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Inderscience (EU) 07/17/2019 16:51
Service plays an essential role in an organisation. Service plays a vital role in the healthcare sector, as most elements are intangible in nature. Measurement of service quality in the healthcare sector is difficult for researchers (Daniel and Berinyuy, 2010; Fernando et al., 2011). In this article, researcher discussed service quality factors for the healthcare sector. The researcher fits the new service quality model for the healthcare sector under Parasuraman dimensions (RATER model). The researcher fixed 30 sub-criteria for evaluation of services in hospitals/healthcare and used analytical network process (ANP) for factors which influence service quality in hospitals or healthcare sectors. The researcher next applied analytical hierarc.
Inderscience (EU) 07/17/2019 16:51
The right to privacy is a fundamental right. However, despite increasing recognition and awareness of data protection, there is still a lack of legal and institutional frameworks, processes, and infrastructure support to protect data and privacy rights. The increasing use of personal data, with the emergence of technologies, enabling new ways of processing and using it, means that regulating an effective data protection framework is more important than ever. Researchers developed a non-deterministic masking technique that provides security to sensitive data, without modifying the appearance of original values of confidential variables. In this study, we develop such a new procedure and discuss its underlying theory. Referred to as non-deter.
Inderscience (EU) 07/17/2019 16:51
This paper aims at proposing a novel approach for path planning of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) along with obstacle avoidance. The path planning is achieved through swarm intelligence algorithm inspired by the behaviour of grey wolves known as grey wolf optimiser (GWO). The optimal path planning of UAV using GWO is obtained by proper choice of objective function for targets and obstacle avoidance condition. The algorithm has three search agents namely alpha, beta and gamma which help in proper convergence of solution to the target while avoiding obstacle. The proposed approach is tested with different test cases of target and obstacles conditions and the simulated results have been reported. Simulation is carried out in MATLAB environment.
Dubai Informer 07/17/2019 16:51
Electrical Engineer – 132kV Substation Switchgear UAE 23,000 AED per month Our client is a leading international Engineering Consultant for the Transmission & Distribution sector. The Engineer Engineer will be based in the Dubai and will report to the Project Manager. They will be working on a 132kV GIS Switchgear project. The role will be…. link:
Inderscience (EU) 07/17/2019 16:50
Using the hybrid received signal strength (RSS) and angle of arrival (AOA) measurements, a position estimation model is proposed for sensor localisation in three-dimensional plane. Then the unconstraint linear least square (ULLS) and constraint linear least square (CLLS) estimators are designed to obtain the closed-form solutions to the positions of source nodes by considering the known transmit power. When the transmit power is unavailable, a global linear least square (GLLS) estimator is also put forward to estimate the positions of source nodes along with the transmit power. The simulations show that the computational complexity of the proposed linear estimators is greatly lower than that of the convex semidefinite programming (SDP) meth.
Inderscience (EU) 07/17/2019 16:50
Data envelopment analysis (DEA) and multiple criteria decision aid (MCDA) are two well-known approaches to rank so-called decision-making units (DMUs) or alternatives. In this contribution, a two-step model is presented to completely rank units according to multiple inputs and outputs. In the first step, DEA is applied between each pair of DMUs independently to generate a pairwise comparison matrix. In the second step, the obtained matrix is exploited by means of Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluations (PROMETHEE) to completely rank units. We show the compatibility between the resulting ranking of DEA and DEA-PROMETHEE methods while there exist just one input and one output. We also discuss the monotonicity propert.
O Globo (Brazil) 07/17/2019 16:50
SANTA FÉ, ARGENTINA - O presidente Jair Bolsonaro afirmou nesta quarta-feira ao assumir a presidência do bloco que o Brasil buscará modernizar regulamentos sobre produção e comercialização de bens. De acordo com Bolsonaro, o Mercosul precisa se renovar, se modernizar para evitar a perda de relevância. Viu isso? - Trabalharemos para finalmente incluir os automóveis e o açúcar na união aduaneira. A falta de acordo sobre esses setores fere a credibilidade do Mercosul. Com outros parceiros, temos cada vez mais acordos que incluem esses setores. É injustificável que ainda não haja entendimento entre nós - afirmou. O açúcar brasileiro não entra no mercado argentino, por exemplo, embora os vizinhos importem de outros países. Desde o governo de Mic.

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