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Imperva 10/12/2020 15:57
How many apps do you currently have on your mobile device? Is this number a total across both your personal and professional devices? Did you know that between Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, there are between 2.2 and 2.8 million apps available to download? Did you know that, according to research, the […]. .
Imperva 10/08/2020 23:00
我很高兴地宣布,Imperva 已达成收购 jSonar 的协议!我们认为,jSonar 令人难以置信的产品和技术与我们保护数据和所有通往数据的路径的使命完美契合。合并之后,我们将能够提供一种全新的数据安全方法,帮助企业满足当前和未来的需求。 Imperva,数据安全的先驱 Imperva 成立于 18 年前,其理念是通过融合应用程序和数据安全来保护组织的数字资产和信息。2020 年,全球最大的公司告诉我们一个道理,所有的安全性(包括网络和应用程序)最终目的都是为了保护数据。从长远来看,网络的存在是为了把人们带到应用程序中,而应用程序则负责读写数据。Imperva 比市场上任何其他公司都更全面地保护数据和所有通往数据的路径——从网络,到应用程序栈,再到管理数据的地方——为关键客户和分析师提供关于安全性和合规性的解决方案。 如今,数据以各种格式(结构化、半结构化、非结构化)驻留在任何地方(本地、云服务提供商、第三方),当然,有些是高度敏感的,包含组织和客户相关的 PII。在 Imperva,我们一贯以我们的数据安全框架来指导和保护客户: 发现和分类:在我所有的环境中,敏感数据存储在哪里? 漏洞评估:哪些数据库存在安全漏洞或缺少重要的补丁? 访问和策略管理:用户对特定数据存储拥有什么访问权限? 审计与安全:用户访问哪些数据以及访问多少数据? 报告与洞察:这一特定的数据活动是否异常? 所有行业中最大的公司都采用并实施了涵盖此框架的 Imperva 数据安全解决方案——数据保护与审计、数据风险分析 (DRA)、发现与评估 (DAS),以及最近的云数据安全 (CDS)¹。虽然该框架的基础仍然牢固,但近年来出现了令人感兴趣的趋势。 5 个关键的数据安全趋势和机遇 我将从“房间里的大象”开.
Imperva 09/15/2020 10:28
Several years ago, I joined the development team of a new product within Imperva. I discovered that direct interaction between us developers and our customers was much more frequent than on more mature products – customer calls are an invaluable tool when developing from scratch. However, these calls may also be intimidating for a developer, […]. .
Imperva 09/03/2020 07:05
The evolution of “Code Cohesion” and “Separation of Concerns” The software industry has recognized the values of “Separation of Concerns” and “Code Cohesion” for more than two decades. Many articles, books and software-thinkers have contributed methodologies to implement these important values. In this short article I’d like to compare the conservative “Layers” solution with a […]. .
Imperva 08/25/2020 09:30
Why do you need a RASP solution if WAF’s layer of defense is so powerful? The simple answer is that no single security product can provide protection for all threat vectors. A comprehensive IT security strategy includes risk-appropriate controls implemented where they can provide maximum efficacy, with integrated analytics throughout. The Imperva WAF (Web Application […]. .
Imperva 08/20/2020 09:14
Imperva has decided to gradually shift to a company-wide Platform mindset in which, instead of having a set of separate products and features, there is a set of capabilities and building blocks upon which the products and features are built. Until now, special Platform teams have developed Platform components. Now, however, all teams will develop […]. .
Imperva 08/10/2020 11:32
These days, our focus is on spoiling our customers. For example, we give our DDoS Protection customers the peace of mind that their network traffic is routing through Imperva’s cloud for consistent volumetric attack protection. That protection works pretty well, but customers have started asking us to supply them with detailed traffic patterns and in-depth […]. .
Imperva 08/06/2020 07:21
Alert fatigue – introducing false positives in WAF All WAF experts know what it’s like handling massive amounts of alerts. They’re also very likely wasting a lot of time fishing false positives out of all these alerts. The WAF’s purpose is to block attacks and let legitimate traffic through. False positive events clutter the alerts […]. .

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