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Taxes are one of the new ghouls scaring the cannabis industry. The Tax Code 280E bars businesses trafficking in controlled substances from taking federal tax deductions from normal operating costs. This rule can drive some cannabis business tax rates to 70%. Many in the industry have bemoaned the law claiming it is a prohibition tax law still in place during a time when cannabis is growing into a billion-dollar industry. The IRS has not gotten the memo. that cannabis companies should expect a “tsunami of 280E audits.” The article goes onto say that the IRS is still forming the policy on how to audit cannabis companies saying, “the IRS now considers unlicensed companies that work with plant-touching businesses as subject to 280E if they prof. 10/21/2019 14:34
Back in the day, for those of you that are old enough to remember and have experienced one of the most incredible trader psychology driven stock market decline in recent history. The difference between "Black Monday" and most of the other recent stock market declines is that October 19, 1987, was driven by a true psychological panic, what we consider true price exploration, after an incredible price rally. It is different than the DOT COM (2001) decline and vastly different than the Credit Market Crisis (2008-09) because both of those events were related to true fundamental and technical evaluations. 10/21/2019 13:41
Chris Vermeulen, founder of The Technical Traders kicks off today by looking at the recent downtrends in the safe-haven assets. We look at the speed of the breakout and what the long term outlook is. To wrap it up Chris shares a trading strategy for natural gas. If you would like to receive my daily market analysis and forecasts along with my ETF trade alerts . Chris Vermeulen Technical Traders Ltd. 10/21/2019 12:29
Visualized: The Esports Journey to Mainstream. Although esports might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, its origins can be traced all the way back to the 1970s. It was only in the past decade however, that a wave of technological innovation transformed the entire industry from an underground niche into a billion-dollar mainstream phenomenon. Today, the nascent esports industry competes with some of the in the U.S., while global tech giants hastily invest billions of dollars to make their mark in what many consider to be the future of sports and entertainment. How did it evolve into the industry we know today—and more importantly, will it maintain its furious pace of growth? The History of Esports. Electronic sports (or esports), are orga. 10/21/2019 11:29
Written by: for. Ever since I began paying attention to the so called “smart money”, I have been amazed at how many stupid decisions they make. . In fact, their ego may actually cause them to make worse decisions than us common investors. Being Smart Doesn’t Translate into Good Decisions. Our education and intellect should help us make better decisions. But sometimes it can blind us , because of their accompanying egos and overconfidence. Remember Long Term Capital Management? Some of the brightest PhD’s and investment gurus in the world. They managed to blow up a huge hedge fund, bankrupt a major municipality and almost derail the American economy. Several months ago a similar topic regarding Uber. Huge valuations and expectations in the pri. 10/21/2019 10:29
Fred Imbert of CNBC that the Dow drops more than 250 points to end the week as Boeing and J&J plunge:. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply on Friday, weighed down by steep losses in Boeing and Johnson & Johnson. The broader market was also pressured by a decline in Netflix shares that led other Big Tech stocks lower. The 30-stock index ended the day down 255.68 points, or 0.95% to close at 26,770.20. Boeing dropped 6.8% — its biggest one-day drop since February 2016 — on news that company instant messages suggest the aerospace giant . Johnson & Johnson slid 6.2% after the company recalled some baby powder upon finding traces of asbestos. Friday’s losses wiped out the Dow’s gains for the week. The index closed down 0.2% week to date. 10/21/2019 09:29
Header. CEO and Consumer Confidence are polar opposites while Brexit chaos continues. The House marches toward Impeachment and China drags their feet on meaningful trade reforms. Earnings estimates have been falling for a year and corporate debt vs income is approaching financial crisis levels. What could possibly go wrong? S&P 500 1 Year Chart. In a vacuum, the S&P 500 would likely be at the bottom of a 20% slide with calls for another 20 just around the corner. Magazine covers and blogs would have titles like Business Week’s 1979 article “The Death of Equities." Of course, we don’t live in a vacuum and like most things in life even asset classes are in competition for your dollar. Suddenly in that dynamic the playing field levels. Stocks li. 10/21/2019 08:29
Image: Assembly Biosciences. Impact . Highlighting Anomalies Amongst the Week’s Biggest Gainers, Losers, & Volume Leaders. by Christian Galatti (Phase 4 Research). Assembly Biosciences ...+73% for the Week. The Company Becomes Event Driven. Story. From 2016 to 2018 Assembly Biosciences could do no wrong (see chart.) Getting closer to a cure for Hepatitis B gave the stock momentum that lasted, and lasted and lasted. Allowing them to raise $144M last on the way down when the trial data became less sublime. A raise that paid for research that was meant to stop the bleeding. Baird stated in an initiation piece in August 2018 at $38 that ASMB would almost double to $74 shortly. While not understanding the true market forces that would take the sto. 10/19/2019 15:37
