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PSA LEVELS. Dec 2016 4.0. Oct 2017 4.50. Apr 2018 5.0. Apr 2019 4.6. Apr 2020 5.5. May 2020 5.5 (retest after 21 days of Cipro). 70 year old white male. No previous testing done other than digital and psa until now. Doctor scheduled me for an MRI this morning. I couln't do it due Claustrophobia. When I was put into the machine it was hot and I started freaking out and couldn't deal with it. The attendant said I'm not the first one. I was sweating like a pig. He suggested the doctor prescribe a sedative and try it again, I don't know. I was really freaking out. Is this something that can be done by putting me to sleep until it's over? My PSA has been above 4.0 for several years now, I have mild pain on left side and in my back. I've recently had a
New to site. Recently had radical prostate surgery. Post surgery gleason was 9. I must admitt that I'm frieghten yet hopeful I can slow the spread of cancer for the forseeable future. The cancer has not spread as tests show no cancer found in other parts of my body and none in my bones. I've done a psa test that showed my total psa .2% and my psa/free was unable to calculate. The test was done 26 days after surgery. One of my oncologist said that some of the total psa some could be micro bits/cells of the prostate left after surgery. I'm currently in a wait time for 3 months before my next appointment with my oncologist. Just before the appointment I'm to get a 2nd psa test. It's that psa test that will be the important one. During my wait,
Hi. My husband who is 87 years old has prostate cancer (enlarged)for several years and Dr.checkups each year.No worries. Last summer he suddenly started to lose weight without trying and lost over 20lbs over a 2 month period. His doctors regular had him exrayed, scans ,blood tests, and sent to heart doctor, skin doctor (he had melantonim 9 years ago) free of skin cancer and no one could explain his weight loss. My husband was very active, still biking around the nieghbour on two wheels and nieghbours amazed knowing he has age-related macular and can't see well and had knee surgery when he was 85 and came through with flying colors for his age. Went to the gym, no health problems other than the prostate which did not deter his life. The prost.
58 and had Prostate removal via Da Vinci device. Recovery is amazingly fast, I would say day 2 is the worst day and the best day is after catheder removal which for me was 4 days later. Then I discovery the new common problem... Incontinence. They have me going to a Pelvic Floor therapist doing the kegels among other. things with the kegels. But I am still going thru 4 to 5 pads a day5 weeks after surgery. I keep reading that a very high number report. dry within 12 months and most even earlier then a smaller group that do not recover at all. I have to assume those that recovered from this are probably not on the forum as much as those that have not but I am curious what. one sees during the recovery as I remain hopeful. Is it a linear recover.
I have a similar problem, but its ongoing. I was diagnosed in 2008. Did watchful waiting until 2014 when I opted for Proton treatment at MD Anderson. It all went well until about 3-4 weeks after finishing treatment. The the pain and "other" problems started. I have very strong pain during urination. It was like having a bad UTI 24/7, 365. They did a couple of cystoscopys over the next two years that showed damage to the bladder wall. During a treatment follow up colonoscopy they had to do a little "spot welding" to a place in the rectum. Don't know if they are related but those "other" problems I mentioned, were problems with rectum and sphincter control. I had several embarrassing experiences where I didn't make it to the toilet in time. F.
Hi there,. I thought that I would bring this paper to everybody's attention. It seems to show that there is a distinct link between taking metformin and a statin and the progress of PCa. If you have metastatic prostate cancer or you think that you might then if you can persuade your doctor to give you some metformin and a statin like avorstatin it may prolong your life. Best wishes,. Georges. Discussion boards:
Hi All,. I’ve been lurker on this forum when my dad was diagnosed with Stage 1 prostate Cancer. Your experience has helped me so much. I feel it would only be fare for me to return the favor by reporting on his condition and progress to help other guys going through the same thing. Basic Info:. Age : 77. General Heath: Active, healthy weight (5’2”, 118 lb prior to diagnosis) managing high blood pressure and hyponatremia, slightly enlarged prostate. Diet: Typical Asian diet of rice, protein consisting of fish and the occasional meat, and vegetable. Cancer Diagnosis: Stage 1, Intermediate Risk, Gleason 7. Treatment Plan: Brachytherapy followed by external beam radiation. Current Status : Brachytherapy seed implant done, finished day 4 of 28 for ext.
Hello All,. Just looking for some input. Over the last 2 years my PSA has went from 3.06 to 5.5. My GP sent me to an urologist and he did a DRE. He informed me that all felt normal and my prostate was slightly enlarged but, he felt i should have a ultrasound biopsy. Two weeks later he performed the biopsy and again said he didn't see anything with ultrasound and if their was any cancer it would be microscopic. His nurse called me Tuesday and gave me the results of the biopsy. Out of 14 needles 7 came back positive. 4 of the 7 were 2-3% and 2 of the remaining 7 were 15% and the final one was 30%. She said I had a Gleason of 6. I meet with him Monday to disuss my options. I'm 58 years old overall good health a little overweight and no family h.
