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Boing Boing 11/17/2019 19:00
If you're doing any kind of data work, chances are you're working in Excel. This venerable platform has evolved beyond its roots as a workhorse spreadsheet creator into an essential tool for data analysts and other high-level number crunchers. Want to brush up on this year's version of the software? There's no quicker way than the . That "MOS" stands for Microsoft Office Specialist, and it's a definite standout on any resume. This 3-course bundle ensures that you'll qualify for that title in no time with plenty of hands-on preparation exercises. Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses cover all functionalities in both Excel 2019 and Excel 365. You'll go from making basic worksheet calculations to crafting complex macros in no time. By t.
Boing Boing 11/17/2019 12:26
Extinction Rebellion's is a protest art-installation in the form of a suburban house drowning in the Thames. They launched it early last Sunday. The artists behind the work are Katey Burak and Rob Higgs. Scientific predictions of rising sea levels by 2100 range from less than 1 metre to as high as 5. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggest a rise of less than 2 metres, but past assessments have almost always underestimated the pace of climate change. The rate of melting Greenland ice sheets recorded this summer was not predicted until 2070. At its peak, this ice was melting at a rate of 140,000 tonnes per second – a total figure equivalent to 200 river Thames. When asked for his own opinion, Professor Harrison added: “M.
Boing Boing 11/17/2019 11:57
Last week, the National Center for Transgender Equality organized under the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU); the employees were seeking recognition of a union. The NPEU has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the NCTE, alleging that NCTE drew out the union recognition process, and that these delays became untenable in August when management unjustly fired a person of color from the organization, prompting a walkout.
Boing Boing 11/17/2019 10:40
It started innocently enough. A single dollar bill was pinned to the ceiling of a tiki bar in California — with a tiny paper umbrella, no less. That lone bill soon inspired many more. For over 10 years now, patrons of , a popular tiki lounge in the island city of Alameda, have been leaving legal tender suspended above their rum-filled cocktails. Using their drink's umbrellas, or swizzle sticks, the bar's customers stick the cash up, but not before they decorate it in some way. Some pen their name and the date, while others get more elaborate and make their offering a rectangular piece of art. It's become such a popular pastime, the bar keeps a bucket of markers and unused umbrellas for those who want to leave their mark. But it recently got.
Boing Boing 11/17/2019 08:00
Attention John Waters' fans: Tickets for the filthiest weekender on the planet, in Kent, Connecticut, are about to go on sale. This will be the camp's fourth year and it promises to be even "dirtier, raunchier," and "filthier" than ever. Activities include: A costume contest (judged by the "Pope of Trash" himself); themed dance parties; a film marathon (of Waters' movies, of course); a meet & greet with Waters; Hairspray karaoke, and Bloody Mary bingo. But, wait, there's more. This year's camp counselors are Kathleen Turner, Patty Hearst and Mink Stole — making for a mini- Serial Mom reunion. It's a disgrace that I have not yet made the pilgrimage to this filthy fête for grownups. But friends of mine have been and rave about it. If you want.
Boing Boing 11/17/2019 08:00
Does your computer gear need an upgrade? Don't cross your fingers and wait for Christmas. You can get 15% off the final sale price of all these essential accessories now by using the online code BFSAVE15 , including gaming mice and computer desks. Talk about a space saver. This high-quality mouse pad doubles as a wireless charger, and even works on phones without a Qi receiver. MSRP: $25.99. Sale Price: $16.99. With Code BFSAVE15: $14.44. With two USB charging ports, a cable manager and headphone hook, this desk is sure to be command central for all your marathon raids. And yes, it's even got a cup holder. MSRP: $316.00. Sale Price: $239.99. With Code BFSAVE15: $203.99. This slim desk is deceptively durable with a steel frame and scratch-resistan.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 19:00
WordPress is a fantastic tool for building web pages - if you know how to use it. Even with all the accessibility, a lot of the deeper features of WordPress are lost in translation to the average user. Enter , a tool that not only makes WordPress site design easy but also more robust. The tool comes with a pretty extensive list of templates for your budding site, all of which are fully customizable from the color scheme down to the font. Along the way, you can add not just the complete arsenal of WordPress widgets but also add-ons from WP Page Builder as well. Need things to go smoothly across platforms? You can tweak the optimization for smartphones or other devices with a few simple clicks. But the real highlight here is the interface. Ju.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 17:59
is an online shared world whose members create delightful fiction, movies, games and other media about. It's a sprawling, global, friendly phenomenon, licensed under Creative Commons. But its very looseness and lack of formal corporate structures also leaves it vulnerable to trademark trolling. Now, and is sending legal threats to SCP members who sell SCP merchandise, as well as violating the community's Creative Commons licenses by republishing works stripped of the license. The fraudster has shut down the legitimate SCP community in Russia, and has demanded that the Russian SCP wiki be turned over to him so he can use it to advertise his own line of SCP merch. The volunteer SCP organization is now with the troll. They're at about $23,000
