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InsureBlog 10/10/2019 10:11
They say a picture's worth 1,000 words. Well:. ACA facts=hard pills to swallow. Per -premiums on individual market have doubled,even tripled in some states since Obamacare regulations took effect. Thus a new group of uninsured was created (who used to have Ins plans they liked)-working Americans.Forgotten Patients. — Kris Held,MD (@kksheld). Remember: Coverage ≠. Care. [Hat Tip: FoIB. ]. Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 10/09/2019 09:00
Kudos to Cigna! Nice to see educating about the opportunity. Now no one can ever accuse us of never saying anything good about a health insurer! — HealthyHive (@Hiveaway). [Hat Tip: FoI. B ]. Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 10/08/2019 09:00
This evening marks the beginning of Yom Kippur, which we've come to call The Day of Atonement. Like Rosh HaShannah (New Year's) this Holy Day is commanded of us in the Torah in Vayikra (Leviticus):. ".". We generally fast from sundown this evening until sundown tomorrow, and spend this time in contemplation and prayer. If you observe, may your fast be meaningful. L'shannah tova! Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 10/07/2019 09:00
Businesses live and die by Social Media in today’s economy, and Medical Practices are not immune from bad reviews. Businesses have options regarding bad reviews: they can ignore them, fight them or respond, especially if the comment is especially grievous. However, due to HIPAA, Medical Offices cannot respond to any complaint other than the boilerplate:. “ We at ABC Medicine take all comments regarding our practice very seriously. We request that if you have an issue, please contact the office .”Medical Professionals, being human, at times want to respond to a complaint. “Responding to online patient reviews just cost a dental practice $10,000 after it was accused of disclosing a patients' health information in social media posts. Elite De.
InsureBlog 10/04/2019 09:00
Longtime readers may recall our (exclusive) series on how choosing to forego enrolling in Medicare : " Did you know that you can opt out of Medicare altogether? That is, once you retire, you can elect not to participate in Part A, at all? Unfortunately, opting out of Medicare benefits also means opting out of Social Security benefits, as well ." A little known rule enshrined in Social Security's Program Operations Manuals (POMS) is responsible for this stupidity, which was actually . But that was then, and this is now, and we have some great news:. Big win in EO thanks to ! Sec. 11. Maximizing Freedom for Medicare Patients and Providers. ... revise current rules or policies to preserve the Social Security benefits of seniors who choose not t.
InsureBlog 10/03/2019 10:28
For once this is really just one of those unhappy coincidence type stories, but it's a good illustration of how things outside of our control can have a big impact. Got a call this morning from the admin for one of my group clients. She told me that "Larry" had initially waived coverage on their plan because he was covered under his spouse's employer's group plan. Okay, no big deal, how may I be of assistance? Well, seems that Larry's wife took a new job, and this one doesn't offer spousal coverage at all . So, can he still get on their plan, or must he wait for Open Enrollment? The good news is that losing coverage is a "trigger" for enrolling on his employer's plan, no problem. Here's the kicker: his termination form the wife's plan isn't.
InsureBlog 10/02/2019 13:43
Oh goody, another wonderful innovation" from the Feds: "." Actually, it gives insurers in those 10 states the opportunity to increase premiums with little effort, and even less actual cost. How is that, you ask? Regular readers already know: "." But I'm sure it just wasn't tried by the right folks.... Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 10/02/2019 10:02
Seriously good news:. Health Savings Accounts Linked to Increased Care Access in Cancer Survivors. — AssocAmerPhys&Surg (@AAPSonline). It's surprising primarily because it's under the radar. Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 09/30/2019 09:00
■. First up, thanks to FoIB Jeff M, some good news for Tar Heel State insureds:. [click to embiggen]. This applies to their individual ObamaPlans only, but still: Kudos! ■We last blogged on insuring drones back in '16:. ".". But that was about personal use of this tech. Now, the folks at Worldwide Facilities has a new post up about the risks issues faced by businesses using it, and what they can expect insurance-wise:. ".". Interesting stuff. ■This is a little off the beaten path for us, but it does relate to an important Long Term Care issue. Our friends at OneAmerica bring us Thorpe's Story:. " .". To be sure, POAs are an issue best handled by one's attorney, but it's a conversation all too few of us actually have. And there are important consid.
