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I am 56 yeras and had a PSA of 5.1 (30. may) took MRI on 11. august and TRUSP on 17. august with 4 samples taken (from suspecsious area). I live in Norway. Unfortunately, I am realizing now that I have had almost all of the PCa symtomps starting 2019 without taking any actions. For making the long history short here is what I've got from the hospital:. MRI: shows a little PIRADS 4 change in the right middle part. no more suspecious area in the right side. DRE: enlargment with no cancer-suspecious changes. TRUSP (SKE0BK/KEB06K) used for taking prostate biopsy samples: no clear hypo-echogen changes. a spot in the middle part and probably a hypo-echogen area without increase in viscosity. volume: 52. PSAD: 0.09. PSA taken after above examinations:
Hi Everyone,. My name is Charlie and I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with Bone Metasisis in Feb 2017 PSA @ 153 Gleason 6. Has six doses of Taxotere Chemo along with a six month Lupron Shot. PSA went down to 23. Began a regimen of ZYTIGA which lasted about 15 months along with Lupron. PSA rose to 53 and was switched to XTANDI for about 6 months with no change to PSA. Was introduced put on XOFIGO aka Radium 223 for 5 infusions. PSA held steady at 65, but not much more. My Oncologist put me back on Taxotere of which I have completed 3 Infusions. Appointment is in two weeks to discuss, but our benchmark was 85 when I started Chemo. My Oncologist thinking is that Taxotere worked in the beginning and with increased bone met activity that it w.
I maybe premature on joining this site. I have had psa checks for the last nine years. The psa has steadily gone up and I have had two biopsies with no signs of cancer and the dre is negative for lumps. The first biopsy was 12 cores and the second was 18 core all negative. The last mri showed a lesion and the pirad scale was a three. My psa now is at 12 which is up since July 2019 from 8.4 and I am scheduled for another mri on the 17th and the follow up on the 21st. I have no symptoms and have never had any infections or enlarged prostrate issues. Has anybody had this expierance and been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Prostrate cancer does not run in either side of my family. Thanks for any input good or bad. Not sure how to prepare mysel.
I'm 51 with no family prostate history. I recently started to feel sick one night. Then I started to feel the need to urgently pee but when I did I almost had to force it out. It was quite painful too. So I went to my GP who did a urine test that showed no UTI. So I got a blood test and my PSA was 35. My two previous PSA's in 2016 was 2 & December 2018 1.6. The doctor wanted me to wait 5 weeks and repeat the PSA test. I wasn't entirely happy with this so I went to a 2nd GP. He said the result was interesting and had treated high PSA levels simlar to this before. He did a DRE and said my prostate was enlarged & firm. Not sure if that's good or not?. So he put me on 4 weeks of Nufloxib. And also wants to do a repeat PSA test in 5 weeks as wel.
I live in the Phoenix area. I am 71. My AUS800 is getting close to replacement time. The leaking is getting worse as the months go by. Just wondering if anyone has used a doctor in the Phoenix area who redid their AUS and they are very happy with the results. I use an urology clinic and in the clinic there is Dr. Simoncini who does implants and AUS implants. Does anyone have any experience with this doctor? And why does having my AUS redone make me as nervous as the orginal cancer treatment did? I do not want to do this again, but I still have some backpacking to do before I am dead and gone. Discussion boards:
Please I need your opinion on my genomic test result (result attached). I am tempted to continue with active surveillance but 2 different uro-surgeons adviced me to do robotic surgery. I am 56. The result of the genomic test is 0.44 on a scale of 0-1.0. Genomic risk is low and it shows the risk at the tip of the high point of LOW and just before the Intermidiate level. Risk of High Grade Disease at Radical Prostatectomy is 21.7%, risk of mastasis within 5 years is 3.7% and risk of prostate cancer death within 10 years is 4.4% Advice please. Discussion boards:
Hi all. BY way of introduction my name is Max and I'm a long time reader of these impressive pages, though joined only today. I live and work in England, and am 58. I had Robotic Prostatectomy in 2016, and my PSA has remained undecetable since, for which, coupled with my complete physical recovery, I'm grateful beyond measure. So I don't come asking personal advice about my own situation, but reading these boards and others have planted a question I can't seem to find an answer for. Many times we see the advice to 'take your time because PCa is a slow grower'. Whislt I understand this to be objectively true, surely it's always a bit of a gamble when offered as advice since we don't know at what stage the recipient of the advice is? At some p.
Please forgive the double post ... I was unaware that you can start your own focal point post ... Prior Post:. ---. I am 65 years odd. PSA - 10.5. Had a Prostate Biopsy- 2 Error, I hit the wrong key - 5 Lesion of 3+3=6 Both were " Prostatic Adenocarcinoma Gleason Score 3+3= 6 out of 10. I'm getting "mixed messages" .. it's not serious to "you are on the precipice" of concern. They threw out Surgery - NOT a big fan of that just yet, 2/b honest. As I told the doctor I've just had too many surigeries on my body, so unless it's a HAS TO BE DONE NOW ... I'm not ready.". The "Seed Implants" are out of the question, in that I am apparently allergic to the Pre and Post Op meds that are "required". I just went in today ( Tues ) for a CT PRE VOLUME STUDY.
