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CATO at Liberty 09/06/2019 11:03
The Association of American Medical Colleges projects a severe physician shortage by the year 2032, particularly in the primary care fields, as the population of patients as well as doctors continues to age, according to a today by AAMC the national primary care shortage will range from roughly 47,000 to 122,000. The news report focused on Arizona, one of the fastest growing states in the union, which has a shortage of primary caregivers in every county. Arizona ranks 44 th out of the 50 states in total active primary care providers (PCPs), at 77.9 per 100,000 population (the national average is 91.7 per 100,000) according to a from the University of Arizona. To deal with the problem efforts are underway in the state to expand res.
CATO at Liberty 09/05/2019 10:19
Leif Olson (who is no relation) is a well-known Texas lawyer who just landed a nice job at the U.S. Department of Labor. He’s a good friend of several people at Cato, and a Facebook friend of mine, although we’ve met in person at most briefly. We agree on many legal issues and likely disagree on some others. This week, in one of the most unfair hatchet jobs I’ve seen over the years as a watcher of Washington journalism, a Bloomberg Law reporter took a heavily sarcastic Facebook post Leif Olson wrote three years ago as meant in all sincerity – complete with a partial screenshot which clipped off the comments that followed hailing the post as an elaborate exercise in sarcasm, which it obviously was. As if that weren’t bad enough, the piece wa.
CATO at Liberty 09/05/2019 09:54
Today, Michigan became the first state to announce an on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) explained the decision by saying, “As governor, I’m going to do it unilaterally until I can get the legislature to adopt a statute and write it into law.”This executive decision will impact nearly half a million Michiganders who use e-cigarettes. The ban prohibits the retail or online sale of flavored e-cigarettes or vaping liquid, including mint and menthol flavorings. Flavored e-cigarettes account for nearly of all e-cigarettes, so the impact will be widely felt. The governor cites increasing of flavored e-cigarettes and recent CDC reports of that may be associated with e-cigarette use in justifying the ban. However,
CATO at Liberty 09/04/2019 09:20
As the 2020 presidential election season heats up, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is being pushed from all sides. has castigated him for overly tight monetary policy and has implied that Powell is a “bigger enemy” than Xi Jinping. Meanwhile, , who recently headed the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the most important reserve bank in the system, boldly called for Powell to enter the political fray against Trump and use a tighter monetary policy to help defeat him in 2020. We’ve seen this pattern before—only this time, it’s more extreme. President Trump, like many executives before him, wants the Fed to sacrifice its independence in favor of more accommodative monetary policies, while Dudley, on the other hand, is willing to sacrifi.
CATO at Liberty 09/03/2019 16:30
President Trump and his advisers are beating the drums again about the need for greater burden-sharing by U.S. allies. In early August, Trump demanded that South Koreans pay “” than the current $990 million a year for defraying the costs of U.S. troops defending their country from North Korea. Just days later, Richard Grenell, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany that country’s reluctance to spend more on defense and its continued reliance on U.S. troops for protection. “It is offensive to assume that the U.S. taxpayers continue to pay for more than 50,000 Americans in Germany but the Germans get to spend their (budget) surplus on domestic programs,” Grenell told a German news agency. Complaints about allied “free riding” did not begin with the Tr.
CATO at Liberty 09/03/2019 15:25
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included capital gains tax cuts on investments in chosen areas called “opportunity zones.” There are about 8,700 O Zones across the country, which were selected by state governors based on rules in the federal statute. O Zones are a bad idea and should be repealed. They actively divide the nation between winner and loser communities. They replace equal justice under law with differential treatment based on political pull. The main winners likely are within the zones, not poor households. Business investment and low capital gains taxes . But tax policy should aim to create equal treatment for investments across the economy to maximize growth and fairness while minimizing corruption. If cities want to subsidi.
