crude eyesore thought of by locals as a , Melania's hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The wooden statue, carved with a chainsaw by artist Brad Downey, was set on fire July 4th by "vandals," according to , and then promptly carted away by officials. Downey said he received a call from the local police department asking him what to do with the statue, which was made in July 2019 as part of an ongoing project that includes a short documentary film. He said the statue was removed on July 4 and he asked locals not to distribute photos of the scorched figure so it did not become a "violent meme.". Downey has filed a police report but sa.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 10:35
French artist Paiheme Studio created these delightful to keep idle hands busy during the pandemic. They come in three styles, all beautifully displayed on :. Here's a tiny Arcade Machine Papercraft that you can make at home ! 🔥 Inspired from my last illustration and the upcoming "Moshimoshi?!" collection, I wanted to create something that you can make during this containment period. A few coloring pages would have been cool but I wanted to go a bit further and give you the possibility to have one of my works at home ! ✌️➡ The is in my bio and my website and it's obviously FREE ! Feel free to share, I'd love to see the result and where you put it in your house ! Stay safe friends ! ❤️.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 10:12
The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Thursday in the Trump financial documents case. The stakes are much higher than Trump’s tax returns. Congress has subpoenaed a wide range of records from Deutsche Bank, which could answer many of the questions about Trump’s business partners, sources of cash, potential money laundering, etc. Take a look at the subpoena ⤵️⤵️. — David Enrich (@davidenrich). If you plan to pay attention to Tuesday's Supreme Court hearing in Trump v.
Boing Boing 07/09/2020 09:45
Felix Alejandro Hernandez R of Hernandez Dreamphography creates intricate fantastical models from possible dystopian futures, like his project ".". Describing the project, he says, "World as we knew have changed. People now live isolated in levitating houses over the water... Is a ruthless and silent world where the only sound you can hear is "the wind" singing its deadly melody.". A post shared by (@hernandez_dreamphography) on Mar 7, 2020 at 6:30pm PST. A post shared by (@hernandez_dreamphography) on Mar 19, 2020 at 10:18am PDT. He also did this cool series of and other Star Wars vehicles:. A post shared by (@hernandez_dreamphography) on Jul 4, 2020 at 8:37am PDT. Image YouTube / Hernandez Dreamphography.

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