I was diagnosed with a Gleason Score of 9 and got a second opinion to confirm initial diagnosis of a agressive Prostate Cancer. Reviewed all the options and decided on a Radical Prostatectomy and had it done by one of the best Stanford docs. I was totally continent and sexually active in 90 days. I am now 86 years old and still continent with sexual activity a fond memory. Discussion boards:
I have a lot of posts as I help the Newbies with Kidney Cancer. It will be 18 years in 3 days. Last September 30 my Prostate was removed by Mr Robot. It was a Gleason 8 before and a Gleason 9 after Patho;ogy. On New Year's Eve about 5PM I had my Gallbladder removed and held off on the Kegal for 3 months. When will my continance return?. I am only 77. Icemantoo. Discussion boards:
I am reaching out to get some support and information after getting my prostate cancer diagnosis. I am a 59 year old that recently was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Because my father died of prostate cancer at age 79, I have monitoring my PSA for quite some time. Last year my PSA levels started to rise and earlier this year I had an MRI fused biopsy which detected cancer in four out of ten samples (Gleason 3+4). I also had a Decipher genomic test of the biopsy samples that rated the cancer as aggressive, so my next decision is what type of definitive treatment. My urologist has recommended either radical prostectomy or external beam radiation within the next 6 months. I am leaning towards the surgical removal via rob.
quick back story...diognosed with prostate cancer at 50 back in 2012. Gleason score 4+3. Had Di Vinchi surgary at MD Anderson. Clean margins (but not by much) but did have possible seminal vessal spread. was undetectable PSA for several years...then kind of forgot about cancer...ended up not getting a PSA for 2 years...then when I got one it came back at .9. Did 6 months of hormone theropy and 8 weeks of high dose radiation. After 6 months past treatment PSA came back at 0.0. I just had my next PSA test (from a different lab and hospital) The results read <.06. I'm not sure how to read this, does it mean that's as low as they test for? or does it mean it's >.05 but less than .06? Is this the first sign that my cancer has come back again? I
Had a prostatectomy about 4 months ago and continence is mostly recovered. Have been doing Kegel exercises daily (three to four sessions daily involving 15 repetitions of 5 seconds each) and I figure I'm at about the "99% continence" level. Just occasional spurts when coughing or exercising. So my question is if it's OK to reduce the Kegel exercise regimen somewhat or even drop it all together as I approach full continence? Actually, I've already started to slack off a bit because as my continence becomes less of a concern I naturally become lazier about doing the Kegel exercises, so I would like to get some input and advice on what the correct strategy should be. Discussion boards:
My husband is 45 and about a week ago he had difficulty urinating, pain and urgency. So after 2 days waiting and not getting better he went to the doctor and he did a DRE and said that he has an enlarged prostate probably due to prostate infection. He also did the blood test and prescribed Ciprofloxacin and tamsulosin hydrochloride. It’s now 3 days and he is feeling better but today we had the test results showing a PSA level of 24! He talked to his doctor and he told him to continue using his medications and see him in another 10 days! I didn’t know anything about PSA so I searched a lot and the more I search, more worried I become. I appreciate if someone can tell me what to do now. Should we wait or should we go see a urologist? Thanks. D.
Anyone with incontinene know how to go swimming in a pool leak free? I had DaVinci surgery in 2016 at age 64. Gleason 9. Have been incontinent from day one. Depending on level of activity 1-3 pads a day, one at night. Had sling surgery earliy 2018 didn't take. I've learned to deal with the leaking. However, I have grand kids that want me to swim with them like I use to. No way at this time. So my question, that I hope someone can answer is, what's available to control or hold urine in while swimming? I've heard of clamps (worried about restricting blood flow.) I "ve tried swim diaper, water gets in so sure water and urine will leak out. Not ready for AMS 800 sugery quite yet. Any suggestions??? Thanks Mtop. Discussion boards:
Hello, all. I'm new to this community. Indeed, this is my first post. I'm 65 years old, live in Connecticut, USA, and first feared that I had prostate cancer in February 2020 upon viewing my 17.6 prostate score in my medical records. On July 1, I underwent a radical robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy at Yale/New Haven Hospital, in, obviously, New Haven, Connecticut. My doc also removed my neighboring lymph nodes (next week I'll receive a report from the lucky pathologist to whom my doc handed my bits) and a "sling" procedure to give my bladder a helping, if not hand, chunk of tissue. I've been documenting my journey with daily entries on . I am doing my best to turn this challenge into a positive experience. Yeah, as you all know better tha.
I just had my latest PSA ultrasensative test (a few months late because of Covid precautions) and after 33 months still showing <0.01ng/mL. I have my 6 month follow-up/MRI after a partial nephrectomy this past January coming up in 3 weeks and hoping for more positive news. Just thinking that the term "new normal" is nothing new to many of us here. Discussion boards:
I had a nerve-sparing DaVinci prostate surgery in 2015, Gleason 7, PSA 19. I was 51 at the time, and in exceptional health. After the catheter was removed about a week after the surgery, I was completely incontinent. I only saw marginal improvement in the leaking in the months after the surgery, despite almost a year of pelvic floor physical therapy, urodynamics and a cystoscopy. Currently, I leak over 500 ml of urine every 24 hour period. It is purely stress incontinence, no real urge is ever present. I get up several times a night to urinate. The situation is complicated by two prior bone marrow transplants for CML leukemia just a few years before the prostate cancer. I saw my oncologist recently to ask about getting the AMS 800 Sphincter.

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