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National Interest 07/16/2020 05:00
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. History, Middle East. Ambiguity over ownership of nukes has served the country very well. Why Did Israel Build Nuclear Weapons (And Keep It a Secret)? Key Point: Nuclear weapons are the ultimate form of insurance for such a small state. In a private email leaked to the public in September of 2016, former secretary of state and retired U.S. Army general Colin Powell having an arsenal of "200 nuclear weapons."
National Interest 07/16/2020 04:00
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security, Asia. Has China built a destroyer with to match Japan’s top of the line destroyers, or will it have to wait until the next generation? China vs. Japan: Who's Navy is Stronger? Here's What You Need to Remember: It would undoubtedly be better to see these two fine ships working together than trying to tear each other apar. The People’s Republic of China Army Navy (PLAN) is experiencing an unprecedented rise in ships and capabilities.
National Interest 07/16/2020 03:30
Salvatore Babones [timestamp]. Security, Asia. It would give the United States a defensive option for limited conflict. The Battleship Could Make a 21st Century Comeback (And Fight China). Key Point : A "battleship of the future" could solve the challenge posed by China's emerging anti-access / area denial (A2/AD) strategy for excluding the United States from the western Pacific. In World War II, the Japanese super-battleships Yamato and Musahi each mounted nine 18.1-inch guns, the largest naval guns ever deployed, but they never sank a single American ship.
National Interest 07/16/2020 03:00
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security,. Instead, Nixon decided to continue U.S. reconnaissance flights in the region while providing them with military escorts to prevent another downing. How the U.S. Narrowly Avoided a Second Korean War. Here's What You Need to Remember: Nixon’s response to the cowardly, unprovoked attack that cost thirty-one American lives was a model for crisis management and escalation avoidance. April 15, 1969 marked one of the deadliest days for the United States in postwar Asia.
National Interest 07/16/2020 02:30
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security, Asia. The threat is more real than you think. Terrifying Hypothetical: What If North Korea Attempts to Nuke Japan? Key Point : Some experts are convinced that North Korea would launch a broad nuclear attack designed to shock its enemies in the event of war. Tokyo has a population of 13.491 million, making it by far the largest city in Japan and home to more than 10 percent of the nation’s population.
National Interest 07/16/2020 01:00
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Technology, Asia. The future appears bleak for the country's tank forces. Nothing to Fear? Thousands of North Korea's Tanks Are Outdated. Key Point : North Korea may possess nuclear weapons, but many of its conventional forces are obsolute. For decades, North Korea has maintained strong armored forces as part of the Korean People’s Army (KPA), with thousands of tanks today in service. North Korean tanks and mechanized infantry are meant to liberate the southern half of the peninsula in a lightning war that Pyongyang would win before the United States could bolster Seoul’s defenses. Unfortunately for the KPA, the end of the Cold War has halted the flow of modern tanks and other weaponry, dulling what was once a sharp
National Interest 07/16/2020 00:30
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security, Middle East. The country has an enthusiastic, if not quite cutting-edge military. Is Iran's Massive Army a Paper Tiger or a True Force to Be Reckoned With? Key Point : Iran’s sheer size, both in geography and population, are a deterrent to invasion. One of the most powerful and influential countries in the Middle East is undoubtedly Iran.
National Interest 07/15/2020 23:30
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security, Asia. Pyongyang's nuclear weapons are still a powerful balance. South Korea's Army Is Superior to the North's (But It Might Not Matter). Key Point : The Republic of Korea Army has deterred war for the last seventy years, a benchmark of success for any peacetime army. In the last seventy years, the Republic of Korea Army (ROK Army) has evolved from a constabulary force into one of the largest, most powerful, technologically advanced armies in the world.
National Interest 07/15/2020 23:14
Warfare History Network [timestamp]. History, Americas. He made many mistakes. Doomed? Custer Would Have Had a Hard Time Escaping the Battle of Little Big Horn. Key Point: Custer had ignored warnings from his scouts and spurned the use of newer weaponry. Could he really have made better choices? We can never know what frantic thoughts raced through George Armstrong Custer’s mind in the last hour of his life. But surely, as ever-growing numbers of angry, well-armed Plains Indians closed in on his 210 troopers of the 7th Cavalry, he must have realized that he had fatally misjudged the size of the hostile force now surrounding him. His plan to subdue a large Indian village had completely broken down. He had been warned repeatedly by his scouts th.
National Interest 07/15/2020 23:00
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. History, Europe. Overall, twenty-eight thousand bombs and other munitions were exploded over Yugoslavia, a country the size of Ohio. A U.S. B-2 Bomber Attacked a Chinese Embassy in 1999 (This Was What Was Left). Here's What You Need to Remember: There was no logical reason to intentionally bomb the embassy and provoke China, nor was there a great swelling of anti-Chinese feeling in America that would have provoked such an act. During NATO’s 1999 air war over Yugoslavia, the Atlantic alliance struck hundreds of targets over Serbia and Kosovo.
National Interest 07/15/2020 22:45
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security, Asia. The rifle was produced in the hundreds of thousands and assigned to nearly all ROK troops, although for many years reservists continued to use surplus American weapons and older M16A1s. In A War, South Korea's Daewoo K2 Rifle Would Bring The Fight To Kim's Doorstep. In the late twentieth century, one of the hallmarks of a modern military was a country’s ability to design and manufacture its own rifles.
National Interest 07/15/2020 22:30
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. History, Americas. The M1 Abrams main battle tank has been the mainstay of the U.S. Army’s armor branch for now five decades. How America's M1 Abrams Tank Has Stood the Test of Time and Remains on Top. Here's What You Need to Remember: The development of the M1 Abrams is a classic study into how competing requirements can collide with one another.
National Interest 07/15/2020 22:00
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security,. An Israeli Strike Eagle would go a long way toward fixing the Israeli Air Force’s shortcomings. Why Israel's F-15 Fighter Jet Is One of the Most Feared Planes in the Sky. Here's What You Need to Remember: The aircraft served continuously over the past twenty years, not only in training exercises but anti-terrorism operations. One of the fighter jets most associated with Israel is the F-15 Eagle.
National Interest 07/15/2020 20:45
Ethen Kim Lieser [timestamp]. Security, Americas. This lawsuit seeks class-action status. Has Google Has Been Tracking Your App Activity? Even when following the company’s recommended user settings to stop potential monitoring,. still records what individuals are doing on hundreds of thousands of , according to a lawsuit seeking class-action status. This is the second data-privacy lawsuit filed in the past couple of months against the tech giant by the law firm. , on behalf of a group of individual consumers. In the lawsuit, Google is accused of violating federal wiretap law and California privacy law by logging what people are looking at in various apps—even though users had turned off the “Web & App Activity” tracking in their Google account
National Interest 07/15/2020 20:30
Kyle Mizokami [timestamp]. Security,. Mitchell believed that aviation—which could respond to both air and naval threats—was much better suited to protecting the country’s coastline than battleships. This Picture Should Have Been the Day Battleships Were Sent to Scraper. Here's What You Need To Remember: The validity of Mitchell’s claims were self-evident—every ship had been sunk.

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