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 11:57
Randall Munroe's "Good Question" column in the New York Times is in the vein of his and books, in which he answers weird science questions with equally weird thoroughness. In his inaugural column, Munroe answers: "". Touching lunar rocks inside a spacecraft, or in a museum, is one thing; removing a glove and exposing yourself to the vacuum of space is another.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 11:52
found that 60% of Americans believe that they are being continuously tracked by companies and the government, 69% mistrust the companies doing the tracking, 80% believe that advertisers and social media sites are collecting worrisome data, 79% think the companies lie about breaches, and 80% believe that nothing they do will make a difference. Among Black people, the stats are (justifiably) grimmer: 73% of Black users worry about law-enforcement abuse of their data (it's only 56% of white Americans). This may seem like bad news, but there's a silver lining.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 11:14
Oh, I am seriously here for this DIY-maker-recycling project that's all about giving street kitties safe homes. Wow this is cool. Making . Says IMGURian @, “.”We designed and built these durable cat shelters-Donating to the many Rescues that need them for the Homeless Cats they care for...TomTom Tests each new Design.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 10:58
In Paris on Saturday, police fired water cannons and tear gas on protesters who gathered to mark one year since the anti-government “yellow vest” demonstrations of 2018. The gilet jaune protests got their name from the neon yellow high-visibility vests demonstrators wore, and reached a peack around November 2018 over spikes in fuel prices and the cost of living in France under President Emmanuel Macron and his economic reforms. The protests have lost strength in recent months, going from tens of thousands of participants to just a few thousand, reports Reuters, but today was a mess in Paris, with various tourist sites temporarily closed for safety. :. Demonstrators, many clad in black and hiding their faces, vandalized an HSBC bank branch at.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 10:50
Activists from the group Extinction Rebellion, which protests climate change, blocked the private jet terminal at Geneva airport on Saturday. The group says they want to draw attention to private jets as an absurd form of transport for the rich that causes massive harm to the environment. Geneva is a major private jet hub. The world's 0.001% head to Switzerland to enjoy skiing in the Alps, plus privacy-minded banking, auction houses, hospitals and United Nations offices. :. Dozens of activists sat in front of the small terminal building, linking arms in peaceful protest. Police cordoned off the area. “We have blocked the private-jet terminal to defend the principle of climate and social justice,” Extinction Rebellion’s Geneva chapter said on.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 10:24
Microsoft is hiring former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder to provide legal window dressing for their AnyVision technology, which the company says complies with the ethical principles stipulated during the facial recognition company's Series A. that AnyVision's technology has powered a secret military surveillance project that has been monitoring Palestinians in the West Bank. Eric Holder will lend his name and credibility to this obvious abuse of human rights. From Olivia Solon's :. Microsoft's venture capital arm, M12, invested in AnyVision as part of a $74 million Series A funding round in June.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 10:00
People like to think they're objective. I get it; it's a good thing to strive to be. As a white dude, I know firsthand that it's easy to assume that you're coming from the "default" perspective, and thus, are more capable of being rationally objective than other, non-white dudes. But that's wrong. Because if you're brainwashed into seeing your popular mainstream status quo assumptions as "default," then you're actually not objectively considering every possible factor. And might be the best, most succinct example to explain this:. Disclosing that a reporter has had family in prison, shows among other things how deeply "objectivity" is intertwined w/ race & class. Which reinforces lack of diversity in journalism. If not having parent in prison.
Boing Boing 11/16/2019 09:00
It's no secret that and I have . While it allows for distraction-free writing, it's design, build quality and software limitations make it a pain in the ass to use. Having found that the device just isn't for me, the last several years have seen me hunting for a highly portable distraction-free writing device that I can use when I'm not plugging away at my day job. The ability to constantly check in on Twitter, look at what's new on Flickr and look up random, interesting but in the end, useless facts sucks the marrow out of my creativity and robs me of the small amount of personal writing time I have at my disposal. Happily, I finally found the tool I've been longing for: the KingJim Pomera DM30. I imported mine from Japan (although you can.

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