Today I want to talk to you about the SP500 because it’s on the verge of making a very significant move. We could experience a 15% rally or a 15% decline and it could be just around the corner. Let me recap on both the short-term top this month, and then a look at the bigger picture of what happened last October through December and if we are going to see that happen again. There is the possibility we get a massive rally if the market breaks to new highs. The market is loaded and ready for action. Whichever way it breaks will have a strong impact on precious metals and bonds. Make sure to . 21 DAYS THEN A BREAKDOWN? Let’s look at the SP500 for the last 6 months in the chart below. If we were to just draw support trendlines across the lows a. 10/19/2019 00:02 Over the last few years we have seen Comcast, Charter Communications and Altice move into wireless with Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Altice Mobile. So, how are the cable TV competitors doing in wireless? So far, the results seem mixed. Let’s take a closer look at how these companies are doing in this new space and what growth looks like for them going forward. Cable TV in wireless is both a story of good and bad. Pros and cons. While the move may be helpful to these cable TV giants in one way, it has a high cost, and it does not seem to be impacting the major competitors in the wireless industry. Main reason cable TV is entering wireless. Let’s remember, the reason the cable television industry entered wireless was simple. 10/18/2019 13:29
this week as some cannabis stocks started to bounce back after continued woes. Even though a few companies bounced, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch analyst and cannabis bull, Christopher Carey, poured cold water on that spark by saying that even at current prices, cannabis stocks might be 30% too high. Besides that nugget, here are the rest of the things you should know:. HEXO Corp. Announces Budget Cannabis. Let the price wars begin. Hexo Corp. announced a value brand of cannabis called Original Stash. A 1 oz. bag of the value brand will retail for CA$125.70 equating to CA$4.49 per gram. Right now, the brand is only available in Quebec but Hexo will soon roll it out to the rest of Canada. Original Stash is meant to bust up black market sellers. 10/18/2019 11:29
It’s a common strategy in war. Addition by division. Put simply, adding content and flair by dividing two sides, is a very effective means of polarizing two or more sides. Cultural communists use it in their war on climate change “ You’re either with us ditching plastic straws or you’re harming the environment ”. Economists use it to confirm their investment bias, “ If you’re not a Keynesian follower then you’re not a true capitalist ”. Crypto enthusiasts use it too, “ HODL or you hate Bitcoin, the future currency of everything ”. Dividing people is an easy way to engage the ones most in favor of your cause, or financial interest. And Gold vs Bitcoin is no different. I was recently asked to lend my thoughts in a candid interview and to “ rip. 10/18/2019 10:29
“In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.”-Benjamin Graham. Investors sometimes confuse a volatile stock for a volatile business. When a stock is up or down by 25% or more after nearly every earnings report, it’s only natural to assume the company’s cash flows are similarly volatile. Sometimes, though, a company’s stock will move dramatically based on sentiment, geopolitical issues, or other factors even if the underlying business is stable. Skechers has delivered consistent growth over the past five years, but its stock continues to swing wildly based on concerns over its long-term growth and, more recently, the potential impact of tariffs. Despite these swings, the stock has outperfo. 10/18/2019 09:29
Just because marijuana is legal many places in the United States does not mean everyone is going to start showing up to work high. There are some places where drug testing laws have shifted to protect workers who use marijuana during off-hours, and many employers are happy to oblige this shift. Whether you are an employee looking for the best place to live as a marijuana user or an employer struggling to understand what legalization means for your business, it pays to brush up on the current state of the laws. Learn more about below! 10/17/2019 15:29
Not very long ago, blockchain technology was considered to be a bubble bound to burst. Contrary to those “popular” beliefs, blockchain technology improving government efficiency, preventing voter fraud and refugee crises among other notable uses. It has now found an avenue in the vegan world, and promises to embody a huge change and influence a new vegan economy. Of the many blockchain powered , one of its newest and most noteworthy projects – VeganNation. What is VeganNation? Financial Services Ltd. is an Israel based, fully functioning ecosystem uniting people, organizations and businesses, empowering them to discover, purchase and share all things vegan. Its CEO, Isaac Thomas, for its Vegan Global Marketplace in August, 2019. With over 3. 10/17/2019 14:29
Investors and wealth managers are always looking to capitalize on their investments—and the latest innovations are arming them with more efficient tools to get there. Fintech solutions are increasingly being adopted among the digitally active population, as 64% of surveyed wealth managers consider digitization essential in 2019. Today’s graphic from highlights the benefits of investment technology, and touches on shifting sentiments in human vs. digital interactions. 10/17/2019 13:29
By Harry Boxer,. Here are four stocks positioned right at key technical breakout points. Horizon Therapeutics Public Limited Company (HZNP) climbed 92 cents to $28.20 on 2.3 million shares Tuesday, more than 1 1/2 times its average volume. The move, which came on no news from the drug maker targeting treatments for rare and rheumatic diseases, edged the stock out of a 2-month sideways channel. A break above the May high near $29.25 could get the stock to $32 next. Seattle Genetics, Inc. (SGEN) rose 96 cents to $83.38 on 890,200 shares Tuesday. The move, on no news from the developer of cancer therapies, positioned the stock right at the declining tops line of its 2-week wedge pattern. A follow-through breaking out of the wedge could take the. 10/17/2019 13:00
There are piles of data used in the financial sector, and with so much data to sift through, traditional business tools that were created for tabular reporting, sometimes just don’t cut it in today’s business world. tools designed today can process and analyze large volumes of data with real-time speed and unseen sophistication. Data visualization is leading the way in advanced data analytics for everyday operations. Data visualization is the graphic demonstration of data, which involves producing images that communicate relationships among the represented data to viewers of the pictures. This type of communication is received through the use of a systematic mapping between visual characters and data values in the formatting of the visualiz.

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