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Сегодня, 19 мая, в Кишиневе прошел марш солидарности ЛГБТ-сообщества. Экономический эксперт Георгий Костандаки заявил, что на организацию мероприятия было потрачено около 20 миллионов леев. Об это он написал на своей странице в Facebook.
Как стало известно, вчера, 18 мая, мужчина и женщина упали в канализационный люк, наполненный водой. Трагедия произошла в селе Бучумень, Унгенского района. Также сообщается, что пара должна были в августе сыграть свадьбу. 21-летняя девушка и 25-летний парень умерли, держась за руки. По сообщениям СМИ, первой из увеселительного заведения вышла девушка. Пройдя несколько метров, она упала […] Сообщение Открытый люк и бездействие власти стали причиной страшной гибели молодой пары появились сначала на «Эхо Молдовы».
Zero Hedge 05/19/2019 10:20
The United States has issued a formal warning to commercial airliners operating over the broader Gulf region of the risk of being "misidentified" as heightened US-Iran tensions and American warships are positioned in the Persian Gulf. Embassies in the region reportedly relayed the message issued from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) highlighting the risk of travel in and over the region after a week that's witnessed an alleged "sabotage" attack against four vessels near the vital Strait of Hormuz and threats and counter-threats hurled between Tehran and Washington. File photo via Picture Alliance. Lloyd's of London has also issued an alert over the increased risk to maritime shipping in the Persian Gulf area. The FAA's warning speci.
Les actionnaires de la Société anonyme des brasseries du Cameroun (SABC) se partageront des dividendes de 15 milliards de FCFA au titre de l'exercice 2018, selon une note de la filiale du groupe français Castel dont APA a obtenu une copie dimanche.Il s'agit là de la quintessence de la décision de l'Assemblée générale des actionnaires le 15 mai 2019 au siège de l'entreprise à Douala qui vient donner du baume au cœur aux actionnaires. Pourtant, «avec la crise anglophone et les problèmes dans l'Extrême-Nord du pays, nous avons des perturbations sur presque 35 % de notre marché », précise la direction générale de la SABC. Malgré ce contexte difficile, notamment dans les régions Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest, « dans notre engagement à rester fort f.
An efficient kinetic resolution of axially chiral 2‐nitrovinyl biaryls was realized through organocatalyzed asymmetric Michael addition of acetone to the nitroelefin moiety. Under the catalysis of a chiral thiophosphinamide derived from (1R,2R)‐1,2‐diphenylethane‐1,2‐diamine, the unreacted 2‐nitrovinyl biaryls were recovered in 13–44% yields with high levels of ee value. At the same time, two separable diastereomers of the corresponding Michael addition products containing both axial and central chirality were obtained with excellent stereocontrol. This represents the first successful application of asymmetric Michael addition of nitroolefins in kinetic resolution of axially chiral biaryls.
A transition‐metal‐free reaction of o‐aminoacetophenone N‐tosylhydrazone and CO2 has been developed, leading to a series of 1,4‐dihydro‐2H‐3,1‐benzoxazin‐2‐ones in moderate to good yields. This procedure proceeds with the sequential fixation of CO2 by amino leading to carbamic acid and the intra‐ molecular insertion of hydroxyl to carbene.
Palladium‐catalyzed umpolung type‐II cyclization of allylic carbonate‐aldehydes leading to 3‐methylenecycloalkanol derivatives was developed. The formate reductant was effective for the cyclization without causing a reduction of the η3‐allylpalladium intermediate. One‐pot decarboxylative allylation of aldehyde‐containing malonate with 2‐[(acetyloxy)methyl]‐2‐propenyl methyl carbonate followed by the cyclization of the allyl acetate‐aldehyde formed in situ was also achieved. The high diastereoselectivities observed in the cyclization of branched substrates indicates that a chair‐chair transition state should be involved. Based on the presumed transition state, we could predict the enantioselectivity of the cyclization using SEGPHOS as a chir.
Towards Data Science 05/19/2019 10:13
Photo: Tuce on Unsplash. How Facebook AI is bringing deceased friends back into your life again. Written with Dr Edwina Luck , Senior Lecturer QUT Business School, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. The time has come when no one will ever be really gone for good.

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