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General cargo ship ran aground early in the morning Oct 20, as of 0330 UTC Oct 21, was in the same position. Details only for subscribers. Subscribe if you want to receive accidents news ASAP and in full. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/20/2019 13:41
Panamax bulk carrier ran aground in South America waters, East Coast, early in the morning Oct 20. As of 1730 UTC, was still aground. Salvage already contracted. Details only for subscribers. Subscribe if you want to receive accidents news ASAP and in full. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/19/2019 13:44
I’ve received following report on a mind-blowing accident, which took place in Nikolayev port, Ukraine:. General cargo ship LOUIS was taken to dry dock in Nikolayev , Ukraine, on Oct 18, to offload project or heavy cargo, by dock’s gantry crane. 300-meter dry dock was separated in two by a wall. Deck hands were busy in holds and on deck, unleashing cargo. Suddenly, the wall gave up and collapsed, water in dock rushed like a waterfall, from 15 meter height, into second section, which remained dry. The ship literally, bow-dived with waterfall. Thankfully, dock’s gate wasn’t closed, and river water, which rushed inside into free space, heaved LOUIS and mitigated impact. LOUIS struck the wall by bow, bow ballast tanks reportedly damaged, no info. 10/19/2019 02:58
Accidents. • Container ship capsized, sank, containers floating, South China sea. • German freighter reported to MB to be in serious trouble in Ukraine. • German freighter disabled, under tow, English Channel. • Aground and Not Under Command vessels Worldwide Alerts (3 ships). Details only for subscribers. Subscribe if you want to receive accidents news ASAP and in full. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/19/2019 00:08
General cargo ship NORDERNEY reported propulsion failure at around 1200 UTC Oct 18 in English Channel about 10 nm N of Batz island, NE of Brest, France. After assessing situation, manager of the ship contracted ABEILLE BOURBON for towage. Towage commenced at 1750 UTC according to MRCC Atlantic France, ship’s to be towed to Douarnenez, Brittany, S of Brest, ETA OCT 19. NORDERNEY is en route from Spain to Sweden. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/18/2019 02:52
Accidents. • Cargo ship sank in East China sea, crew rescued. • General cargo ship fire, Med. • Thai bulk carrier troubled in Ukrainian waters, had to sail astern. • Unmanned ship crossed East China sea in most eco-friendly manner. • Aground and Not Under Command vessels Worldwide Alerts (7 ships). Details only for subscribers. Subscribe if you want to receive accidents news ASAP and in full. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/18/2019 01:33
Unmanned ships are the talk of the day, with a number of corporations already in race to be first on market with workable models. Unmanned ships meanwhile, do sail around, demonstrating miracles, far outperforming those created by modern breakthrough technologies. Here’s one – a Chinese coastal cargo ship, a rusty bucket to be exact, drifted ashore in front of Dasi Train Station, Toucheng Township, Yilan County, northeast Taiwan, on Sep 28. Investigation found the breakaway ship to be Chinese, drifting from Yangtze estuary Shanghai, to northeast Taiwan coast, crossing East China sea from north to south, throughout most heavily trafficked sea lanes in the world. The trip was 100% sustainable, no emissions, no pollution and no crew to throw p. 10/17/2019 12:09
General cargo ship suffered fire in superstructure on Oct 17, while at berth in North African Port, Mediterranean, where she arrived early in the morning Oct 17, to load a shipment of ore. Fire reportedly, was put under control in the afternoon, with deployment of tugs. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/17/2019 12:05
Bulk carrier MALLIKA NAREE suffered engine failure at around 2330 UTC Oct 15 in Bug-Dnepr Canal, while proceeding to sea, en route from Nikolayev Ukraine to Alexandria Egypt with 28.6 tons of soy on board. The ship was brought to anchor in narrow fairway and blocked Canal traffic, turning 180 deg during maneuvering and following repairs. Engine was restarted in some 4 hours by crew means, but she couldn’t be turned around, and completed Canal transit moving astern, with pilot on board and assisting tugs. Bulk carrier safely reached Black sea and continued voyage. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/17/2019 00:23
Bulk carrier HUA SHENG HAI collided with 35-meter French trawler KIRRIXKI (MMSI 228005600) off Kerry coast, southwest Ireland, at around 0100 UTC Oct 12, while en route from Guinea to Aughinish Alumina, Ireland. Trawler sustained serious bow damages, one crew was injured, in need of hospital treatment. Trawler reached Dingle and as of Oct 17, remains at Dingle. Bulk carrier is cruising in legs off Kilrush, west of Aughinish, probably waiting for berth. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/15/2019 22:50
Bulk carrier HB TUCUNARE ran aground at around 1530 UTC Oct 13 while proceeding in Amazon estuary by Curua Canal, some 20 nm off Bailique island. Bulk carrier en route from Porto Trombetas to Vila do Conde Brazil, with 74000 tons of bauxite on board. As of 1700 UTC Oct 15, ship remains in the same position, owner and authorities looking for refloating solutions. Ship’s hull intact, no spill. The ship ran aground on an uncharted sandbank. Oct 16 0200 UTC: Still aground. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/14/2019 01:02