I am 54 and a year ago I had a routine blood test done. Six months later i went to my doc again and was told that my PSA was 4.8 and had to go see a urologist. Two blood test later my PSA went to 6.0 and 7.4. In one year my PSA went from 4.8 to 7.4. Three weeks ago i had a 3T MRI done and it doesnt look good. The prostate is enlarged in size measuring 4.7 x 3.4 x 4.1 cm (volume 34.2 mL). PSA Density: 0.21 ng/mL/cc. Lesion R1: Location: Right posteromedial to posterolateral peripheral zone at the base (series 5; image 23). This lesion does not cross the midline. Size: 9 x 9 mm T2: Ill-defined homogeneously, markedly T2 hypointense lesion with a relatively extended interface with the prostatic capsule. Extra-prostatic extension: There is defi.
As you all know I did a combination of radiation treatment and I had many bad side effects and I'm still bitter about it below I will is my one and a half your follow up and when I asked the DR how low should my PSA get so I will know if the treatment was successful what is the nadir to be so I can proclaim that I am cancer free this is the answer I got....
My husband is 63 and was just diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. His Gleeson score is 9,grade 5. They gave him 2 shots of degarelix in his stomach. We just saw a surgeon today who said not to remove prostate. He told us to go to a cancer institute. We have an appointment on Monday for a bone scan and a cat scan. Then on Friday we have an appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering on Friday. Hopefully someone here can give some help in what to expect and if you have the same score and grade how you are doing. My husband brother died last year of the same disease. We are scared and nervou. Thanks for any information you can give. Discussion boards:
Hi there,. I thought I would share this publication with you as it shows just what a bizarre or lucky patient I am. When I look at my diagnosis at age 55 with a PSA of 133 -142, BMI of 24, stage 3 disease with a Gleason of 7 (4+3) I realise that I am in a tiny minority. Really I should be looking at heavy metastases and chemo instead of skipping round and buying my wife roses for Valentine's Day. Edex and jig-a-jig next year, I have to get over the sticking needles in my penis bit! Best wishes,. Georges. Discussion boards:
At age 59 my original 8/2010 Gleason score was 9 but post DaVinci (10/2010) it was lowered to 7 (4+3). I was fully functional after surgery with no leakage and sexually active in a few weeks with help of vitamin V. Post surgical report showed capsule contained with no sign of spreading. For the last nine years PSA held firm at 0.1 and I trained religiously as a competive athlete. My diet was mostly organic and also practiced Yoga and meditation daily. Eighteen months ago my PSA began a radical rise from 0.1 to current 2.0! This rise was unaddressed during that time because unbeknown to me my primary doctor switched from a standard PSA test to the ultra-sensitive version. I could read my results online which showed a dangerous rise to .4 so
Well, went to my PSA test the other day and got the results back. Less than <0.1, undetectable. My appointmnet at Levine Cancer Institute is 03/02/2020. I should only have to have this test annually now. My status is fully continent; ED for the most part at around 85%. I did try a 20mg Cialis the other day. Probably helped ED to around 95% to 100%. i have recovered from the inguinal hernia surgery that was probably caused by the prostate surgery. So for me, for now, I am OK. Smile, I am. Discussion boards:
I am new to this site. I made it through raditation treatment last summer and my PSA remains below 1. My Gleason was 9 before the radiation began. My physician order Lurpon injections. I am on my third injection. So far doing okay. Here is the issue: My physician recommended that I began taking supplements - 1200 mg Calcium D and 800 mg of Vitamin D. After doing the Internation Unit (IU) convrsion for Vitamin D, I discovered that 800 mg of Vitamind D is equal to 32 million IU. I cannot find any supplment that strong. Does anyone have experience with this situation. I did talk to my physician (who I trust) but he rejected my concerns and now wants to start me on Prolia. Discussion boards:
Had my prostate surgically removed about seven years ago. Experienced urinary control and ED issues. Eventually had 98% recovery from urinary control. ED continued despite many attempts to improve. Sex life became non-existent, so wife moved to another bedroom to escape my snoring and tossing and turning. Unfortunately, my being alone in the bedroom led to my developing a porn addiction in an attempt to find something / anything which stimulated me. I have been going to counseling and have not viewed porn for 9 months now. But my question to the group is has anyone out there experienced the feeling that they are no longer a complete man, to the extent they became addicted to porn? If so, do you have any suggestions? Thank you ahead of time

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