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Product tanker LEON ZEUS reportedly suffered mechanical damage in Mediterranean off southern Peloponnese, Greece, on Feb 21. Tanker was taken to Kalamata, understood towed, brought to anchor in the morning Feb 23, to fix the problem. As of 0600 UTC Feb 24, she remained in the same position. LEON ZEUS with 32,000 tons of gas oil on board is en route from Tuapse Russia to Tarragona Spain. IMRRA, FleetMon’s official Vessel Risk Rating Partner, risk assessed this tanker as having a GREEN risk rating, with a specific risk rating of 33% (18-DEC-19), compared to the fleet average 35%. New risk assessment reports can be purchased via FleetMon. Red: Poorest performing; Amber: Average value; Green: Good indicator. 02/23/2020 09:39
Ferries BENCOMO EXPRESS and VOLCAN DE TABURIENTE collided at Los Cristianos port entrance, southwest coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands, in the morning Feb 23. Both ships suffered damages, but resumed their services later in the day after weather improved. Stormy weather with strong wind and high waves contributed to accident. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/23/2020 09:04
Bulk carrier SEA HERMES reported propulsion failure at 2030 UTC Feb 22 in English Channel north of Cape Gris-Nez, Pas-de-Calais, France. Attempts to fix the problem by crew means failed, SAR ship ABEILLE LANGUEDOC was designated to tow bulk carrier to UK waters, at around 0100 UTC Feb 23 French pilot and a standby Captain from ABEILLE LANGUEDOC were transferred on board of bulk carrier by helicopter – absolutely unclear why, and what specific circumstances demanded deployment of pilot and Captain from another ship. Towage commenced at 0840 UTC Feb 23, pilot was taken off the ship by helicopter, standby Captain remained on board. At 1330 UTC Feb 23, both ships were laying dead in water east of Dover UK, ABEILLE LANGUEDOC apparently disengage. 02/23/2020 04:25
Product tanker MARIANO ABASOLO at night Feb 21 dragged anchor, drifting towards coast at Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, on arrival from Tampico, understood in ballast. The ship can’t hold against strong wind and waves brought by cold front, even with working engine. Tugs from Coatzacoalcos can’t be deployed, weather is too rough for them. Feb 23: Tanker managed, under own power or assisted by tugs, to move to anchorage away from coast, and as of Feb 23, she remained safely anchored. There were news on Aframax tanker URAGA PRINCESS troubled at Coatzacoalcos anchorage, drifting dangerously close to shore, but news are obviously, wrong, URAGA PRINCESS (IMO 9439204) being mistaken for MARIANO ABASOLO. URAGA PRINCESS was moving in legs, waiting for weat. 02/23/2020 04:05
LPG tanker EPIC BURANO suffered fire in engine room in the evening Feb 19 in Mediterranean sea S of Peloponnese Greece, sailing in eastern direction after leaving Malta anchorage, port of destination unknown. Tanker was disabled, adrift for about 24 hours, resumed sailing in the afternoon Feb 20, fire extinguished by crew. The ship asked permission to call Kalamata port, Peloponnese, Greece, was granted access, reached Kalamata anchorage under own power, and anchored in the morning Feb 21. As of Feb 23, tanker remained in the same position. IMRRA, FleetMon’s official Vessel Risk Rating Partner, risk assessed this tanker as having a AMBER risk rating, with a specific risk rating of 38% (18-MAR-19), compared to the fleet average 35%. New risk. 02/21/2020 22:06
Feb 20: Container ship MSC FABIENNE English Channel N of Brest, NUC since early Feb 20, from Antwerp to Gebze Turkey, ETA Feb 25. Feb 21 0800 UTC: Approached by SAR ABEILLE BOURBON north of Roscoff France, most probably to be taken on tow. Feb 21 1630 UTC: Taken on tow by ABEILLE BOURBON at around 1300 UTC, port of destination yet unknown. Feb 22 0250 UTC: The ship with 1178 containers on board suffered propulsion loss, owner had to contract ABEILLE BOURBON for towage to Brest, ETA evening Feb 22. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/21/2020 03:02
General cargo ship HAK suffered engine room fire while transiting Dardanelles in western direction, on Feb 20. Disabled ship was reportedly, anchored off Lapseki, later she was towed back to Marmara sea, and anchored off Demirtepe coast. The ship is en route from Ukraine Black sea, to Jaifa Israel, with cargo of barley. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/21/2020 01:53
Russian 57-year old seaman on Feb 20 suffered serious right foot injure during routine works on board of Russian bulk carrier ORANGE LINK, anchored on Incheon anchorage, Korea, Yellow sea, since Feb 7. Medical team couldn’t board the ship until Coast Guard and Quarantine Service checked the crew on possible coronavirus infections. Nothing suspicious was found, medics boarded the ship and applied emergency treatment on board, patient later was transferred to hospital. Here’s the question – luckily, it wasn’t life-or-death case, patient wasn’t in need of immediate evacuation and intensive care, but what would happen if he was in need of immediate evacuation? If countdown was on and it was a question of hours or minutes? I refer to virus scree. 02/20/2020 05:08
