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(Natural News) Jonathan Lopez, a former candidate for commissioner of Umatilla County, Oregon, recently claimed to have received a racist, hate-filled letter from an anonymous person. After a thorough investigation from the Hermiston Police Department (HDP), it turns out that he wrote the letter to himself. The letter is peppered with racist remarks, such as... 07/09/2020 16:20
(Natural News) Mark this one down as a new low in CNN’s abominable race to the bottom in contemptuousness and repulsiveness. Minutes after political commentator Angela Rye dismissed Thomas Jefferson as no different than rapper R. Kelly, far-left hosts Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and Don Lemon dismissed, giggled about, and mocked the idea that there’s rising crime in... 07/09/2020 15:37
(Natural News) Cancer is the second leading cause of death around the globe, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, about one in six deaths globally is due to some form of cancer. But the thing is, an astounding 90 percent of cancer-related deaths aren’t because of complications caused by malignant tumors. Instead,... 07/09/2020 15:34
(Natural News) Ginger is a more potent cancer medicine than chemotherapeutic drugs like Taxol, according to a recent study. Published in the journal PLOS One, it revealed that 6-shogaol, one of the pungent compounds present in ginger, can kill breast cancer stem cells at doses that are non-toxic to healthy cells. Researchers from the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in India... 07/09/2020 15:30
(Natural News) Going under the knife has its risks. For older adults, however, that risk includes having a stroke without even realizing it. In a study published in the Lancet, a team of researchers found that one out of 14 older adults who had elective, non-cardiac surgery experienced a perioperative covert stroke – that is, a “silent” stroke... 07/09/2020 06:44
(Natural News) A vast wealth of knowledge on the human immune system has been suppressed during the covid-19 pandemic, and the government is actively censoring doctors who help patients overcome covid-19. When the federal coronavirus task force took the stage in March, the country was put into a state of perpetual, cascading emergencies. The public... 07/09/2020 06:42
(Natural News) The ‘mainstream media’ continues to prove President Donald Trump right for accusing them of being ‘enemies of the people,’ as evidenced again in recent days by the coverage of his first in-person rally in months held in Tulsa, Okla. In the lead-up to the rally, one Left-wing outlet after another fretted and lamented... 07/09/2020 06:24
(Natural News) This is an inside look at sellout journalism and “buy-in” propaganda posing as real news, and sponsored by everything Monsanto and Bill Gates. Brandy Zadrozny had enough of her regular 9-to-5 job as a librarian, and since she was already a liberal extremist, she decided to pretend to become a journalist and shill... 07/09/2020 06:23
(Natural News) The tyranny of the Marxist Left, which is now fully ensconced within the Democrat Party, is firmly on display in parts of the country where there is no serious political opposition — like California. Which should inspire patriots, conservatives, and constitutionalists who live in other parts of the country to cling to their... 07/09/2020 06:22
(Natural News) An estimated 25 million people took part in some form of BLM protest this year already, though they’re not all “members,” making it the largest terrorist-formed organization ever. Pretending to be about fighting for rights of Black Americans who are abused by police officers, Black Lives Matter rose to prominence in the wake of... 07/09/2020 06:06
(Natural News) There has been some debate regarding how much face masks help prevent infection with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Now, new studies show just how effective face masks really are at keeping wearers safe from the disease. According to experts at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, recent findings show that covering the nose and mouth decreases the risk of COVID-19... 07/09/2020 05:54
(Natural News) United Airlines has announced plans to furlough up to 36,000 workers – just under half of its U.S. workforce – due to losses sustained from measures to stem the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). On Wednesday, the Chicago-based carrier stated that it may furlough up to 15,100 flight attendants, 2,250 pilots, 11,000 airport... 07/09/2020 05:53
(Natural News) Recent statistics out of New York City show just how disastrous it could be to defund police departments, even on a small scale. The New York Post reports a sharp rise in violence across New York City after the NYPD disbanded an anti-crime unit featuring plain-clothes police officers. Following the unit’s closure on... 07/09/2020 05:44
(Natural News) To combat the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), China’s government has been using a health code system that assigns people colored QR codes via their smartphones. A new report, however, claims that this system goes beyond fighting the pandemic and is being used to maintain “social stability.” According to the Epoch Times, the Chinese Communist Party... 07/09/2020 05:43
(Natural News) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is claiming that there is “no intelligence” indicating that ANTIFA had a role in fomenting riots that have gripped the country. (Article by Shane Trejo republished from This directly contradicts President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, who immediately assigned the blame toward ANTIFA for the violence...

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