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CityLab 06/16/2020 14:40
Stuck at home because of the coronavirus, millions of urban residents suddenly became acutely aware of an easily overlooked element of urban infrastructure: their neighborhood sidewalks (or lack thereof). "Maybe when this is all over we can widen the sidewalks," mused Dan Rather in that garnered over 26,000 likes.
CityLab 06/15/2020 14:44
The Great Recession of 2008 tore through small towns and industrial cities, leaving lasting damage throughout the Great Lakes region and other legacy cities. The devastation of the foreclosure crisis can still be felt in the form of hypervacancy and underwater mortgages, an inversion of the. The Covid-19 recession may very well be broader. Already, small businesses and other commercial properties are feeling tremendous pressure, while the pandemic’s toll on homeowners is still unclear. Even though the driver of this economic downturn is much different from the last one, some lawmakers are betting that one of the tools that took off in the wake of the foreclosure crisis can be expanded to protect towns and cities from the havoc that the pande.
CityLab 06/15/2020 09:27
“How will cities survive the coronavirus?” a New York Times opinion writer . “Can New York avoid a coronavirus exodus?” the Financial Times . Since the beginning of the pandemic, many have predicted the demise of U.S. urban living — where physical proximity is the norm, social distancing complex, and lockdowns in sometimes cramped apartments decidedly uncomfortable. A new report by researcher Joe Cortright, , suggests that such hand-wringing may be premature. Searches for urban properties on real estate website increased in 29 of the 35 largest U.S. metropolitan markets in April, compared with April of last year. Data from another website, , show that more people were looking to live in New York City during that same month, the darkest one
CityLab 06/12/2020 14:29
Seventy percent of Londoners no longer feel comfortable with the idea of commuting to work via public transport. So says a poll released this week, which also found that 35% of the surveyed U.K. residents said that going back to a traditional office environment would have a negative impact on their mental health. The poll was compiled by the accountancy and consultancy firm Theta Financial Reporting, which surveyed 2,000 adults online last weekend. It’s a small sample of the city’s workforce, but it lays bare the concerns and anxieties many city-dwellers are feeling as they contemplate a return to pre-pandemic routines. Right now, London is, with the rest of Britain, tentatively . Shops open on June 15, when schoolchildren between the ages
CityLab 06/12/2020 13:37
Even before coronavirus shuttered their colleges, disappeared their first jobs, or derailed burgeoning careers, millions of America’s “emerging adults” were stuck at home. Between 2000 and 2017, . Blame the battering ram of a bad economy. Recessions in 2001 and 2008, along with wage gaps, growing college costs and the crushing weight of student debt, have left . The , compared to Boomers and Gen X’ers, Millennials — the “unluckiest generation” — have experienced the slowest economic growth. Members of Generation Z now emerging from college may face even tougher challenges. Coronavirus isn’t helping. Facing down a locked-down spring and now, , young people have embarked on a mass migration back to the homes they once shared with their parent.
CityLab 06/12/2020 07:00
Virginia had a plan for dealing with its Confederate monuments. Back in 2017, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney formed an ad hoc advisory group to explore what to do with the city’s famed Monument Avenue, a picturesque historic boulevard lined with statues depicting Confederate leaders like Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart. Those monuments, sited in the former heart of the Confederacy, also serve as a bulwark of the revisionist Lost Cause effort to paint the Southern side of the Civil War as heroic and tragic. The led the mayor to appoint a permanent nine-member History and Culture Commission in 2019 to carry out the suggestions laid out in the commission’s report — namely to remove some statues, provide historical context for the rest, and build
CityLab 06/11/2020 16:20
When Alexis Johnson, an African-American journalist based in Pittsburgh, was barred from reporting on the Black Lives Matter protests in her hometown by her employer, it created a whole new uprising. She was told by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that a comparing damages from protests to damages from a Kenny Chesney concert evinced bias that would compromise her reporting. More than 100 of her Post-Gazette co-workers disagreed and tweeted #IStandWithAlexis, , a Dominican photojournalist with the paper who usually covers protests. For that, he and the other reporters who pledged support for Johnson were also forbidden from covering anything protest-related. Michael Fuoco, president of the , says her tweet was “benign” and “innocuous” and has ra.
CityLab 06/11/2020 09:10
In the fast-gentrifying neighborhood of Harlem, you could sort most families into two categories, according to Joyce McMillan. There are those who have never given a thought to the idea that a government agency might threaten to remove their child. And then there are those who live with the fear that one wrong move could mean a child protective investigator will come knocking. If you're wealthy and white, you likely fall in the first category. And if you’re poor and of color, chances are that you or someone close to you has experienced the terror of a child welfare investigation launched on dubious grounds. Over her years as a family advocate in the New York City neighborhood, McMillan, who founded the Parent Legislative Action Network, has.
CityLab 06/11/2020 07:00
Before the pandemic, architect David Hart noticed a growing glimmer of interest in a somewhat unfashionable interior feature: the home office. Hart is the president and CEO of , a firm that designs large mixed-use apartment complexes in cities around the world, among other projects. His clients had lately been asking about reducing the size of closets and bathrooms in favor of creating a small nook or alcove that fits a desk. Pre-Covid-19, only 10% to 15% percent of the apartment units his firm was building had some type of dedicated office space. Going forward, he says, he expects that figure will be more like 75%. After fading in popularity since the 1990s, home offices have again become coveted real estate. Since coronavirus closed workp.