CATO at Liberty 09/03/2019 09:43
News that the DEA is to improve access to marijuana for research purposes should be cause for celebration. But, if history is any guide, marijuana advocates should remain cautious. It has been since the process of increasing the number of entities registered under the Controlled Substances Act to “facilitate research involving marijuana and its chemical constituents” began. to the , the DEA had a monopoly on growing marijuana for research purposes. That no progress has been made in the past three years is outrageous, yet not unexpected from the prohibitionist bureaucracy of the DEA. , the , and are leading the way in marijuana research. Studies show that marijuana is an effective treatment for , , , , and other medical conditions. By refusi.
CATO at Liberty 08/30/2019 10:30
The Trump administration will reportedly from $23,660 to $36,000 in the coming weeks. Anyone below the current threshold is eligible to be paid at least one-and-a-half times their regular wage for any hours worked above 40 per week. The proposed change would make approximately 1.3 million extra people eligible for overtime pay. Economically, such a regulatory change is a great big nothing burger. It will do nothing to affect long-term overall compensation, but will bring mild labor market dysfunction and adjustment costs along the way. Yes, in the short-run, employers have business practices and contracts with their employees that take time to change. Some workers will therefore benefit from higher total compensation in the immediate afterm.
CATO at Liberty 08/29/2019 12:00
By 2016, Puerto Rico’s government was in dire financial straits. To avoid bankruptcy, Congress enacted the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (“PROMESA”), creating a board responsible for restructuring the island territory’s substantial public debts. But there are serious questions regarding the constitutionality of this Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico (the “Board”). Under PROMESA, the president chooses six of the seven members of the Board from “secret lists submitted to [him] by the House and Senate leaders.” But in view of the Board members’ selection process and responsibilities, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held that they are “principal federal officers” who must be.
CATO at Liberty 08/29/2019 10:06
Thanks to President’s Trump’s picks for prospective Fed Board nominees, the subject of gold price targeting (or a gold "price rule") is getting attention once again. The idea, which got a lot of attention back in the 1980s, and other supply-siders, including , first began promoting it, is that the Fed could mimic a gold standard, keeping inflation in check and otherwise making the dollar "sound," by employing open-market operations to stabilize the price of gold.
CATO at Liberty 08/28/2019 14:16
The Overseas Base Realignment and Closure Coalition, “a group of military base experts from across the political spectrum,” is calling on Congress to mandate a reporting requirement on overseas bases. In a letter to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, the group of experts says the information that the Department of Defense currently provides on the cost and location of overseas bases is very “limited” and the “data is frequently incomplete.” This lack of transparency, they write, has allowed the Pentagon to erroneously claim America’s empire of overseas military bases - some 800 installations in 70 or 80 countries around the world - only costs taxpayers $20 billion per year, even while more inclusive independent estimates go as
CATO at Liberty 08/28/2019 11:37
Arizona needed to raise money to update its sports facilities, but polling indicated that a new tax for this purpose was politically unpalatable. The state legislature had an idea: it would tax the tourism industry through hotel and rental car surcharges. The initial draft of the tax exempted Arizonans from the surcharge, but a smart legislative counsel observed that this just might be unconstitutional because it treated in-staters differently than out-of-staters. Instead, when Arizona levied a new tax on rental vehicles, it exempted long-term rentals, replacement rentals, bus rentals, and a whole slew of other vehicle rentals that are used primarily by locals, leaving the tax in effect on the short-term rentals favored by visitors. This ta.
CATO at Liberty 08/27/2019 16:14
On the campaign trail a few years back, Hillary Clinton : “We need a president who is ready on Day 1 to be commander in chief of our economy .” We got out of that here at Cato—what a megalomaniacal misconception of the job! When President Trump embraced the role last Friday, it somehow seemed less amusing. “Our great American companies to immediately start looking for an alternative to China,” he brayed, sending the markets into a . Where does Trump derive the authority for that “order”? On Saturday, he followed up with for the haters: “try looking at the Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977. Case closed!”True, President Trump makes a lot of crazy threats he never carries out: from , to , to using the same 1977 Act to with across-the-boar.