VLCC NEW MEDAL on Oct 13 suffered engine failure while leaving Terminal Marítimo Almirante Maximiano Fonseca - TEBIG in Angra dos Reis, Brazil, being in full load and bound for Ningbo China. The ship was in process of unmooring with pilot on board and tugs assistance, when at 0530 LT she suffered engine failure. Tanker was stopped by dropping anchor and assisting 5 tugs. Later she was moved to outer anchorage west of terminal, and anchored. Reportedly, engine was repaired in some 12 hours after accident, but as of 0400 UTC Oct 14 she was still at anchor. IMRRA, FleetMon’s official Vessel Risk Rating Partner, risk assessed this tanker as having a ‘green’ risk rating, with a specific risk rating of 28% (06-APR-18), compared to the fleet avera. 10/13/2019 10:33
Oct 13: Here’s video of Iranian tanker SABITI, taken on Oct 12 or 13, in southern Red sea – tanker damaged by something, rockets or whatever, in starboard fore cargo tanks area (at least two holes can be clearly seen), leaking oil while she sails. As of 1400 UTC Oct 13, tanker stopped off Eritrea coast, Red sea, in anchorage area. General cargo ship SAVIZ (IMO 9167253) was spotted nearby, but she switched off her AIS as soon as she approached SABITI. So tanker was in load and moving towards Suez, when she was attacked or whatever the hell it all was. SAVIZ is suspect, by the way, in trafficking arms to Yemeni Houthi militants, and according to Al Arabiya sources in Yemen, SAVIZ as of now, is full of arms and military equipment, plus her own. 10/13/2019 08:20
General cargo ship RHODANUS ran aground on southern coast of Corsica near Bonifacio (see screen), at around 0200 UTC Oct 13, while en route from Taranto Italy to Rhone France. According to local sources and maritime officials, the ship didn’t respond to traffic control radio calls, trying to alert the bridge. The ship apparently, missed turning point and headed straight to coast, running aground while at full speed. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/13/2019 01:09
Accidents. • General cargo ship sunk by typhoon, 1 dead 7 missing, Japan. • Cargo ship disabled, adrift in Japan waters. Cargo ship grounding, Cameroon. • Aground and Not Under Command vessels Worldwide Alerts (3 ships). Details only for subscribers. Subscribe if you want to receive accidents news ASAP and in full. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/12/2019 22:41
General cargo ship JIA DE sank at around 2320 Tokyo time Oct 12 in front of Kawasaki, Yokohama, Japan, when typhoon HAGIBIS hit the area. Not clear if the ship was anchored or under way. Of 12 crew, 4 were rescued, 1 found dead, 7 are missing. There were three Myanmar nationality, seven Chinese and two Vietnamese crew. Myanmar nationality Master is among rescued. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/12/2019 04:18
Oct 12 UPDATE: According to French news agency QUEST FRANCE, Martinique Prefect, one FRANCK ROBINE, on Oct 11 called SAR off, because he, Franck Robine, doesn’t believe there’s any chance of finding survivors or dead bodies, or anything at all. Judging from his photo in full uniform, he’s something of a super admiral or general, or just super, so he surely, should know better than we do. He already knew it all on Oct 4, when SAR was suspended first time – and who knows the results of search if SAR wasn’t called off, if Navy frigate with helicopter, and surveillance planes, were present. Now France is calling SAR off second time, and that decision seems to be final. Let’s recall VLOC STELLAR DAISY disaster, which occurred deep in South Atlan. 10/11/2019 11:10
Tanker disabled, anchored, Japan. 55,000 ton tanker suffered engine failure, was anchored in Japan waters in the evening Oct 11. Reportedly will remain at anchor until morning Oct 12, at least. Bulk carrier aground, South America. Bulk carrier ran aground in South America East Coast waters in the morning Oct 11, was still aground in the evening. Details only for subscribers. Subscribe if you want to receive accidents news ASAP and in full. FleetMon Vessel Risk Rating: 10/11/2019 02:10
Crude oil tanker SINOPA suffered explosion in cargo tanks area, followed by fire, in reportedly, early morning Oct 11, while sailing in Red sea SW of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Understood from Iranian sources, hull was breached, oil is leaking from cargo tank or tanks into the sea. Tanker was sailing to Suez, most probably from Iranian oil terminal in Persian Gulf. Tanker history track is missing, with Dalian recorded as last port of call, in April this year. After that date, no AIS records are visible. AIS reappeared on Oct 10 in Red sea, so SINOPA is one of those ghost NITC tankers, dodging the US sanctions. Latest AIS signal was recorded at around 1330 UTC Oct 10, tanker was moving at 8.6 knots speed in Suez Canal direction. FleetMon Vessel R. 10/10/2019 11:33
BOURBON RHODE Oct 10 UPDATE: Search continuing with several ships engaged in SAR, see screenshot below. Oct 9 satellite image showed an object which may be life raft, and of course, it stoked SAR and hopes of all concerned. It is said, that French Government and BOURBON Company are under constant pressure to continue SAR, and they in their turn, make everything possible to go on with search. On the other hand, most indispensable asset for a deep-ocean SAR, is available but not deployed. I mean French Navy ships, namely frigates, with helicopters on board. There’s at least one idling at Capo Verde, and we don’t know, where is another one, VENTOSE, the one which participated in first stage of SAR, until it was suspended. Planes deployment is

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