CityLab 06/09/2020 16:21
When a white police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck during an arrest on May 25, eventually killing him, the incident followed a . The civil unrest that has erupted in city after city is not unlike the protests that came after other high-profile police killings of African Americans such as and in 2014, in 2015, and in 2016 — as well as the brutal beating of Rodney King in 1991. The following year, 1992, marked in , triggered by violent riots that came after the acquittal of the Los Angeles policemen responsible for severely injuring King. In the years since, however, change has been incremental. And as with the most recent demonstrations that began on May 26 in Minneapolis , past peaceful protests often gave rise to violence as police r.
CityLab 06/09/2020 12:25
Between May 9 and June 3, 150 clusters of new coronavirus cases emerged in France, according to the country’s . Defined as three cases or more of Covid-19 linked by contact, these clusters occurred largely in the sort of places you might predict they would: healthcare facilities, workplaces and homeless shelters — all sites where people mix in enclosed spaces for long periods of time and, in the case of hospitals, where people who are already infected are likely to congregate. What was striking however, was the number of clusters associated with public transit: There weren’t any. For almost a month, not a single Covid-19 cluster had emerged on France’s six metro systems, 26 tram and light rail networks or numerous urban bus routes. Given th.
CityLab 06/09/2020 12:10
On Saturday, as , Washington, D.C.’s Metro system carried nearly 70,000 passengers — its highest one-day ridership total in the past three months. It’s a sign that the nation’s second-largest transit system is coming back to life. But that figure was still just a , before coronavirus arrived. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) operates 91 rail stations covering 117 miles of track and more than 10,000 bus stops. On a normal pre-pandemic weekday, the system carries about a million people. But as in so many other cities, and service — by the last week of March, , and bus passenger numbers fell 75%. Nationwide, stay-at-home orders forced public transit systems in many cities to reduce service levels while And the road ba.
CityLab 06/08/2020 11:45
This spring, a pandemic cleared cars from the streets. Many U.S. cities seized the moment by announcing new bike lanes and networks of . It is a transportation planner’s dream to hear that thousands of miles of streets are being reorganized to make room for more walking, biking and playing. But to me, as a Black planner and community organizer, the lack of process and participatory decision-making behind these projects was an absolute nightmare. Pop-up bike lanes, guerrilla-urbanist playgrounds, and tactical walkways have been notorious for being politically crude for as long as I’ve been in the field: By design, their “quick-build” nature overrides the public feedback that is necessary for deep community support. Without that genuine engag.
CityLab 06/05/2020 18:29
The Battle of Lafayette Square is over. After a week of largely peaceful protests against police brutality near the White House, the troops summoned to Washington, D.C., are departing. The U.S. Department of Defense issued an order to stand down while the mayor said that . On Thursday night, as a major thunderstorm soaked the District of Columbia, out-of-state troops could be seen leaving the city by the caravan. The next phase of the standoff in D.C. already looks like a siege. Facing more protests over the killing of George Floyd and others by police, the Trump administration took steps to dig in on Thursday . Crews erected a black fence barrier stretching from the White House north around Lafayette Square, where federal law enforcement o.
CityLab 06/05/2020 15:03
The that drew an to San Francisco’s Mission District on Wednesday didn’t say to bring food. It mostly showed the name and image of George Floyd, the black man whose May 25 death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer has lit a fuse of outrage and unrest around the country. But Briana Lawson, like many in this crowd, still came prepared. “It’s really anything a protester could need,” said Lawson, a San Francisco State University kinesiology student whose folding table at the corner of 18th and Dolores overflowed with pizza boxes, boxes of orange juice, fruit snacks and other reserves. She’d heard that friends at other anti-police brutality gatherings this week had been getting hungry during these massive marathon demonstrations. So L.
CityLab 06/05/2020 12:11
Police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd near the intersection of Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street in Minneapolis, but the protests that have erupted in response to his death have rippled worldwide. From Riverton, Wyoming, to Flatbush, Brooklyn — and now in Paris, London, and other European capitals — communities have risen up in a shared rage that speaks to the universality of police violence and the inequities that feed it. Minneapolis, however, stands out as the site where it all began. The city’s history of disparate policing, and the ways racism and division molded its physical landscape, might help us understand why. Minneapolis is at once considered one of the most livable cities in the country, and the one with some of th.
CityLab 06/04/2020 14:41
The uprising in Minneapolis that started in response to the police killing of George Floyd will leave the city with millions of dollars of damage in its wake. The city may be poised to spend millions more on the legal costs associated with the trials of at least one of the officers responsible for Floyd’s death, especially if civil lawsuits gain traction. Other cities should be paying attention. The triple-combination shock of pandemic, social unrest, and potential police legal fees seen in Minneapolis could very likely be the future many cities will face, especially those that have a . Add in the additional — floods, hurricanes, torrential winds — in a city already pummeled by the public health crisis and riots, and a city could find itsel.
CityLab 06/04/2020 14:17
On Monday in Baltimore, Brandon Scott witnessed something that amazed him: members of the Baltimore Police Department in front of City Hall. "As a kid growing up in Park Heights, it’s not something I thought I’d ever see," says Scott, a 36-year-old West Baltimore native and City Council president.

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