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InfoQ 04/06/2020 12:25
LeaningTech recently released the second major iteration of CheerpJ. CheerpJ 2.0 may convert Java applications into a mix of HTML, WebAssembly and JavaScript, so that developers can run Java applications (including applets), in browsers or integrate Java libraries into web applications. CheerpJ 2.0 uses WebAssembly to improve runtime speed. By Bruno Couriol.
InfoQ 04/06/2020 06:50
Uber and OpenAI have open-sourced Fiber, a new library which aims to empower users in implementing large-scale machine learning computation on computer clusters. The main objectives of the library are to leverage heterogeneous computing hardware, dynamically scale algorithms, and reduce the burden on engineers implementing complex algorithms on clusters. By Patrick Kelly.
InfoQ 04/05/2020 10:00
Theia is a framework for building multi-language IDEs upon JavaScript, and powers, Arduino's new Pro IDE, and Arm's new mBed Studio. Earlier this week they released 1.0 signifying that they had reached stability and the vendor-neutral open-source framework was ready for use. Read on to find out more about what Eclipse Theia delivers and how it differs from VS Code. By Alex Blewitt.
InfoQ 04/04/2020 11:10
The TC39 committee recently approved the ES2020 candidate which contains the finalized set of features entering the JavaScript language. The ES2020 candidate is set for review and approval by the ECMA general assembly in June this year. Most of the new features are already implemented in browsers and can be transpiled with the Babel JavaScript parser. By Bruno Couriol.
InfoQ 04/03/2020 21:39
Ivan Rodriguez walks through some of the most common vulnerabilities on iOS apps and shows how to exploit them. All these vulnerabilities have been found on real production apps of companies that have (or don't have) a bug bounty program. This talk is useful for those connected with mobile app development or those who do use mobile apps to work with sensitive data. By Ivan Rodriguez.
InfoQ 04/03/2020 14:07
Wes Reisz talks with Peter Bourgon, a distributed system engineer working on Fastly. The two engineers talk about the space of Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) specifically in the context of edge compute. Topics covered on the podcast include Edge compute, CRDTs, CAP Theorem, and challenges around building distributed system. By Peter Bourgon.

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