InsureBlog 09/29/2019 12:00
This evening marks the beginning of Rosh HaShannah, the Jewish New Year, as we welcome 5780. We were commanded to observe this holiday in the book of Vayikra (Leviticus). It's interesting because, unlike our secular New Ye. ar which begins on the first day of the first month,. Rosh HaShannah actually begins on the first day of the seventh month of our lunar calendar. And also unlike typical New Year's revelry and fun:. ".". So, may the New Year be filled health and happiness:. Shanah Tovah Umetukah - Have a Good and Sweet Year -. ! שנה טובה ומתוקה‎Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 09/27/2019 09:00
A couple weeks ago, we posted on a new Medicare Supplement model: "." At the time, we wondered if beneficiaries could also toss in additional dollars on their own, and reached out to the Lasso folks for clarification. Well, they were kind enough to reply: ". Henry, Thank you very much for your interest and question! Currently, Medicare MSA deposits can only be made by the Medicare Advantage contract holder (Lasso Healthcare) to the MSA plan members’ accounts. There have been proposals to Congress to change this law and allow individuals to contribute also, but at this time only Lasso Healthcare can contribute to the MSA plan members’ account each year. The good news is that the deposit is very large relative to health savings account limits,
InsureBlog 09/26/2019 09:00
Remember this? Well, that was the promise, anyway. But how is that actually panning out? Turns out, we have independent, verifiable facts that paint a very different picture. I'm fortunate to have a number of so-called Grandmothered/Grandfathered small group clients. These are plans that are largely unaffected by various ObamaCare rules and regs, and so provide a clear picture of how small employers are being crushed under those regs. Here's. one such. group's actual 2020 renewal:. So, less than 4% increase, reflecting the ever-. increasing. cost of health care . Now let's see what would happen if they opt to switch over to a comparable, fully ACA-compliant plan:. Yes, you're seeing that correctly: an almost. 100%. rate increase, merely for adding
InsureBlog 09/24/2019 09:12
As in Britain's venerable (and newly. defunct. ) Cook Travel Agency:. "" The agency had grown substantially since it was founded in 1841, to include not just airline bookings but also operating ". hotels, resorts and airlines for 19 million people a year. ."
InsureBlog 09/23/2019 09:51
A recent article in the Daily Mail caught my attention with the headline:. I always like to read about medical issues, but what caught me most about the article was the location, the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. I am acquainted with that hospital, as my first born child had cleft palate surgery there when she was one year old. As we had excellent care in that facility, I was curious as to what happened and I found an arbitrary policy led to an unintended consequence. “LeeAnn Bienaime, 27, was suffering from painful and consistent contractions when she and her husband Leo Bienaime, 29, headed to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth on August 23 ⁠at around 8:30 p.m. — just hours before their son Joachim's birth. 'In all of our classes and appo.
InsureBlog 09/20/2019 13:30
So, what do you get when you mix together government-run health "care," electronic health records and "quality measures?" Regular readers probably already know: "" When the person whose ostensible job is to provide care is instead clicking and typing, well, that's what you get. In fairness, EHR has become quite the bane here in the US, as well. If you want proof, and are on Twitter, you should be following @EPICEMRparody. Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 09/20/2019 09:20
Thanks to our good friend Holly R:. A Pa. federal judge today denied a company insurance coverage after some raccoons got into its building and caused property damage. He cited a 1994 New Mexico state case in which a trial court expressed their opinion through poem:. — Sarah Jarvis (@SarahJarvisNP). Heh. Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 09/18/2019 14:00
Heh:. Whatever Canada is doing for healthcare is working for our business. Patients fly from Canada and use our surgical facilities all year long. Good job Canada and big thank you to our Canadian patients. — Dutch Rojas (@DutchRojas). Original content copyright © InsureBlog.
InsureBlog 09/18/2019 09:00
Some three and a half decades ago, as a newbie agent, my then sales manager introduced me to my new-to-me client, Cosmo. He was nothing like I'd would have expected of someone in his mid-sixties: vivacious, friendly, fun and just the best sense of humor. And warm, so cordial and welcoming. A year and a half later I had made the jump to independent agent, and Cosmo came with me. Over the years we helped with his life and business insurance, and more. In recent years, I most often spoke with his beloved daughter Pat. Yesterday afternoon, I got "the call;" Pat let me know that , just a wee bit shy of his 100th birthday. It's odd to. think. that this. wonderful. person. , whom I've known since my very first week in this indus. try. , i. s really gone.
InsureBlog 09/17/2019 12:59
Just now on the Ohio DOI website:. We are aware of a phishing scam targeting insurance producers regarding a falsified insurance claim related to their company that has been submitted to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This fraudulent email displays the NAIC and CIPR logo, can originate from a naic or gmail account and asks the recipient to click on a link to download the complaint notification. Certain anti-virus products will detect this is a malicious email but if you receive a similar email and have any concerns, contact the NAIC Service Desk at (816) 783-8500 or . Original content copyright © InsureBlog.

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