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Payments Journal 08/13/2020 12:00
This release discusses a new service from Barclaycard that provides some additional capabilities around supply chain data. The service is called Barclaycard Payment Intelligence (BPI). As readers will know, supply chain management, working capital, cash cycle automation and other forms of digitalization have gained a high degree of corporate re-focus due to the pandemic. In the […]. .
Payments Journal 08/13/2020 11:00
Online merchants continue to ride the rising tide of e-commerce sales, but fraudsters are getting in on the action as well. They’re using card-not-present (CNP) transactions and curbside pick-up to take off with the goods. Many retailers have expanded online order fulfillment options and store pickup has become popular with consumers not wanting to pay […]. .
Payments Journal 08/13/2020 10:00
The landscape of financial services is constantly shaped by the use and evolution of financial technology that adjusts to changing paradigms of user interaction. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the future of fintech is progressing further along the lines of digital accessibility and remote use. But what advancements in fintech allow this shift to […]. .
Payments Journal 08/13/2020 09:00
The small business market in the United States is vast, yet a lot of these businesses struggle to access the financial services they need. In response to cash flow issues and other financial challenges, small business owners are forced to make decisions that directly, negatively impact not only the businesses themselves, but the owners’ personal […]. .
Payments Journal 08/12/2020 15:30
One of the challenges among the many that prevent an instantaneous re-start to an economy that has been artificially interrupted on a worldwide scale is maintaining (or indeed recreating) supply chains. This article in Forbes is an interesting overview of several retailers and how they have, and are, coping with that very issue. The gist […]. .
Payments Journal 08/12/2020 14:00
As if rising credit card risks and accounting changes under Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) bring gloom to quarterly reporting, the industry must also watch for an increase in disputed payments, as the American Banker reports in today’s read. There are three concurrent issues to watch: specific verticals, such as travel and entertainment, experiencing disruption […]. .
Payments Journal 08/12/2020 12:00
I don’t think I’m breaking new ground when I say that the success of contactless payments, by phone or by card, will come from a combination of consumers seeing a benefit to using it and merchants seeing a benefit to offering it. The problem with contactless payment technology is that while it sounds so simple, […]. .
Payments Journal 08/12/2020 11:30
Here’s something you don’t read very often; an opinion defending the application and level of interchange fees charged to merchants to process card transactions. A column in Forbes lays out the argument that it is interchange that creates a secure, inclusive, and dynamic payment network that supports a significant portion of general commerce, particularly for consumers. […]. .
Payments Journal 08/12/2020 10:00
Like nearly all other aspects of business, anti-financial crime and compliance functions have been impacted by the disruption and uncertainty created by COVID-19. With financial institutions trying to squeeze more value from every dollar, financial crime functions are under pressure to drive efficiency and effectiveness across their programs. Yet at the same, the challenges of […]. .
Payments Journal 08/12/2020 09:00
When people think of innovation in the business world, startups–specifically technology companies–probably come to mind. This makes sense, as these businesses often use cutting edge technology and innovative business practices to disrupt the status quo. In contrast, large enterprise businesses are typically viewed as slowly moving incumbents that are lagging behind on the innovation front. […]. .
Payments Journal 08/11/2020 15:00
COVID-19 has accelerated e-commerce, and some retailers have seen sales skyrocket especially for groceries, meal delivery, streaming services, and website marketplace merchandise. Now Kroger is stepping up its already established online game by partnering with marketplace platform Mirakl to offer customers more than simply grocery aisle food and beverage items. Expect to see more of […]. .
Payments Journal 08/11/2020 14:19
Kount, the leader in digital fraud protection and identity trust, today introduced Kount’s Insurance Digital Risk and Fraud Prevention Solution. With increased levels of digital fraud specific to insurance providers, Kount has launched a customized solution that uses adaptive AI and Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network to establish risk or trust in real time throughout […]. .
Payments Journal 08/11/2020 13:00
Don’t miss another episode of Truth In Data! Click on the red bell in the lower-left corner of your screen to receive notifications as soon as the episode publishes. Data for today’s episode is provided by Mercator Advisory Group’s report –U.S. Small Businesses are Reeling as a Result of COVID-19 COVID-19 Sparks a Precipitous Deterioration […]. .
Payments Journal 08/11/2020 11:30
One of the ongoing manifestations of the pandemic is the digitalization recognition factor, which has kicked in big time during the past few months. Companies that were experiencing inertia around modernizing analog systems and processes in the cash cycle have a new motivational force. Just like with online supermarkets and e-commerce, if you happen to be […]. .

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