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Zero Hedge 10/16/2019 20:55
US Launched Secret Cyber Strike On Iran After Saudi Aramco Attack. Most Americans don't realize it, but the US is actually at war with Iran. It's just that many don't understand how war can be defined by five domains: air, land, sea, space, and cyber. So when we read an exclusive report Wednesday morning about the US launching a secret cyberattack on Iran after the Sept. 14 attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities, it makes us wonder -- just how close is an actual shooting war, and in what domain will the battle spillover to next? Reuters spoke with several US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the cyberattacks were launched in late Sept., several weeks after Iran attacked Saudi Aramco oil facilities. As far as what the off.
Barbados Today (Barbados) 10/16/2019 20:48
The search for ‘missing bananas’ led a Christ Church youngster to beat his uncle, who he thought took them up. His actions resulted in Kiron Carson Lashley, 21, of Paradise Village, Christ Church, appearing in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today charged with assaulting Adrian Lashley on August 27, 2019, occasioning him actual bodily harm, as well as using the threatening words, “I am going to shoot you in your face” to the same complainant on the same day. After pleading guilty to both offences he was released on $1,000 bail by Magistrate Joy-Ann Clarke and ordered to return to court on January 15, 2020, when a pre-sentencing report is expected to be completed. In giving the facts, prosecutor Vernon Waithe revealed that the two relati.
Kukmin Ilbo (Korea) 10/16/2019 20:46
홍콩 사태가 나날이 심각해지고 있다. 경찰의 실탄 발사와 시위대 성폭행 의혹에 이어 이번엔 시위 리더가 괴한들로부터 쇠망치 테러를 당하는 사건이 터졌다. 트위터 등 사회관계망(SNS)에는 참혹한 테러 현장을 담은 영상과 사진이 오르내리며 홍콩 사태에 불을 지피고 있다. 16일 밤 트위터에는 홍콩의 범죄인 인도법안(송환법) 반대 시위를 주도해온 재야단체 민간인권전선의 지미 샴(岑子杰) 대표가 괴한들로부터 쇠망치 공격을 당해 중상을 입고 쓰러진 사진과 영상이 잇따라 올라왔다. 홍콩 사우스차이나모닝포스트 등의 보도에 따르면 샴 대표는 몽콕 지역에서 열린 민간인권전선 연례총회에 참석하러 가다가 정체불명의 괴한 4명에게 공격을 당했다. 괴한들은 해머와 스패너 등으로 샴 대표를 마구 때렸고 샴 대표는 심각한 부상을 입고 피를 흘리며 땅바닥에 쓰러졌다. 주변 사람들이 막으려 했지만 괴한들은 칼을 휘두르며 사람들의 접근을 막았다. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Update: Jimmy Sham was smashed with hammers, not chopped. He was taken to Kwong Wah Hospital. — Laura-劳拉🥭新号 (@Laura66781842). 범행 후 이들은 미리 준비된 차량에 올라타 도주했다. 홍콩 경찰은 괴한들을 뒤쫓고 있지만 차량 번호는 조작된 것으로 알려졌다. 샴 대표는 범행 이후 병원으로 후송돼 치료를 받고 있다. 다행히 후송 당시에 의식을 잃지는 않았다고 한다. 트위터 등에 오른 영상 등을 보면 샴 대표.
Axios 10/16/2019 20:42
The consensus in Washington is increasingly clear: The security threat to the U.S. from Chinese firms is bigger than just Huawei. Why it matters: If the administration views every Chinese company with suspicion, it could prolong the trade war and put the U.S. and China on a crash course toward a swift technological decoupling. "The State Department and the White House and Congress are all saying it's not just Huawei, but all Chinese companies are part of China's military-civil fusion complex and are a national security threat.".
Calgary Herald (Canada) 10/16/2019 20:42
The city is in negotiations with a development company that purchased Eau Claire Market more than a decade ago with ambitious plans to redevelop the downtown site that have languished ever since. The negotiations are being carried out behind closed doors, but Wednesday a council committee approved a confidential strategy related to an option agreement […]

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