0950 UTC: Confirmed attacked ship is tanker ALPINE PENELOPE. According to Dryad Global report, officer on watch identified two armed men on board, and no further details regarding the nature of weapons or actions have since been received. Understood SSAS was activated, and after that, communications were lost. No AIS yet, and as in the case with MAERSK TEMA container ship, no navy/security ships/boats seen in the vicinity yet. 0815 UTC: Still no AIS, and no navy/security in vicinity. 0430 UTC: Merchant ship was attacked at 0110 UTC Feb 20 in vicinity 05 10N 002 05E, S of Cotonou. Most probably, tanker ALPINE PENELOPE was attacked, her latest AIS timed 0130 UTC, no signal since then. She’s en route from Netherlands to Lagos, should be loaded. 02/19/2020 12:17
Bulk carrier MAGNATE with 19 crew on board arrived at Chennai, eastern coast of India, on Feb 18, from Shanghai, reportedly with cargo of steel. The ship was berthed, and boarded by medics, alerted understood, in advance, on presence of two sick crew, with virus-like symptoms of fever and flu. 2 sick seamen were isolated and checked, both tested coronavirus positive. They’ve been taken to hospital, the rest of the crew are isolated in superstructure, the ship is fenced off at shore side, so that no docker or other port personnel would mistakenly blunder in and approach the ship. It is to be decided yet, whether to offload the ship, or send her back to China with all cargo remaining on board. Fears spread further, and it was said, that worke. 02/19/2020 02:12
Container ship AS FILIPPA reportedly ran aground on Feb 18, when entering entrance channel to Barranquilla, Colombia, on arrival from Cartagena. The ship got stuck at around 1500 UTC Feb 18, was refloated with the help of 3 tugs at around 1700 UTC, and resumed moving towards Barranquilla. She was berthed at around 1900 UTC Feb 18. No information on damages, channel traffic reportedly was suspended for some time. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/19/2020 01:15
Cargo ship SHENZHOU 19 sank early in the morning Feb 17 north of Zhoushan, while en route from Shanghai to Guanzhou, China. During SAR 3 crew were rescued, but all 3 died from, understood, hypothermia, and 3 went missing. SAR continued, but as of Feb 19, missing seamen weren’t found. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/18/2020 12:45
The Libyan National Army (LNA) made an official statement on Feb 17, claiming that its forces had destroyed a Turkish cargo ship, berthed at Tripoli, Libya. The ship brought to Tripoli arms and ammunition, says LNA. Turkey already denied this claim, saying that there’s no Turkish ship at Tripoli. Comment: Turkey statement is incorrect, there’s a Turkish ship at Tripoli, it’s a bulk carrier AYLA, she arrived at Tripoli on Feb 15 from Istanbul. But she’s far from being hit or destroyed, judging from her most recent looks. Her AIS is on, and no other ship in port looks like hit by missile or shell. Reportedly, port was either shelled or hit with missile, resulting in one warehouse fire and a lot of billowing black smoke. As for LNA claim on si. 02/18/2020 02:38
A horrific accident occurred on Kaohsiung Anchorage on Feb 15. A crew of Myanmar nationality was leaving tanker HONG CHING, to return to Myanmar for a leave. He started to descend rope ladder to board tender boat, when suddenly something went wrong – both his hands entangled with rope ladder, probably boat bumped into tanker hull and tugged ladder, not clear. There was a jolt, both his hands up to shoulders were literally torn off, and he fell into water. Nearby workboat quickly picked him up, but he was already dead, either from shock or drowning unconscious. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/17/2020 01:32
Heavy cargo carrier WISH WAY with two container gantry cranes on board arrived at Willemstad, Curacao, Caribbean, from China, in the morning Feb 16. Cranes contacted Queen Juliana Bridge when the ship was passing under the Bridge, though the cranes height was 2/3 of projected, specifically with the purpose of safe passing under the Bridge. The Bridge traffic was suspended for some time, but later re-opened, damages weren’t serious. Cranes were reportedly, badly damaged, and that’s bad news for Curacao economy, because old cranes often break down and are incapable of handling container ships without delays and disruptions. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 02/16/2020 23:45
Abandoned and unmanned general cargo ship ALTA (ELIAS), anchored off Cork coast, Ireland, was pushed aground on Feb 16 by storm Dennis, and remains beached on the rocks. The ship is hard aground in a legal sense also, for quite some time. There’s dispute over her ownership and a mystery story of hijacking behind it. Understood Coast Guard is trying to find out owner, to task him with refloating or wreck removal. The ship made quite a story last year, being distressed in the Atlantic and drifting for about a year:. The mystery of cargo ship found in the Atlantic a year after she was abandoned. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: https://www.fleetmon. 02/16/2020 14:26
Fire erupted in Master’s cabin of general cargo ship SUZZY, dry-docked at Tuzla, on Feb 16. Not clear if fire was restricted by cabin only, or started somewhere else in superstructure, and spread to Master’s cabin. Fire was extinguished by firefighting teams, 15 crew were evacuated, no one was injured. The ship sustained some unspecified damages. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating:

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