CATO at Liberty 08/27/2019 11:49
I was sad to read this :. BEIJING—An independent Chinese think tank that has served as a rare bastion for liberal economic thought will shut down, citing government pressure as President Xi Jinping ’s campaign to silence dissent rolls on. This is bad for China and bad for the world. I feel a particular connection to Unirule because, at Tom Palmer’s suggestion, I once nominated Mao Yushi – one of Unirule’s founders, and a Cato Friedman prize recipient – to receive an honorary degree from Harvard.
CATO at Liberty 08/27/2019 11:46
This past week was an eventful one for trade policy, and not in a good way. In the trade world these days, no news is good news, and any tweets are probably bad news. President Trump’s trade policy has been stridently protectionist, abusive of the constitutional separation of powers, destructive to U.S. alliances, and fundamentally flawed as a strategy to achieve its stated goals. Last week, President Trump was agitated by China’s retaliatory tariffs (which were in response to tariffs previously imposed by the Trump administration), and in reaction to the Chinese retaliation, on Twitter some retaliation for the retaliation, this time bumping up the various existing and promised tariffs by 5 percentage points. In doing so, he escalated a tra.
CATO at Liberty 08/27/2019 09:58
In 2012 President Obama announced the policy known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which provided lawful status to about 1.5 million people brought to the United States illegally as kids. In 2014, he announced a follow-up policy known as DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents). While there was no significant challenge to DACA, a group of states challenged the legality of DAPA. Cato filed amicus briefs in their support at the , , and . Throughout the litigation, Cato maintained that it supported DAPA as a policy matter—we were joined by several law professors along the way—but the president lacked the authority to pursue this change in the law unilaterally. After Justice Antonin Scalia.
CATO at Liberty 08/26/2019 21:10
On August 26 Oklahoma State Judge Thad Balkman that Johnson & Johnson must pay $572 million to the state of Oklahoma for contributing to the local opioid addiction crisis. Johnson & Johnson sold two opioids: a fentanyl skin patch with the brand name Duragesic, and Nucynta ,a synthetic opioid similar to tramadol but stronger. Nucynta is not as addictive as most other synthetic and semi-synthetic opioids and has been shown to have in post-marketing studies. Fentanyl skin patches are very difficult and inconvenient to convert for non-medical use. The Drug Enforcement Administration claims that nearly all the fentanyl seized is so-called “illicit fentanyl,” manufactured mostly in powdered form in clandestine labs in Asia and Mexico, and then sm.
CATO at Liberty 08/26/2019 15:27
President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson met on the sidelines of the G7 summit this weekend, and among the issues discussed was a possible . In Johnson made clear his desire that such a deal include cabotage privileges for U.K.-flagged ships:. PRESIDENT TRUMP: We’re having very good trade talks between the UK and ourselves. We’re going to do a very big trade deal — bigger than we’ve ever had with the UK. And now, they won’t have it. At some point, they won’t have the obstacle of — they won’t have the anchor around their ankle, because that’s what they had. So, we’re going to have some very good trade talks and big numbers. PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Talking of the anchor — talking of the anchor, Donald, what we want is for o.
CATO at Liberty 08/25/2019 15:30
A disturbing story about highlights issues about consumer privacy, government collaboration, and poor stewardship by a private company. Digging deeper, the story also highlights how behavioral economics can go awry, through self-serving choices by a moralistic CEO that violate basic ethical principles of choice architecture design. Bad nudges is an issue I have highlighted before in the context of plan choice and . The short version: FamilyTreeDNA’s database contains more than 1.5 million customers, and the FBI approached company president Bennett Greenspan in late 2017 and early 2018 to access those records in hopes of finding genetic links for some unsolved crimes. As the Wall Street Journal notes:. He didn’t tell the FBI attorney to come

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